Together We Can Make a Positive Difference to Where We Live

Together We Can Make a Positive Difference to Where We Live

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Positive People

Positive Places

Applicant’s Guide


Together we can make a positive difference to where we live ……….

Do you have an idea about something that you could do, maybe with friends or neighbours that involves new people and also makes your community better?For example, how about:

  • Organising a community baking event
  • Sharing street games
  • Teaching others how to grow plants successfully
Sewing a banner for the local football team
Marking out walking trail
Organising a cleanup day for your local area

[NB. These are general ideas – your Positive People Positive Places programme, as well as involving new people may have a specific theme such as enhancing the environment, school holiday activities, ageing well, supporting for people with particular needs etc etc.]

Whatever you enjoy doing is a great place to start and all you need to do is explain it by writing it down on a simple form.

Do you need any money for your idea?

If you need money we’ll match in cash whatever you can give in kind, up to £250 for eligible expenses. You can give money, materials, and/or your or other people’s time.

If, for example, someone wants to paint a mural and contributes 20 hours labour (valued @ £10 an hour) and a £50 donation of paint from a local shop, this contribution is the same as £250 andcan be matched by your local Positive People Panel

Why are we offering this money?

We want to encourage people to do things that they enjoy and are good at.

We want people to share or learn new skills.

We want the projects to make the area a better place to live and spend time.

We want to help people to reach out and meet new people who live in the area especially those people who may not be involved in community groups or projects for example those people who are isolated, elderly or disabled.

We want people to share the skills and gifts they have and work together to have a fun time.

Anyone Can Apply

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what abilities you have, or how old you are. To be a Positive Person, you just need to get together with one or more people from your local area and plan a Positive project. Apply to your local panel and be prepared to complete your project within two months if your bid is successful. We’d also like you to be willing to attend a community celebrationafterwardsto share your story with other Positive People in your area.


Projects must

  • Be open to anyone in the community who wants to take part.
  • Involve new people in the neighbourhood, in particular those people who you might not know.
  • Show thought about how to be welcoming to people with a disability or who are isolated or lonely.
  • Be completed by March 2016
  • Make a record – in photos or video or a brief story or any other creative way you like.
  • Tell the story of their project at the Positive People / Positive Places Celebration and share how it worked.
  • Take place within the Blakelaw ward area
  • Be based around a way of bringing local people together.


Positive People Positive Places Blakelaw will be launched on 18th January 2016

The closing date for handing in your application Friday 4th March 2016

The Panel will meet to decide which applications are successful on week commencing 7th March 2016.

Successful projects will need to start by 31st March 2016.

The Celebration Event will be in June 2016 (TBC)

NB. The project organiser, or someone who was involved, is expected to "tell their story" at a celebration for other organisers and participants of all the Positive People projects in your area.

How Projects are Chosen

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

You just need to

1)Read the “12 steps” to help you think about what you want to do

2)Come up with a project idea

3) Fill in the application form and send it to the Positive People Panel who will decide.

There is £2,500 to be given out in total in your area, with up to £250 for any one application.

Your ideas are talked about and chosen by the Positive People Panel which is made up of local people from all across your area, at least one of your local councilors and a couple of staff from Your Homes Newcastle and the Council.

The 12 Step Summary

1)What is my project idea?

2)Can I think of a jazzy name?

3)How can my project be fun and creative?

4)What will I need to do it, what time and resources do I have and how much Positive People Positive Places funding do I need?

5)Can I do it in the time frame?

6)Who am I going to invite?

7)How am I going to get in touch with people I don’t know? How will I find them? How will I involve them?

8)Is my idea open to anyone?

9)What are the good things in this area that I can use (buildings, people, things people know, tools or objects?)

10)How am I going to let people know about my project?

11)Will I have a good time?

12)Can I go to the Celebration Event?

Good Luck!

If you need any help you can contact your local Cooperative Communities Officer Amy Stillwell 0191 2773612

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