To Gain Access to the Data

To Gain Access to the Data


to gain access to the data

APPLICANT – legal person
Name of the legal person:
Registration code:
Location (address):
Representative (name and surname, PIN or date of birth)1:
E-mail and phone number:
APPLICANT – natural person
Name and surname:
PIN or date of birth:
Place of residence:
E-mail and phone number:
Date of payment of the state fee and document number (to be added):

To be filled in block letters if in handwriting!

Name and surname of the person, PIN or date of birth, place of residence and other data
COMPOSITION OF THE DATA(Population Registry Act Article 21 section 1 subsections 1-16, Article 22 section 2)2
☐ / surname(s) / ☐ / name(s) / ☐ / sex
☐ / date of birth / ☐ / place of birth / ☐ / PIN
☐ / citizenship / ☐ / residence rights and period / ☐ / e-residence and period
☐ / place of residence / ☐ / means of communication3 / ☐ / marital status
☐ / custody rights / ☐ / guardianship status / ☐ / legal capacity status
☐ / data on death (excluding cause of death) / ☐ / PINs of parents and children
JUSTIFICATION FOR THE APPLICATION(Population Registry Act Article 72)
Please explain the purpose, time and manner of using the data!
Indicate method of access:
☐ / via e-mail / ☐ / via mail (on paper) / ☐ / in person

I hereby certify that the data received shall only be used for the purpose, during the time and in the manner applied for, and in compliance with other conditions determined upon the release of the data.

I hereby certify that all the data provided herein is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Applicants signature: / ☐ / Application is signed digitally
Date of application:

Application to be sent to:

via e-mail:

via mail:Pärnu mnt 67




1)application must be submitted in original form (in case the signature is in handwriting). Tallinn Vital Statistics Department will not accept scanned document;

2)genealogical research and statistical works are not sufficient grounds to receive data;

3)applicant is required to indicate the connection between justification for the grant of access and composition of data requested;

4)state fee 5 EUR must be paid in advance per every person that the data is requested about (payment information at

5)if the data is delivered to a foreign legal or natural person, prior consent of the Ministry of Interior is required ( Tallinn Vital Statistics Department will obtain the consent. If the Ministry of Interior declines to give consent, application will be denied;

6)additional information: +372 6457480 or via ;

7)please fill in application on each person separately;

8)application process is no more than 30 days;

9)data of no more than 20 persons will be delivered per request.

1 – power of attorney must be added to the request (Administrative Procedures Act Article 13subsection 2 and Population Registry Act Article 72 subsection 2)

2 – one is required to indicate justification per every composition of data

3 – only official data on means of communication will be delivered

Tallinn Vital Statistics Department