Title: AAT13-Renaissance Humanism-Revives Classical Texts

Title: AAT13-Renaissance Humanism-Revives Classical Texts


Title: AAT13-Renaissance humanism-revives classical texts

1.Which best describes Renaissance humanism?

A. study of human nature

B. human-based culture

*C. revival of Classical texts

D. a Christian iconographic bias

E. spiritual iconographic bias

Title: Renais humanism

3. The Renaissance belief that humankind was not worthless in the eyes of God as the Church had taught during the Middle Ages has come to be known as which of the following?

a. Mannerism

b. Protestantism

c. Inquisition

d. patronage

*e. Humanism

Title: AAT13- 2 cities is forefront of humanism

4.Which two cities were most at the forefront of early humanism?

A. Venice and Rome

*B. Florence and Padua

C. Rome and Florence

D. Siena and Florence

E. Siena and Padua


Title: AAT13- Leonardo Bruni

2.Leonardo Bruni was

A. a humanist

B. chancellor of Florence

C. a historian

D. none of the above

*E. all of the above

Title: AAT13-Bruni’s tomb

6.Which is not a feature of Bruni’s tomb?

*A. Its sculptor was Marzocco

B. lions are part of its iconography

C. it merges Christian and Classical motifs

D. the effigy of Bruni lies on a bier

Title: AAT13-Bruni-Praise of the City of Florence

8.Which text goes with which author?

A. Dante – the Deacmeron

B. Brunelleschi – the Commentarii

C. Alberti – Oration on the Dignity of Man

D. Masaccio – On Painting

*E. Bruni – Praise of the City of Florence


Title: AAT13- Medici

5.In the 15th century the ______of Florence were the great patrons.

A. Urbini

B. Innocenti

C. Popes

*D. Medici


Title: AAT13-condottiere

7.Who of the following was NOT a condottiere?

*A. Federico da Montefeltro

B. Sir John Hawkwood

C. Erasmo da Narni

D. Niccolo da Tolentino

E. Leon Battista Alberti


Title: Donatello Gates Paradise

16. Donatello was the principal sculptor of the famous bronze doors known as the “Gates of Paradise.”

a. True

*b. False

Title: AAT13-Ghiberti-style

17.Ghiberti’s style is

A. aligned by orthogonals of true perspective

B. realistic

C. classically inspired

*D. all of the above

Title: AAT13-Ghiberti-Door competition

9.Which are some reasons for Ghiberti's victory in the competition of 1401?

A. his relief was less expensive to cast and more monumental than Brunelleschi's

*B. his relief was less expensive and more graceful

C. his relief was more expensive, but also more elegant

D. his relief was more monumental, more original, and he had political connections

E. he had a better reputation than Brunelleschi

Title: AAT13- paradiso

27.The term paradiso as used in reference to Ghiberti's doors means

A. the Garden of Eden

B. the illustration of Dante

*C. the space between a cathedral and its baptistry

D. the dome of the cathedral

E. the dome of the baptistery

General Perspective

Title: In both linear and isometric perspective

15. In both linear and isometric perspective, forms meant to be understood as background are made smaller than forms meant to be seen as foreground.

*a. True

b. False

34.Which of the following match?

A. Masaccio-Famous Men and Women

*B. Brunelleschi-one-point perspective

C. Castagno-Holy Trinity

D. Alberti-medal of John VIII Paleologus

E. Mantegna-Rucellai Palace

Atmospheric Perspective

Title: AAT13-atmospheric perspective

33.Atmospheric perspective depicts near and far according to

A. diminution in size

B. increase in size

*C. degrees of clarity

D. haziness in the sky

E. color

Linear Perspective

Title: perspective-vp

11. The concept of the "vanishing point" is the key to atmospheric perspective.

a. True

*b. False

Title: linear persp-diminish size

13. In linear perspective, forms meant to be seen as farther away from the viewer are______.

a. larger

*b. smaller

c. higher

d. lower

e. lighter

14. Title: linear perspect-vp2

In linear perspective, parallel lines receding into the distance seem to converge, until they meet at the______.

a. focal point.

b. epicenter.

c. picture plane

*d. vanishing point

e. perspective line

Title: AAT13- 1 pt perspective

25.Which of the following is true of one-point perspective?

*A. orthogonals converge at the vanishing point

B. orthogonals run from right to left on the picture plane

C. orthogonals are at right angles to the floor of the painted space

D. orthogonals are not used

E. orthogonals meet at two different points on the picture plane

Linear Perspective-Foreshortening

Title: Foreshortening

12. Foreshortening is the term for the effect produced by applying the logic of linear perspective to every form that recedes into the distance.

*a. True

b. False

Title: AAT13-foreshortening

18.Which best defines "foreshortening?"

A. reduction in scale

B. placing a smaller object in front of a larger object

C. a twist at the waist

*D. depicting a form in perspective

E. making a large figure look like a homunculus

Brunelleschi-Hospital of the Innocents

Title: AAT13-Hospital of the Innocents

19.Which is NOT a feature of the Hospital of the Innocents?

A. arcades

B. round arches

*C. Doric colonnettes

D. pediments

E. bays

Title: AAT13-Brunelleschi

22.Brunelleschi did many things, but he did not

A. design the dome of Florence Cathedral

B. take measured drawings of the Roman Forum and develop a theory of perspective

C. work in Florence

*D. use the Colosseum as his model for the Ospedale degle Inocenti

Fra Angelico

Title: AAT13-Fra Angelico- neo-platonic

20.______was able to combine Neo-Platonic ideals and mainline religiosity

A. Fra Filippo Lippi

B. Mantegna

C. Leonardo

*D. Fra Angelico

Brunelleschi- Pazzi Chapel

Title: AAT13-Brunelleschi-Pazzi Chapel

21.The Pazzi Chapel is the gem of the Early Renaissance because it sums up its principles. It is by

*A. Brunelleschi

B. Alberti

C. Michelozzo

D. Bramante

Brunelleschi-Santo Spirito

Title: AAT13-Brunelleschi - Santo Spirito

23.Which is least a feature of Brunelleschi’s design for the Church of Santo Spirito?

A. Latin cross plan

B. a flat ceiling

C. chapels on three sides

*D. stained-glass windows

E. round arches

Brunelleschi-rediscover perspect

Title: AAT13-Re-discover linear perspective- Brunelleschi

24.The re-discovery of linear perspective was made by

A. Ghiberti

*B. Brunelleschi

C. Uccello

D. Leonardo

Title: AAT13-Vasari- said Uccello too focus on perspective

26.The artist whom Vasari accused of being too obsessed with perspective was

A. Piero della Francesca

B. Mantegno

*C. Uccello

D. Masaccio

E. Brunelleschi

Brunelleschi-John VIII Paleologus

Title: AAT13-medal of John VIII Paleologus

28.The medal of John VIII Paleologus was cast by

A. Alberti

B. Matteo de' Pasti

C. the Byzantine emperor

*D. Pisanello

E. Sigismondo Malatesta


Title: AAT13-Masaccio's Holy Trinity

29.Which is NOT a new, Renaissance feature of Masaccio's Holy Trinity?

A. a barrel-vault with coffers

B. Classical Orders

C. donors

*D. a memento mori

E. one-point perspective

Title: AAT13-Masaccio- light sources


A. maintained strict monochrome paintings and avoided contrast in light and dark

B. used complex, dramatic settings

C. embellished his scenes with sumptuous drapery

*D. clearly defined his light sources so that shadows were logical and realistic

Title: AAT13-Masaccio's Holy Trinity- 1 pt perspect

31.Masaccio created the barrel vault in the Trinity by using ______perspective

A. atmospheric

*B. linear

C. intuitive

D. herringbone


Title: AAT13-chiaroscuro

32.The nearest sense of "chiaroscuro" would be

*A. gradual shading

B. high contrast of light and dark

C. shadow

D. silhouetting

E. no contrast of light and dark

Title: AAT13-Brunelleschi-one-point perspective

34.Which of the following match?

A. Masaccio-Famous Men and Women

*B. Brunelleschi-one-point perspective

C. Castagno-Holy Trinity

D. Alberti-medal of John VIII Paleologus

E. Mantegna-Rucellai Palace

Title: AAT13-

35.Which do NOT match?

A. Rimini – Tempio Malatestiano

B. Brancacci Chapel

C. Sant’Andrea - Mantua

*D. Gattamelata - Ravenna

E. Sir John Hawkwood – Florence Cathedral

Title: AAT13-stin glass not dev in 15th c

36.Which is NOT a 15th-century development?

A. illusionism

B. mythological subject matter

C. one-point perspective

D. an increase in literacy

*E. stained glass windows


Mantegna- Camera degli Sposi

Title: AAT13-Camera degli Sposi –state bedrm

37.The Camera degli Sposi refers to

*A. a state bedroom

B. a marriage ceremony

C. a room for a wedding

D. Mantegna’s studio

Title: AAT13-Camera degli Sposi were painted by

38.The frescoes of the Camera degli Sposi were painted by Mantegna

A. Fra Filippo Lippi

*B. Andrea Mantegna

C. Leonardo

D. Sandro Botticelli

Title: AAT13-Camera degli Sposi were painted for Mantua

39.The frescoes of the Camera degli Sposi were painted for

*A. the Duke of Mantua

B. the Duke of Urbino

C. the Medici

D. the Pope


Title: AAT13- Parnassus has not Juno

40.In Mantegna's Parnassus, which god does NOT appear?

A. Apollo

B. Vulcan

C. Mars

*D. Juno

E. Venus


Title: AAT13- studiolo

41.Who of the following did NOT have a studiolo?

*A. Federigo Gonzaga

B. Isabellad’Este

C. Federico da Montefeltro

D. Leonello d’Este

van Eyck

Title: AAT13-van Eyck painted real people

42.The artist who painted portraits of real people was

*A. Jan van Eyck

B. Hieronymous Bosch

C. Rogier van der Weyden

D. Cimabue

van Eyck- Altarpiece

Title: AAT13- Van Eyck Altarpiece

45.______was not included in Jan van Eyck’s Altarpiece

A. Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

*B. God the Father

C. Christ crucified

D. Adam and Eve

van Eyck- Red Turban

Title: AAT13-Van Eyck- subj of Red Turban

49.The subject of Man in the Red Turban is believed to be:

A. Cosimo de Medici

*B. Jan van Eyck

C. Philip the Bold

D. Rogier van der Weyden

van Eyck- Arnolfini Portrait

Title: AAT13-Arnolfini Portrait- no white lilies

54.Which does NOT appear in the Arnolfini Portrait?

A. a dog

B. a mirror

C. sandals

D. fruit

*E. a vase of lilies

Dirk Bouts

Title: AAT13-Dirk Bouts-intuitive perspective

44.Dirk Bouts

A. was an artist in the employ of the Church

B. sculpted in the style of Claus Sluter

*C. understood perspective intuitively

D. rivaled Giotto in 15th-century Italy

Luke patron saint painters

Title: AAT13-St Luke patron saint of Painters

46.The Guild of ______had St. Luke as its patron saint?

*A. painters

B. book binders

C. weavers

D. stonemasons

van der Goes

Title: AAT13-van der Goes’s Portinari Altarpiece – somber color

47.Hugo van der Goes’s Portinari Altarpiece has?

*A. rich colors and a somber mood

B. a confined sense of space

C. a flat, gold background worked with a pattern punch

D. dim colors and a somber mood

Ghent Altarpiece

Title: AAT13- Ghent Altarpiece - polytych

48.The Ghent Altarpiece is a ______.

A. diptych

B. panel

*C. polyptych

D. triptych

Title: AAT13-Ghent altarpiece- no Joseph

52.Which figure or figures do NOT appear in the Ghent altarpiece?

A. crusaders

B. angels

*C. Joseph

D. John the Baptist

E. Mary


Title: AAT13-Flemish painters

50.The most outstanding examples of the new Flemish style of painting included all of the following except:

*A. Giovanni Bellini

B. Jan van Eyck

C. Hans Memling

D. Rogier van der Weyden


Title: AAT13-match artist

51.Match the artist with the work.

A. Robert Campin – The Ghent Altarpiece

B. Botticelli – The Mérode Altarpiece

*C. Rogier van der Weyden – St. Luke Painting the Virgin

D. Ghirlandaio- The Portinari Altarpiece


Title: AAT13- Grisaille- imitation sculp

53.Grisaille means

*A. imitation sculpture

B. gesso

C. foreshortening

D. contrapposto

E. imitation architecture


Title: AAT13-Botticelli infl by

55.Botticelli was influenced by

A. Marsilio Ficino

B. Neo-Platonism

C. The Medici Circle

D. all of the above

Title: AAT13-Botticelli- Birth of Venus- no mother of Venus

56.Which does NOT appear in Botticelli's Birth of Venus?

A. a scallop shell

B. the mother of Venus

C. waves

D. a nymph

E. flowers

Essay Quiz

Title: AAT13-

1.Compare the International Style with the monumental Renaissance style using examples from this chapter.

Title: AAT13-

2.Discuss typology as it refers to Donatello's David and Piero's Arezzo fresco cycle.

Title: AAT13-


Discuss the Renaissance concept of fame and its expression in works illustrated in this chapter.

Title: AAT13-

4.Compare and contrast the techniques and esthetic effects of fresco and oil painting.

Title: AAT13-

5.Compare the Mérode Altarpiece with Gentile da Fabriano's Procession of the Magi. Consider style, patronage, and function.

Title: AAT13-

6.Describe the development of style in the Netherlands from 1400 to 1500.

Key Terms

Title: AAT13-

1.aerial (or atmospheric) perspective

Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-

6.linear (or scientific) perspective

Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-

9.putto, putti

Title: AAT13-


Title: AAT13-

11.vanishing point