Technology, Engineering, and Design/Engineering Design

Technology, Engineering, and Design/Engineering Design

Technology, Engineering, and Design/Engineering Design

Mrs. Emily Lanier Sandlin- East Duplin High School–SPRING 2018

Course Description

Technology Education helps students develop an appreciation and fundamental understanding of technology through the study and application of materials, tools, processes, inventions, structure, and artifacts of the past and present. Through this integrated study of technology, students develop an understanding of the importance and role of technology in society and the economy and its impacts upon the environment

General Class Information

1.)Class and class activities will be conducted in Room 33.

2.)Homework/Classwork will be assigned daily and will be graded.

3.)There will be quizzes on Fridays for each lesson. Unit tests will be given when the unit is complete. Students will have a week to prepare.

4.)Missing assignments must be made up within a week or no credit will be given. I do not give “extra credit” at the end of the semester.

  1. PER EAST DUPLIN HIGH SCHOOL: A student will not be able to make up missing assignments from an unexcused absence.

5.)Cell phones will be taken up at the beginning of class, and given back after assignments are complete.

6.)Cell phones are allowed on school grounds, but are not for use in my classroom unless instructed to do so. Phones seen during instructional time will be taken and turned into the front office per Mr. Ballard.

7.)Bathroom breaks will only be allowed in extreme cases, and time spent in the bathroom will be made up after class.

8.)The computers in my classroom are for TEDassignments/classwork only. Computers are a privilege, and will be taken away if not treated/used properly.

9.)Resources for my class are listed on our Google Classroom website and can be accessed daily. Parents can be added, but must request access.

10.)Google Classroom is a vital part of our daily routine. If students do not access the site daily, they will quickly fall behind.

Grading Procedures

Tests: 25%

Projects: 25%

Participation: 15%

Quizzes: 15%

Homework: 20%

TOTAL: 100%

Class Norms

Follow directions the first time they’re given.

Arrive on time & prepared.

Respect others as well as class materials.

  • Other norms will be discussed and implemented as a class.
  • Class disruptions, disrespect, and insubordination will not be tolerated.
  • Consequences will be determined by the EDHS handbook.

I like to praise and reward my students for good behaviors, and I also like to keep parents informed about any other happenings in my classroom as well. In addition, I would like to formally introduce myself at the beginning of the semester. If for any reason I should want or need to contact you regarding your student, I am asking that you provide me with the best form of contact so that I may reach you as quickly and as easily as possible. Please fill out ALL of the information below.

Phone Number:

Email Address: ______@

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the syllabus and its content.

Student’s Signature: ______

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