We Know That You Wish to Support Local Grown Produce

We Know That You Wish to Support Local Grown Produce

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MAY 31, 2017


We know that you wish to support local grown produce.

Cerutti Farms has started their first harvest, fresh cut Collard & Mustard Greens, Baby Dill & Red Rib Dandelion Greens available now. Please Pre-Order tasty-healthy Red Dandelion.

Still widespread at local Farmers Markets & commercial terminal markets are floral fragrant Yellow Nectarines & Peaches, sunny-colored Apricots & rose-blush Rainier Cherries. RED PLUMS scarce, Black Plums few & price very high.

FROG HOLLOW Stone Fruit expected first week of June.

California Varietal MELONS, Majesty label out of Brawley White, yellow, cream colored flesh Hami,Crenshaw, Orange Flesh, Santa Claus, Casaba & sweet aromatic Galia’s !

Request our 6 ct. MIXED MELONS, a full case of what we feel are the best flavors available.

Reminder CARA CARA is done for the season. Very few Moro Blood Oranges. MYER LEMONS, imported from New Zealand, available now!New Crop Ortanique MANDARINS from Rising C Ranches. Easy peel Sweet Pixie Mandarins still available.

EDIBLE SQUASH BLOSSOMS from BORBA FARMS 25 count; please PRE-ORDER. Pansy & 100 count Orchids easily available. Nutritionally high Micro-greens plentiful.

Brentwood region YELLOW WAX BEANS arriving daily from DwelleyFarms; Blue LakeGreen Beans too. English Peas are sweet, Fava & Green Romano Beans are tender.

Asparagus Large, Extra Large & TIPS plentiful; Jumbo & Pencil not easy to locate. Warning CELERY ROOT, packed with ‘stick’.

BLOOMSDALE SPINACH still very tight. Advise to take off your menu, till further notice. ALERT Celery, very light harvest in Salinas & Watsonville, sizing is inconsistent, pricing high. Improvement expected in two –three weeks.

Fuji Apples 72ct. bestflavor; small 128 ct. Gala, both great for baking.

Local Large Shitake & Medium Cap Portabella’s are the best. Asian varietals Maitake & Enoki, Brown & White Shemiji plenty.

We like to promote Green, Orange & Purple Cauliflowers, nice large dark colored heads, available by the each or case.

Eggs & Cheese, Nuts & Oils, Perfect Puree’s & PARKVIEW SPICES, please inquire with your sales person or contact our office.

This is our Parkview Points, always short & sweet.

Parkview ownership & sales team sincerely appreciates

your continued business support.

Please contact us if you have comments & questions.