VCP Committee Meeting

VCP Committee Meeting

VCP AGM Meeting Minutes – 1 August 2010

VCP Committee Meeting– AGM FY09/10

Time & Date:12:30pm, 01/08/10

Attendees: Dave Pillekers, Mike Wilson, LouiseFarrington, Larry Robb, Brooke Honeyman,Andrea Boothroyd, Anthea Lepper, Greg Kerr, Ken Brownlie, , Helen Dulfer, Megan Bishop, Melb Uni People: Dave, Heidi & Russell

Apologies:John Moore, Tony Hill

  1. President’s Report

VCP Events Hosted

  • July 2009 MPC Spring 2009 Comp (19 teams)
  • Nov 2009 MPC Summer Comp (6 A teams, 4 B teams, 61 players)
  • Dec 2009 Xmas BBQ/Juniors Comp (2 grades, 8 teams total)
  • Feb 2010 Melb Invitational (Summer Series) (12 teams, 10 from interstate)
  • Feb 2010 MPC Autumn 2010 Comp (20 teams)
  • June 2010+ MPC Spring 2010 (19 teams)

Other Events

  • Aug 2009 Juniors Comp (7 teams, run by Louise Farrington)
  • 2 x Premier League Seasons (3 teams, run by Matt Moore at Brunswick)


  • Held in Perth, Easter 2010.
  • Only 2 Vic Teams entered, both OPEN division.
  • 1sts team came 3rd, 2nds team came 7th.
  • Many people had issues with the distance, time and expense required to attend Nationals in WA.
  • Holding our own as to player numbers, but lost one team (TCC-A) who’ve been playing for 30 years, and who held various VCP committee positions over the years.
  • The sport is facing significant issues with general levels of enthusiasm, getting more people involved in polo, and growing overall competition numbers
  • Aust Committee Meeting held at Nationals – discussed adopting basic rotational policy for holding Nationals between Sydney/Adelaide/Melbourne every three years, with one of the other of WA, TAS and QLD once every 4 years if those states are willing. Difficulties with administering the sport were tabled.
  • Need to identify more volunteers to assist running the MPC competition.
  1. Secretary’s Report
  • See attached
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • See attached
  1. MPC Director’s Report
  • Tabled – see attached
  • Larry thanked Dave Pillekers for the immense amount of effort he’s put in over the last FY, running the MPC.
  1. Election of New VCP Committee

Mike Wilson declared all Committee positions as vacant, and the following nominations were made (with nominator accepted where indicated),


  • Mike Wilson (nom: Dave Pillekers; 2nd Larry Robb)

b)Vice Chairman

  • Dual Role: Steve Gibson*; Megan Bishop (nom: Mike Wilson; 2nd Dave Pillekers)


  • Brooke Honeyman (nom: Mike Wilson; 2nd Dave Pillekers)


  • Brooke Honeyman (nom: Mike Wilson; 2nd Larry Robb)

e)Coaches/Squads Director

  • Nom: John Moore*Steve Gibson*

f)Referees Director

  • Nom: Dual Role - Jim Buzzacott*/Tony Hill* (nom: Dave Pillekers; 2nd Brooke Honeyman)

g)MPC Director

  • Dave Pillekers (nom: Brooke Honeyman; 2nd Louise Farrington)
  • MPC Director to be supported by Pool Coordinators

h)Equipment Director

  • Larry Robb (nom: Mike Wilson; 2nd Louise Farrington)

i)Equipment Officer (2IC)

  • Anthea Lepper (nom: Dave Pillekers; 2nd Mike Wilson)

j)Memberships Officer

  • Brooke Honeyman (nom: Dave Pillekers; 2nd Mike Wilson)

k)Competition Director

  • Larry Robb(nom: Mike Wilson; 2nd Louise Farrington)
  • Mike Wilson to provide assistance

l)Website Coordinator

  • Narelle Henderson (by proxy, via Dave P.) (nom: Dave Pillekers; 2nd Brooke Honeyman)
  • Action: Dave P to forward Narelle’s details to CV for admin access to website

m)Publications, Promotions & Grants Officer

  • Leanne Carlon (by proxy, via Dave P.) (nom: Dave Pillekers; 2nd Mike WIlson)

n)Junior Development

  • Louise Farrington (nom: Larry Robb; 2nd Dave Pillekers)

o)State Teams Coordinator

  • Matt Farrington (nom: Louise Farrington;2ndDave Pillekers)
  • With assistance for Uniforms (Merrin), Accommodation, Forms/Nominations, Coaching etc

p)Tribunals Director

  • Ken Brownlie (nom: Brooke Honeyman; 2nd Mike Wilson)

q)Special Projects Officer

  • Ian Beasley*

r)Uni Development Working Group

  • *(Melb Uni): Helen Dulfer*, Emma Bland*, Andy Merrifield*;
  • *(Monash): James McAlpin*
  • *(Latrobe): Pete van der Kamp* & friend of Helen Dulfer*
  • *(RMIT): Ross Bousie*
  • Action: Brooke to follow up on nominations marked *, to confirm acceptance
  1. General Business

a)Availability of Grants

  • Grants for funding are available, but need accredited coaches.
  • Andrea can provide information of Grants, under ‘Library’ tab on the CV website. E.g. a $5000 volunteers’ grant is currently available. CV have offered their assistance in putting together the wording, to improve chances of success.
  • Committee to pursue facilities grant for new shed to preserve gear, safety of patrons, ease of access to equipment etc.
  • Action: Larry Robb / Leanne Carlon to prepare & submit grant
  • CV: Andrea Boothroyd to review and provide letter of support etc.

b)XMAS Comp

  • Mike Wilson suggested Caroline springs for next year’s venue, on ornamental lake.
  • Mike has previously met with Delphin National Sporting Director to discuss possibility to have CarolineSprings as permanent canoe polo venue and long term usage/storage (i.e. with permanent boat shed)
  • Raised issue of no current shower/toilet facilities, but Delphon advised that may be able to arrange access rights for usage of showers/toilets in Caroline Springs Gym (about 100m away).
  • Noted that this arrangement would be similar to MawsonLakes arrangement and SA Canoe Polo facility, that works well.

c)Secretary Action Items from AGM

  • Summer series Committee – need more info to publish
  • Action: Brooke to liaise with Mike Wilson to get confirmed dates, places etc to publish on website.
  • Tribunal information needs to be published on MPC website
  • Action: Brooke to arrange publishing tribunal guidelines from Ken Brownlie /Ian Wallbridge – but first, need to check whether it complies with the AC member protection policy (Andrea advised that copy is available on the AC website)
  • Updates to CV website not getting through to disciplines (only to clubs)
  • Action: Brooke to email Andrea (CV) re. sending out updates/alerts to all Disciplines (not just clubs) when CV website changes.
  • Some VCP Committee Position nominees not at AGM
  • Action: Brooke to email/phone all nominees not attending AGM to confirm acceptance or otherwise of VCP Committee Position.
  • Committee agreed that we should follow up repairs to ECC canoe polo gear, particularly in light of the support that we receive from ECC providing a training venue.
  • Action: Brooke & Larry to follow up advertising a polo working bee through Ryan Brown (ECC Commodore), which willinclude:
  • Fixing goals (D-shackles etc) and/or support arms
  • Caps for support post holes
  • Repairs required to goal frames themselves
  • Helmets to include foam (for padding & floatation)
  • Streamlining of VCP accounts and communications with CV can be further streamlined by publishing a full list of the account codes to VCP Treasurer.
  • Action: Brooke to chase up Andrea, to obtain full list and description of the ‘Job Transaction List’ codes.

d)VCP Committee Provisional Meeting Dates for FY10/11

Dates nominated by Mike Wilson are as follows (roughly 6 weekly):

  • 12/09/10
  • 24/10/10
  • 28/11/10
  • 9/01/11
  • 13/02/11
  • 27/03/11
  • 8/05/11
  • 19/06/11
  • AGM: 24/7/11
  • Need to publish VCP Committee Meeting dates for FY10/11
  • Action: Brooke to Send VCP FY10/11 committee meeting dates to Website Coordinator (Narelle) for publication and inclusion on CV calendar (Secretary to send reminders).

e)Regional Development Gear

  • Need enclosed trailer (for storage), and 12 players’ worth of gear for regional rotation every 6 months – Andrea may be able to help, with gear already owned by CV.
  • Interest from Monash Frankston, Geelong, Peninsula
  • Investigate options for obtaining a grant for trailer and gear?
  • Action: Leanne Carlon (with assistance from Andrea Boothroyd) to investigate options, and report back to VCP Committee

f)Chairman’s List of Things to Do

  • Visit all clubs to attempt to grow polo numbers and involvement
  • Action: Mike Wilson & Dave Pillekers to draft a visit list for all clubs, and attend committee meetings
  • Draft 5 year plan, medium to long term goals, with people being held accountable.
  • Action: Mike Wilson to provide skeleton 5 year plan before next committee meeting

g)Issues with Memberships

  • Get CV assistance to be ‘big brother’ and check receipts/memberships (potentially mid week of August)
  • Action: Andrea to advise specific dates when CV are available to assist
  • Clubs need more incentive about adding more value to members for the CV membership fee.
  • Need to encourage all clubs to nominate polo reps(Club President email contact details are already listed on the AC website).
  • Action: Andrea to provide Brooke with the contact details of all club polo reps.
  • Greg Kerr suggested presenting a ‘polo package’ to clubs, including posters with VCP contact details (and a local club delegate, if possible), and ‘Come and try’ free lesson?
  • Action: Anthea Lepper volunteered to complete posters etc, including details of VCP contact and website, + club delegate.
  • Action: Dave P to send Anthea information/images (and to contact Bec Jennings etc about use of polo images etc)
  • Pursue obtaining event licence exemptions through the Board an exemption, where ‘come & try’ is on a Wed night, and new players are then encouraged to join in a Wed night novice game (which hugely assists retention rates)
  • Action: Andrea to pursue formal approval from Board) for players who come on a Wed night, and then experience a game afterwards

h)CV General Business

  • Reminder for working with Children Checks, and legislative requirements (i.e. compulsory, where direct, unsupervised contact with children etc)
  • Potential difficulties noted with school age children participating in high level competitions (e.g. Premier League etc), and not understanding exactly who is required to have the Certificate. Also – if a parent is in attendance, is a certificate required? (e.g. parent is referring a playing field #1, whilst their child is playing on playing field #2 right beside?)
  • Action: Brooke to follow up on requirements, and identify and record all members that have already obtained Working with Children’s Certificate
  • Action: Brooke to follow up whether CV will publish guidance for requirements that covers all disciplines.
  • Board has approved FREE membership category for discipline volunteers, provided that the volunteer is nominated and approved by the discipline
  • Action: Andrea to provide further information about coverage and requirements.
  • Action: VCP Committee to nominate individuals (e.g. Louise Farrington)
  • CV offered to assist VCP with use of equipment (boats etc) already owned by CV, for use in local competitions and development activities. Recognition by CV that it seemed a bit ridiculous that VCP proposed to allocate budget funds to purchasing new boats etc, when CV already have boats stored that are in full working order but not being regularly used.
  • Action: Mikey & Andrea to further discuss opportunities for using CV boats, rather than purchasing new ones in FY10/11.

i)YarraBendPark Ramp Access

  • Apparently the ramp has already started construction, and reportedly are arranging permanent fittings for a permanent field etc.
  • Major issue is that VCP have committed $3000 to this project, but have received absolutely no feedback in last 12 months. Potentially issues with placement of a permanent field, lack of electricity for scoreboards etc need to be raised.
  • Andrea to provide BH with an email update from the Project Committee (and following up for Rick Howard to attend next VCP meeting to provide update)

Meeting Closed: 2pm