What Caused Johnson S Victories Landslide in 1964?

What Caused Johnson S Victories Landslide in 1964?

22 and 24 Review

What caused Johnson’s victories landslide in 1964?

How was American television instrumental in the Vietnam War?

During the televised presidential debates between Kennedy and Nixon, how did Kennedy appear?

What was the goal that President Kennedy committed NASA to in 1961?

What was a major part of Johnson’s Great Society?

What was Lyndon Johnson famous for as a senator?

Who won the 1968 election?

What were several of the important decisions of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren focused on?

What did critics of the Great Society complained that it did?

Who or what did the Warren Commission declare that Kennedy’s assassination was the work of?

Which principle did President Eisenhower describe that became associated with American involvement in Southeast Asia?

What did the Soviets do after Kennedy authorized a military buildup to demonstrate that the US would not be bullied by the Soviet Union?

What did the United States fear would happen if it did not get involved in Vietnam?

What was the overall result of Kennedy’s domestic policy?

What was the intent of the Immigration Act of 1965?

What prevented more deaths at My Lai?

After the last Americans fled Saigon, what did North Vietnam do?

What was a major effect of the decisions of the Supreme Court have on appointments?

Why did President Kennedy ask for a huge increase in military spending?

What event brought the USA and the Soviet Union to the edge of nuclear war?

What was a major guiding principle of Kennedy’s and Johnson’s foreign policy?

What was a major ruling under Chief Justice Earl Warren and the Supreme Court?

How did the Soviets provoke Kennedy to quarantine Cuba?

What is one major job of the Peace Corps volunteers in poor areas?

What was one obstacle Kennedy faced in his quest for the presidency?

What was a major dissimilarity between President Kennedy and President Johnson’s political beliefs?

What was a major obstacle for American soldiers fighting in Vietnam?

Why did the Soviets build the Berlin Wall?

What was a major result of the Cuban Missile Crises?

As Nixon withdrew American troops from Vietnam, what did he do?

What was President Kennedy’s policy in Vietnam?

Why did some Americans question the fairness of the draft?

What was the name for people who opposed fighting the war on moral or religious grounds?

How did Kennedy win the 1960 election?

What caused the end of the Vietnam War?

What congressional action gave President Johnson the authority to escalate the Vietnam War?

What was a missing component in Kennedy’s domestic policy?

During the 1960’s, what was the primary focus of the protest movement?

What was the cause of the four deaths at KentState?

What country did President Nixon announce that America would invade in 1970?

Who was the nationalist leader who led North Vietnam?

What were three major goals of the Great Society?

What confused many American soldiers pertaining to the people of South Vietnam?

What was one advantage of Viet Cong guerrillas?

How did many young American men resist the military draft?

How did the issues divide the country in the 1968 election?

What were 3 major goals of the New Frontier program?

What reignited student protests in 1970?

What was one reason for the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?