TRY IT: Practice Your Typing Skills by Completing Some of Your Tasks on the Computer

TRY IT: Practice Your Typing Skills by Completing Some of Your Tasks on the Computer


Reminders: 1.Minimum of THREE activities per week (one in class and two for homework)

2. Do not WRITE ON or THROW AWAY – you will not get a new one each week

Heading should include:Name, subject, date, AND letter of the task. (We have practiced this !)

**TRY IT: Practice your typing skills by completing some of your tasks on the computer.

4 points
(10 words) / M. Identify the part of speech for each vocab word. Then use each word in a 4th grade sentence. Underline the word. / N. Cut out a picture from a magazine; use at least 10 spelling words OR all vocab words to write a story or advertisement about the picture. Underline the words. / O. Use at least 10 spelling words and make-up a song, rap, or poem. It should make sense.
Bonus: make the song, rap, or poem relate to something we are learning in science or SS / P. Write tongue twisters using 10 of your spelling words.
3 points
(15 words) / I. Create a cartoon strip using all of your story vocab words in the dialogue for your characters. Your comic should have at least 3 boxes. / J. Create word ladders with of your spelling words.
Ex. Cat - C
CAT / K. Use spelling words and and create a word search for a friend to solve. Have your friend sign it. Be sure to include an answer key. / L. Write your spelling words in code. Make sure you create a key.
*BONUS POINT: Write a sentence using that same code.
2 points
(15 words) / E. Neatly write the spelling words three times each in cursive. / F. For each story vocab word draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word / G. Write yourspelling words; next to each word, write 2 rhyming words. / H. Use story vocab words and write a 4th grade definition for each word.
1 point
(20 words or all vocab words) / A. Type/write your spelling words in alphabetical order. / B. Divide the spelling and vocab words into syllables. Use another word form if the word is only one syllable. / C. Write the spelling words and replace all of the vowels with a line.
Ex. Cat becomes C-t / D. Rainbow write yourspelling words. Go over your word using at least 5 colors (not black or brown).

Dear Room 210 student and family,

Each week we will practice and review a variety of spelling patternswhich will help your child to build upon their knowledge of letter/word relationships. Spelling is assessed in our formal writing pieces, but review of these patterns is done through the use of our Spelling and Vocabularycontract!

At the start of each new story in our anthology, your student will be given a list of spelling and vocabulary words. These words will serve as the words that should be used to complete weekly word work tasks. Below are the criteria for your students spelling and vocabulary contract:

Each week you (the student) are responsible for earning positive pod points for your team. Some of these points are earned through the completion of spelling and vocabulary tasks listed in this contract. Each week you will choose activities from the Spelling and Vocabulary Grid. You are responsible for completingAT LEAST 3 tasks per week and should begin your work on Monday,with everything stapled together and handed in by Friday morning. In addition to our classroom heading, please include the letter of the activity completed on the top of each assignment.

*Make sure your student keeps his/her contract in their binder as they will reuse it weekly to complete tasks.

* Each task is assigned a point value. Each task completed correctly will earn your student that number of points.

Spelling and vocabulary words can always be found by online at:

Please read and review the Word Work contract and directions with your student. Sign and return the bottom portion of this form.

Thank you,

Miss Fox


My child and I have read and understand the Word Work Pod Points Contract. He/she understands that 3 tasks need to be completed weekly.

Child’s Signature______

Parent’s Signature______