The Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies

The Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies

May 10– 11, 2018

The International Research Conference

XXIII Slavic Readings

organized by

The Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies,

Daugavpils University

The conference organizers issue a call for papers on topical problems in Russian and Slavic studies aiming to discuss the trends of the development of the Russian language, literature and culture in a multilingual context. The work of the conference groups is planned to be organized in two directions:

1)ActualproblemsofRussianandSlavicstudies (scientific aspect):

  • Slavic languages: history and the contemporary period
  • Slavic literatures: history and the contemporary period
  • Slavic – Baltic language, literary and cultural relations
  • Russian literature in the context of world literature

2)TheRussianlanguage, literatureandcultureinamultilingualcontext (pragmaticaspect):

  • The studies of Russian literature in the contemporary world
  • TheRussianlanguageina multicultural context
  • Innovative methods in teaching Russian as a foreign language

During the conference, a round table will take place "Russian language and culture in the modern world. "
Experts and speakers invited are scientists from the Baltic States, Russia, Central and Western Europe, Israel and the United States.

Languages: Russian, Latvian, English

Conference papers are published in the collection “Slavic Readings”. The conference organizers claim the right to select papers for presentation and publishing depending on the research appeal of the suggested topic and its compliance with the tasks of the conference.

Participation fees – 35 EUR, paid upon registration.

The travel and lodging expenses are covered by the conference participants or their home institution. Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2018.

Registration on the conference website:

Please send a completed registration form to: (attached).

Mailing address:

Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics,

Daugavpils University

Vienības 13, Daugavpils, LV5401, Latvia

Phone: +371 65471571;

Fax: + 371 65422611;


The general sponsor of the Conference is the “Learn Russian in the European Union” project,
offering study abroad programs in the Russian language and regional studies.

XXIII Slavic Readings

Daugavpils, Latvia

May 10-11, 2018


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