They Will Be Able to Justify and Support Their Choices

They Will Be Able to Justify and Support Their Choices

ETEC 530 - Constructivism Strategies for E-Learning-KHAN
Assigment #3 – Lesson Plan / C.Langford
Lesson Plan Information
Subject/Course:Planning / Name: Game of Life: House Hunting
Grade Level:10 / Unit: #2 Finances
Topic:Finances / Length of Period:80 minutes
Expectations (BC’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes):
Financial Literacy
  • Demonstrate financial literacy related to
    – budgeting skills
    – planning for transition from secondary school
    – knowledge about credit and debt
    – knowledge of legal requirements for reporting personal income
  • Costs of Education and Career Options
    - Identify the costs and funding sources associated with various education and career options
  • Financial Plan
    - Develop a personal financial plan to support the achievement of education and career goals
BC Planning 10 Curriculum
Learning Skills:
Research – Organization – Problem Solving Skills – Balancing wants and needs – Basic writing skills – Calculating percentages – Budgeting – Internet searches
What do I want the learners to knowand/or be able to do?
  • The learners will be able to make educated choices about home ownership, renting, housing type and location, as well as budget.
  • They will be able to justify and support their choices.
  • They will be able to budget.
  • They will be able to balance their needs and their wants, and explain that balance.
  • They will also research additional living costs.
  • They will present all of the information in an organized format of their choosing.

Assessment/ Evaluation
The structure of the lesson allows the instructor to support students as the learning is happening. Many misunderstandings or potential “mistakes” can be cleared up ahead of time. Students also have aself-assessment checklist which they can use to help ensure they are submitting their best work possible.
The same checklist can be used for a summative evaluation by the teacher. Each section of the five sections would be given a mark out of five.
Learning Context
The Learners
What prior experiences, knowledge and skills do the learners bring to this learning experience?
  • The students will have experience with internet searches and using technology.
  • Student will have experience presenting information and possibly posting on their blog.
  • Some of the students may have used craigslist or Kijji although likely not to look for a place to live. It is also unlikely that most students will be familiar with MLS searches.
  • Students will all also have experiences from their own living arrangements. Each student will have different personal experiences in regards to this and the teacher may have to be sensitive to some of these issues.
  • Students will have a basic idea of living expenses from the lifestyle reality check worksheet.
How will instruction be differentiated to ensure the inclusion of all learners?
As this assignments mirrors real life some learners will need more support than others, just like some people will need more support with their living arrangements. Students will be presented with a situation that is realist to them. For example a modified skill development student may be looking into semi-independent living arrangements with a budget from a part time job and government subsidies.
Below is a list of possible adaptations and modification that can be applied based on the students needs. Many of these would be available to all students with a few exceptions.
  • Examples to refer to throughout the process
  • The option of graphic organizers
  • Paraphrase readings to teacher to check understanding
  • Break content down into “smaller pieces”
  • Oral and written instructions
  • Peer support facilitated by instructor
  • Any additional accommodation needed (spellcheck, calculator, additional time)
  • All of the above plus…
  • One to one support from an Educational Assistance for all or part of the time
  • Reduction in learning outcomes
  • Any additional accommodation needed (reader, scribe)

Learning Environment
A classroom where all students have their own personal device (laptop or tablet) or a computer lab. This lesson could also work in a blended learning environment where part of the instructional time is done online.
  • Personal Devices for each student
  • Access to the internet
  • Access to the instructor’s website for written instructions and worksheets -

Teaching/Learning Strategies
  • In the preceding lesson students will be introduced to the finance unit. All the students will complete a quiz which is meant to generate discussion. They will also do a lifestyle reality check worksheet, which is meant to open their eyes to the reality of budgeting.
  • Students will also be introduced to the project that will cover the whole unit – The Game of Life
  • Finally the students will pick a job (which comes with a salary, an amount in savings and a possible debt load.)
  • The students will review a 15 minute lesson at home in a Flipped Homework style: House Hunting Lesson
  • They should record any questions or comments they have.
In small groups (4-5) students will discussion the House Hunting Lesson they reviewed the night before.
~ 10mins
  • Students can use the following guiding questions to support their discussion.
  1. What do you need to know before you start house hunting?
  2. What are some of the pros and cons of renting?
  3. What are some of the pros and cons of buying?
  4. What are some of the rights and responsibilities of a tenant?
  5. How do you know if you can afford to buy a house?
  6. What are a few things you’ll be looking for in your house hunt?
  7. Is there anything you are still confused about or need more information on?
  • Students should start thinking about their own salary and budget.
Full class discussion ~ 10 – 15 mins
  • Summary of guiding questions.
  • Chance for students to clear up misunderstandings/ask other questions.
  • Present the task to the students.
    1. Figure out how much you can spend on a home.
    2. Figure out where you want to live and what type of house you would like to have.
    3. Take a look at homes for sale.
    4. Take a look at places for rent.
    5. Decide if you willrent or buy. Be sure you can justify your choice. Pick a place to live.
    6. Research the other “living expense” you will have to pay related to your housing.
    7. Report out. You can share your work in any format that suits you. You may wish to present it is some way that can be posted on your blog.
  • Provide students with links to sites that will support their house search.
  • Provide students with a self-assessment checklist to check their work.
  • Provide students with links to past completed projects.
Students will be working on the task of house hunting ~ 25 mins
  • First they will need to work out their budget and their needs/wants.
  • Students can then begin their online search for a place to live.
  • The instructor should circulate, support students, check progress and provide feedback.
  • The instructor can use the three major feedback questions presented by Hattie & Timperley (2007).
  • The instructor can be scaffolding.
Review a few examples discus pros and cons as a class ~ 5 – 10 mins
  • Ask for volunteers to share the place they have found to live so far.
  • Discuss the choice in relation to that student’s budget as a class.
  • Are needs and wants being balanced?

Have students start to think about additional costs and continue house hunting ~ 15 mins
  • At this point the students should be well on their way to finding a home.
  • Student who still need to keep looking should do so.
  • Students who have found their place should start researching the additional costs.
Discussion of ways to present the information ~ 5 mins
  • Take possible ideas from the class
  • Remind students of the examples from the start of class
House hunting may need to continue for part of another class or for homework.
Lesson Materials
All the links to the lesson can be found here:
Finance Unit Intro Activities
House Hunting Lesson
Guiding Questions
House Hunting Task
House Hunting Tools
In case the hyperlinks fail – All links can be found here:
The paper supporting the lesson can be found here: