This Month S Theme Is Father S Day, Space, Travel

This Month S Theme Is Father S Day, Space, Travel

Jolly Rodgers Preschool Newsletter June 2016


Our learning through play will continue to progress well throughout our monthly activities. The children will continue to build on new skills daily, please encourage these at home.This month our theme is about transport, space and of course Father’s Day. We will talk about travelling on aeroplanes and buses/boats etc.We will find out if any of our children are going on holiday and we will look at various countries using the map to find where we are going and where we have been. We will discuss ‘space travel- ships and rockets’.  We will hopefully have lots of outside play with lots of sun!!

THIS MONTH’S SONG’S (please encourage your child to sing these with you)

Twinkle twinkle

Four little stars

Climb aboard the space ship

Down by the station

The wheels on the bus

I’m a little Airplane

The big ship sails

Five little men in a flying saucer

The Daddy song

Father’s Day

And many more…


The sand tray will be filled with sand with sea shells, starfish, cars, buses, vehicles, foil and ‘moon rocks’ and moulds will all be added throughout the month.

The Water Tray will change throughout the month, fish, fishing rods, nets, buckets, pebbles, boats; these will all be added during the month.

THIS MONTH’S ARTS (we will send home children’s work for you to display)

All art work will include gluing, sticking, colouring, painting and cutting relating to our theme.

We will also be making Father’s Day cards along with a surprise for a special someone this month!

Free play art resources and junk art available throughout each week.

We will also be doing cooking activities this month which will moon rock cookies & summer smoothies.

THIS MONTH THE LOFT WILL BE “P1 Classroom & Sensory area”

Ground level – will be developed as a sensory area

Upper level – will be developed into a primary one classroom

The sensory den will encourage the children to explore all of their 5 senses and different textures colours and sounds.

The primary one classroom will contain items such as pencils, desks, paper and resources which can be found within a classroom.

All children will be encouraged to create their own items for the loft area and create their own artwork. Children will also be encouraged to add any items they wish to bring from home relating to the loft area.


Within the classroom we will use “Circle Time” to read stories, poems etc to develop each child’s love of books and language.

We will read books and learn our new songs. Our songs & stories will all be theme related and will include the following:

Just like Daddy

Transport books

The house by the sea

Selection of holiday brochures

We will also use circle time to discuss:

Our daily calendar

Days of the week

The colour yellow



Also during circle time we will look at transport vehicles & how we move around & get to different destinations.

In addition during circle time children will have an input to make plans and they will also discuss what they have liked in the room and anything they would like to change. Their input and feedback will help staff shape plans to meet the children’s interests and needs.


We will continue to care for our fish. We will also continue to explore natural items relating to the season. Theme related items will also be on display including transport books, transport vehicles, space books, planets & alien masks.

The colour table will focus on yellow items; we will look foryellow items in pre school which we can identify.


Each month we may have a birthday celebration; we will create a birthday chart and sing “Happy Birthday”. Each child will be added to this chart as their birthday occurs throughout the year. If you wish you may send a cake/or healthy option to celebrate during break. (All Cakes must be nut free).


No Birthday’s this month


Physical activities will be continued to be promoted through both indoor and outdoor weekly plans.

We will also be spending lots more time in the garden and hopefully, it will continue to stay warm and we will be able to bring even more fun outdoors. Arts and crafts will be moved outside, along with other activities.

We will have lots of fun digging in the sand, splashing in the water, playing in our builder’s yard, using our gardening tools, having lots of messy fun in our mud kitchen and exploring fairyland forest!! We will also be using experimenting in our Sensory shed outside!! Busy fun times ahead!!

If the weather stays dry we might also go for a walk so can you please ensure you have sent a coat to nursery and also could you please supply a sun hat & sun cream if the weather does brighten up again. 


Can we please say a huge THANK YOU to you all for all your contribution towards the wonderful week we had celebrating our 20th birthday! We all had such a fantastic time and have proven we know how to celebrate in Jolly Rodgers.  We do plan to continue marking this amazing achievement throughout the month of June!

Thank you also for your generous donations – we raised £110.00 for Mencap ‘Big Step Forward’.

Can we ask that you please be extra cautious when driving around the car park area and always be aware of adults and children. We are sure you can appreciate that there are a lot of children within the nursery being collected at different times and it can be busy. Please always be attentive of this. Can we please remind you not to block the area where nursery vehicles are parked. This must be kept clear at all times so the vehicles can get in and out and we can safely off load the children. Thank you.

If you have any holidays planned over the next couple of months could you please give us any dates as soon as possible as this really helps when working through staff holidays. Happy Holidays!!

As it is coming into holiday period we will have a few new faces about the nursery – Elly, Tenaya and Emma Lousie will be in working with us to help with staff holidays, along with Rebecca, Emily & Gemma who have been with us the last few years.

We are taking steps to implement a Sun Safe Nursery policy and teaching, the content of which forms part of our duty of care to ensure the health and wellbeing of your children during nursery hours. Staff will issue you all with a letter with more information about this which includes a consent form that you have read and understood the letter and that you will supply a sun hat and sun cream for outdoor play/walks. If you could complete this form and return to staff this would be great as we cannot move forward with this until we have received this from all parents. THANK YOU.

Please note: Nursery will be closed on Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th July and will re-open again on Friday 14th July 2017.

Thank you –Pre –school