Thank You = Board of Governors Parent/Guardian Bi-Annual Questionnaire

Thank You = Board of Governors Parent/Guardian Bi-Annual Questionnaire

Wednesday 24thJanuary 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian

Thank You = Board of Governors Parent/Guardian Bi-Annual Questionnaire

We are happy to report that approximately 57% of parents responded to the Bi-Annual Board of Governors Harding Memorial Primary School Questionnaire in December 2017. Obviously the administrative process of collating the responses has taken some considerable time. However, I am pleased to confirm that the statistical analysis has been completed and all pertinent issues will be brought to the attention of the Harding Memorial Primary School Board of Governors. It is intended that a summary report of the results of the Bi-Annual Parent/Guardian Questionnaire will be issued to all Families before the Half Term Vacation Period. Thank you to all those Parent/Guardians who responded to this very important survey of “stakeholder” attitudes and opinions towards our School.

School Choir Performance = Saturday 27th January 2018

We are pleased to inform Parent/Guardians that the Harding Memorial Primary School Choir has been offered a wonderful opportunity to perform with Festival Brass at Glenmachan Church on Saturday 27th January 2018. This is a rearrangement of the concert that was cancelled due to inclement weather on Saturday 9th December 2017. This event will be compered by Gerry Kelly and will include performances by Sinead O'Kelly, Fr. Martin O'Hagan and the Harding Memorial School Choir.

After School Clubs

In Harding Memorial we aim to give our pupils the opportunity to further and widen their interests and offer an extensive range of “After School” activities. These clubs form an important part of our extended school life and are only possible because of the expertise and generosity of time given by School Staff and the various External Organisations associated with our School. We are happy to report that the following clubs will be operating in School for pupils in Term 2: Choir Club, Football Club, Games Club, ICT Club, Athletics Club, Hyper Pro Club, Cregagh Wanderers Football Club, Ormeau Table Tennis Club and Bricks4kidz. In endeavouring to ensure the safety of our children it is important that Parent/Guardians are aware of the finishing times for all these after school activities and that arrangements are particularly clear for the collection of our youngest pupils at the end of After School Activities at Harding Memorial Primary School. In particular, we would hope that all Parent/Guardians would be aware of the necessity to be “punctual” for P2 – P7 Pupil Pick Up Times and to remember in advance on which dates the Monday to Thursday After School Clubs will be taking place.The dates of the all the Primary 2 – Primary 7 School Organised and Externally Organised After School Club Sessions are available to view on the School Website

Positive Behaviour Scheme - Harding Hero for Responsibility

The “Harding Hero” Scheme is used to reinforce and promote Positive Behaviour amongst all the pupils at our school. The aim of this scheme is to create an atmosphere in which the pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of self-esteem and an awareness of the needs of others. At the end of each behaviour theme period a pupil from P1 to P7 will receive a behaviour certificate which will be displayed on the Harding Hero Noticeboard. This month the theme for the Harding Hero Scheme is “Responsibility” e.g. being accountable for our choices, finishing what we begin, doing our best and keep on trying even when it is difficult and by practicing self – control. We hope that all parents will assist us in the project by reinforcing the importance of children demonstrating kindness both inside and outside out of the school environment.

School Emergency Closure Arrangements

Harding Memorial Primary School would like to remind all Parent/Guardians of our organisational arrangements for Emergency School Closure Situations. We have a system in school to enable us to text parents to inform them if school is closed for any emergency situation.In the case of extreme weather conditions, any decision whether or not to close the school will be taken as early as possible. The School Principal will consult with the School Building Supervisor and make a decision about whether School will be able to remain open. In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of Harding Memorial Primary School must always be the safety of the pupils and staff.We will also endeavour to list any School Closure Information on the BBC News Northern Ireland Website or the Harding Memorial Primary School Website

  • If you do not receive any closure information from the school, please assume that “School is Open”.

Thank you to Harding Memorial Primary School Parent Teacher and Friends Association

We would like to thank the PTFA for their generous funding of the Live Drama Show of Sleeping Beauty that was performed in School by M & M Theatre Productions on Tuesday 9th January. It was a fantastic show.

  • We would like to remind all Adults about The Night at The Races that that will be held on Friday 9 March at 7:30pm in the Cregagh Sports Club. There are a limited number of tickets available. Tickets cost £5 each, and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis using the order form previously sent home this week with your child/children.

School Uniform Procedures

At Harding Memorial Primary School we are extremely proud of our school uniform. It is smart, sensible, hardwearing and engenders a sense of belonging. During the “winter months” we would greatly appreciate it if each child could come to school with a waterproof coat. In addition, we would request that all children have access to either a coat with a hood or else a hat or cap to use when the weather is inclement. Children may wear boots on the way to and from school but should bring their ordinary school shoes to change into.

  • We would be grateful if parents could use some time over the next few days to check school uniforms for missing name identification labels. We occasionally have some “lost property” in school which we are unable to return to children when there is no identification available to view on the clothing item.
  • Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled with each child’s name visible in order for School to be able to return clothing items to their correct owner. This is obviously a priority issue for our School.
  • If your child/children brings home an item of clothing that does not belong to them, we would request that this item is returned to School as soon as possible in order for us to reunite it with the correct child.
  • Any Parent/Guardian who thinks that their child has misplaced an item of clothing should make contact with either their child’s Class Teacher, the School Building Supervisor – Mrs Lyttle or the School Principal – Mr Cumper in order that this “Lost Property Situation” can be addressed in a timely and structured manner.

Half Term Vacation Period and School Development Days

Harding Memorial Primary School will be closed for a School Development Day/Exceptional Closure Day onTuesday 13th February 2018. No pupils should attend School on this date.

Harding Memorial Primary School will be closed for a School Development Day/Exceptional Closure Day on Wednesday 14th February. No pupils should attend School on this date.

Harding Memorial Primary School will be closed for the Half Term Vacation Period on Thursday 15th February and Friday 16th

Harding Memorial Primary School will re-open for all Primary 1 to Primary 7 pupils on Monday 19th February at 8.55am

Yours sincerely

Mr S Cumper