Wemys in the Irish Parliament

Wemys in the Irish Parliament

Wemys members in the Irish Parliament

Francis WemysMP for Harristown 1695/9Born ab. 1673Died. 1738

Estate/Residence:Rosetown, Co. Kildare

Francis was the son of Maurice Wemys and Elizabeth ? He married (1) Joyce Blundell and (2) Mary McCulloch. He had the following family; Maurice, Rev William, Francis, Patrick, James MD, Henry, Elizabeth, Anne, Sarah, Martha, Joyce, Catherine, Mary, Antionetta with Joyce Blundell and Henrietta with Mary McCulloch.

He was High Sheriff of Kings County in 1694 and a Captain in the Duke of Norfolk’s regiment of foot in 1689. He was a professional soldier, and in 1706 he wrote to Ormond seeking preferment in any new English regiment or the Irish Guards. He mentioned how poor Irish rents were and that he had twelve children.

Sir Henry WemysMP for Callan 1692/3, 1695/9;Co. Kilkenny 1703/13/14

Born ab 1643Died 1722

Estate/ Residence:Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny

Sir Henry was the son of Sir Patrick Wemys and Mary Wheeler. He married Elizabeth Blundell eldest daughter of Sir George Blundell. They had the following children: Patrick, George, Henry, Mary, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

He was Sheriff of County Kilkenny in 1695. He was knighted in 1677.

Henry WemysMP for Callan 1727/50Born 1703Died 12/10/1750

Estates/Residences: Danesfort. Co.Kilkenny:St James Palace London

Henry was the eldest son of Patrick Wemys and Anne Hancock. Henry was unmarried and he held the rank of Captain in the army. He died suddenly in London on 12th October 1750.

James WemyssMP for Callan 1751/60 & 1762/65.Born AB 1709

Died 20/4/1765

Estates/Residence:Ballyreddyn, Co. Kilkenny

Son of Patrick Wemys and Ann Handcock, he married Jane Stratford and they had the following children: Catherine, Maria, and Harriet. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in Dunbars Regiment.

Patrick WemyssMP for Kilkenny 1747/60; Callan 2-20 Jan 1762 Born 1707

Died 20/1 1762

Estates/Residence:Dollville, Co. Kilkenny

Son of Patrick Wemys and Ann Handcock, he married Catherine Bermingham on 1/7/1750. They had no family. Ann later married Capt. John Cullen of Co. Leitrim. Patrick was a professional soldier.

Patrick WemyssMP for Gowran 1703-13-14; Co.Kilkenny 1721-7-47

Born 1679Died 25/9/1747

Estates/Residence:Danesfort, Co.Kilkenny

Eldest son of Sir Henry Wemys and Elizabeth Blundell. On 14/5/1702 he married Anne Handcock, they had the following children: Henry, Patrick, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail and Harriet.

James WemyssMP for KilkennyCity 1793-7-1800Born AB 1755

Died 8/8/1820

Estates/Residence:Danesfort, Co.Kilkenny

Only son of James Wemys and Jane Stratford he married Martha Blundell in May 1773 and they had the following children: Henry, Lucy, Emma, Janel, Martha, and Charlotte. He entered the army as an Ensign in 1766 and in 1789 he was a Lieutenant Colonel.