Trust in Esko Kongsberg C64

Trust in Esko Kongsberg C64


Trust in Esko Kongsberg C64

Combination of the 3.2-meterwidth, precision and speed of the Kongsberg C64 convinced Austrian LFP print provider

Ghent (Belgium),March 6th, 2014 – Esko( that in the coming months a Kongsberg C64 digital finishing system will be installed at Reproteam Hansbauer GmbH. The company, one of Austria’s leading service providers in digital largeformat printing, decided to invest in Esko's newest model of the completely re-engineered digital finishing platform for three reasons. Firstly,the unique 3.2-meter widthwhich allows to seamlessly finish largeformat plates and textile materials. Secondly,the increased speed which matches the high speed of digital printing systems and thirdly, exact precisionthat guarantees accurate finishing up to a tenth of a millimeter, and as such improves output quality.

“We have never bought a machine without first testing it . But for the new Kongsberg C64,we make an exception. We trust Esko, and we trust that this innovative Kongsberg will once again do everything we expect from it, like all the other Kongsberg systemswe have been using for years," says Michael Hansbauer, owner and managing director of Reproteam. "Among our clients are many stand builders. They prefer more and more printed panels and fabrics in one piece as this creates an overall image effect without any, or only very few, interruptions. Next to ReBoard, we also often process composite materials and plastics such Dibond® and FOREX® as well as AIRTEX® polyester fabrics."

“With the new Kongsberg C64, we want to stay ahead of the competition and continue to position us in the market as provider of top qualitydisplays,publicity and advertising products,” continues Hansbauer.Standard widths of 1.6 or 2 meters are no longer a distinguishing factor in this price-competitive market, so the success of his company greatly depends on the performance of the printing and finishing machines used for production. “Nowadays, delivery times are so short that we, as a business, cannot afford machines that not operating well due to technical issues.

A new era: Kongsberg C64

The Kongsberg C64 is the first model of the completely re-engineered Kongsberg C-series platform. It works with 3.210 mm by 3.200 mm materials, which makes it ideally suited for modern wide format printers. A unique, extremely rigid, carbon-composite traverse beam assures excellent precision and supports high speed, fast acceleration, high quality creasing and exclusive, powerful 3kW milling capabilities. This meansthe Kongsberg C always produces high quality finishing results, with no left/right/middle variances due to traverse bending.

“With the new Kongsberg C-Series, we offer the first fully-equipped super-wide digital finishing system,” explainsWolfram Verwüster, Esko Business Manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. “This is not a simple upgrade of an existing system. The Kongsberg C is a completely revamped platform suited for multi-shift production in industrial manufacturing environments like Reproteam."

About Reproteam (

Reproteam was established in 1978 by Michael Hansbauer’s father, as Reprostudio. Since 2001 it has been taking new directions and has now become a service provider in LFP printing for hoardings, displays, and publicity and advertising facilities of all kinds. 26 personnel based in Graz in a production area of some 2500 m2create automobile advertising, banners, shop designsand advertising for clients from Austria and neighboring countries.

About Esko (

Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries. Esko products and services drive profitability in the packaging and printing supply chain by reducing time-to-market and raising productivity.


The Esko product portfolio supports and manages the packaging and print processes at brand owners, retailers, designers, packaging manufacturers and print service providers. For 9 out of 10 retail packages, Esko solutions are used in packaging management, artwork creation, structural design, prepress, 3D visualization, plate making, workflow automation, quality assurance, sample-making, palletization, supply chain collaboration and the production of signage and displays.

The Esko solutions consist of an extensive suite of software and two hardware product lines: CDI flexo computer-to-plate imagers and Kongsberg digital cutting systems, complemented with professional services, training and consultancy.

Enfocus, with its suite of automation solutions and PDF quality control tools for printers, publishers, and graphic designers, is part of Esko.

Facts and figures

Esko employs around 1300 people worldwide. Its direct sales and service organization covers Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific, Japan and China regions and is complemented by a network of distribution partners in more than 50 countries.

Esko is headquartered in Gent, Belgium, and has R&D and manufacturing facilities in five European countries, the United States, China and India. Esko is a Danaher company (

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