Travel Claimchecklist (Effective May 1, 2012)

Travel Claimchecklist (Effective May 1, 2012)

Travel ClaimChecklist (effective May 1, 2012)

  1. Complete top of travel claim information except “Total expenses…not to exceed”. For students, have your academic supervisor or research project supervisor sign.
  1. Ignore Travel Advance section unless requesting one.
  1. Travel Expense Summary section – use today’s date

NOTE 1: for any expenses claimed for receipts in a non-Canadian currency, you must convert to Canadian dollars (CAD) on the form.There are two options for calculating the exchange rate:

1) a copy of a credit card or bank statement showing the exchange rate paid

2) a printout of the OANDA website exchange rate for the date the transaction occurred; see

NOTE 2: for any research grant claims, please check the specific tri-council grant guidelines for eligibility of expenses (e.g. alcoholic beverages, tips, supplies, etc.)

  1. Transportation – original receipts required showing amount paid for train, bus or plane tickets along with all ticket stubs/boarding passes. Electronic boarding pass use should be noted if used.
  2. Transportation by private car(i.e. owned by traveler or immediate family member) – 45¢/km; if multiple trips included, the dates and mileage for each trip must be attached; gas receipts may not be includedas this is covered by the per km rate for private vehicles
  3. Transportation by rental car – original receipt from completion of rental transaction is required showing final amount paid; gas receipts may be claimed also
  4. Accommodation – original receipts showing final amount paid are required (e.g. checkout receipt if one is issued, or payment confirmation printout if prepaid online); if checkout receipt does not show amount, may include a photocopy/printout from a credit card or bank statement showing the amount paid
  5. Meals – Note the number of each meal claimed; original itemized receiptsmust be used with paid amount showing (attach credit card or bank statement if paid by credit/debit card and payment method not noted on receipt) up to the daily maximum as noted below (per meal amount is a guideline) (unless funded by a third party and a per diem is specifically permitted in the funding agreement):
  6. For travel within Canada:

Breakfast/Lunch $17.50 each, Dinner $35, Full Day $70

  1. For travel within North America but outside of Canada (in Canadian dollars):

Breakfast/Lunch $20 each, Dinner $40, Full Day $80

  1. For travel outside North America (in Canadian dollars):

Breakfast/Lunch $31.25 each, Dinner $62.50, Full Day $125

  1. Miscellaneous – original receipts for other expenses associated with the trip may be included here – e.g. conference registration (include a copy of the conference schedule), refreshments for meetings, etc.
  2. Total – a total of all expenses claimed (in Canadian dollars)
  3. Net Claim to be paid to traveler – same as Total unless an Advance was used
  4. Signature of Claimant – Make sure to sign at the bottom!
  1. Submit to the Administrative Assistant or Research Grant Holder for approval and processing as appropriate. Claims by grant holders to reimburse themselves require one-over-one signature from the Department Chair or Dean.

Claims are usually processed within 2 weeks of submission unless there is missing information or documentation

NOTE – for more detailed information refer to the Finance Travel Expense Guidelines at