Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2013 Projects

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2013 Projects

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2013 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Julie Anderson / Elizabeth Hughes / School of Education / Masters dissertation working with a professional student cohort
Anne Bentley / Rosalind Ramage
Maria Donkin / Learning Support /
School of Biomedical & Biological Sciences / Exploring the benefits of peer-to-peer helping relationships
Lytton Smith / School of Humanities / Students as collaborative researchers
Tom Barwick / Dean Owens
James Brocklehurst / School of Art & Design / The pedagogy of pressure books/comic book design
Claire Hornsby / Susan May
Anne Roberts / School of Health Professions / An exploration of physiotherapy students’ experience of PBL in Plymouth and Athens

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2012 - 2013 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Barkhof / Arts / Employability and transferable skills: Investigating work placements for humanities students
Nathan Clarke / Paul Dowland, Steven Furnell / Science and Technology / The evaluation of a biometric-based identification system for remote-based exam invigilation
David Graham / Paul Hewson / Science and Technology / Clickers
Claire Gray / Julie Swain, Rebecca Turner / UPC Faculty
Teaching and Learning Directorate / Subjectivity and assumptions in assessment - exploring difference through comparative evaluation
Natalie Semley / Rong Huang / Plymouth Business School / The assessment of feedback: A learning development process
Sarah Chapman / Jennie Winter / Peninsula Arts
Educational Development / Public arts as interdisciplinary and extra-curricular learning
Emily Beaumont / Sharon Gedye / Science and Technology
Teaching and Learning Directorate / Increasing students’ awareness of employability: An impact evaluation of embedding careers education across marine sport programmes
Rebecca Carter Dillon / Julia Morgan, Caroline Leeson / Health, Education and Society / Modelling participatory research with vulnerable children and young people: Children with a parent in prison
Phil Ellis and John Fitzsimons / David Hilton, Atila Mustafa / Arts
UPC Exeter College / Online and local television networks: A new pedagogy for a changing media
David Moles / Nigel Honey, Thomas Gale, Tracy de Peralta, Oonagh Corrigan, Sam Arkle / Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry / Simulation and assessment of dental extraction proficiency
Avril Bellinger / Deirdre Ford / Health, Education and Society
/ Embedding a culture of collaborative learning through research
Gianni Corino and Katharine Willis / Alex Aurigi, Mike Phillips, Neil Witt / Arts
Teaching and Learning Directorate / Testing the benefits of ubiquitous technologies to support fieldwork activities in design teaching
Claire Eatock / Trudy Russell, Harriet Knowles / UPC Cornwall College / Industry led, work based learning driven delivery and assessment project
Jenny Morris / Health, Education and Society / Evaluation of team-based learning as a teaching and learning strategy in a second year pre-registration evidence-informed decision making module
Chris Sturley / Science and Technology / Coursework benchmarking and assessment enhancement using constructive alignment
Tim Whitaker / Ross Pomeroy, Mark Stone / UPC Cornwall College / Scale change and capacity building - expanding higher education in a further education college
Graham Williamson / Val Heath, Tracey Proctor-Childs / Health, Education and Society / Developing student nurse retention using action research

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2011- 2012 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Dean Owens / Robert Stillwell / Arts and Media
Technology Enhanced Learning / Investigation into use of iPads for drawing practice and reflection
Roy Lowry / Science and Technology / Podcast pre-labs for enhanced learning
Jane Seale / Suanne Gibson, Joanna Haynes / Education / Participatory partnerships in Education
Tracey Collett / Priska Schoenborn / Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry
Educational Development / Producing multimedia resources for teaching medical students about the social context of medicine: A partnership approach
Julie Swain / Claire Gray / UPC / ‘The Virtual Voice’ - Investigating the student voice within Higher Education in Further Education
Rod Parker-Rees / Joanna Haynes, Mel Joyner / Education / Developing sustainable student communities: Informal learning and becoming peer
Lynne Callaghan / Paul Richards / Health
Plymouth Business School / Exploring the impact of student volunteerism on student learning and the community: A case study of volunteerism in a community domestic abuse service
Emma Whittaker / UPC, South Devon College / Integrating interactive locative narrative into the undergraduate arts curricula: An on-line resource for lecturers, students and researchers.
Julie Osborn / Denise Dickens / UPC, City of Bristol College / Learning from disabled students to develop inclusive provision
Julia Morgan / Education / Using the on-line environment to support foundation degree (level 5) students in their progression to an honours degree (level 6) in Early Childhood Studies

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2010- 2011 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Mel Joyner / Debby Cotton / Plymouth Business School
Educational Development / Enhancing inter-cultural participation in group work -towards a working model
Marc Lintern / Mandy Burns, Kate Colechin, Patricia Durkin, Janet Gardiner / Teaching and Learning / Creating paths to confidence, enterprise and employability
Margaret Bruce / Sally Abey, Catherine Smith, Phyllis Waldron / Health / Second Life: Developing a clinical learning environment for podiatry students
Lynda Rodwell / Science and Technology / Development of a student resource for problem-based learning in Ecological Economics
Meriel Fitzpatrick / Science and Technology / Enhancing the learning experience in undergraduate geoscience fieldwork
Wei Pan / Arts / Enhancing project-based learning in sustainable building by incorporating learning technology
Nick Pratt / Ruth Boyask, Peter Kelly / Education / Learning as participation in the development and enactment of professional knowledge
Valerie Huggins / Verity Campbell-Barr, Steve Wheeler / Education / Connecting across borders: Exploring the potential of hand-held technologies
Ross Pomeroy / Claire Gray, Rebecca Turner, Julie Goering, Mark Lintern / UPC
/ Evaluating the use of enterprise to create synergies between graduate skills development
Janet Pearce / Graham Titley / Science and Technology / Supporting student transition regarding e-portfolios for personal development planning
Jingjing Xue / Peter Ingram, Phil Megicks, Simon Payne / Plymouth Business School / When distance learning meets with foreign academic cultures

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2009- 2010 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Pamela Jacobs / Mandy Burns / Science / Psychology apprenticeship scheme (PAS)
Wendy Wilbraham / UPC (Cornwall College) / Ceramic Cornwall
Sarah Chapman / Lizzie Ridout / Arts / PAIR – Peninsula Arts Integrated Resource
Dongping Song / PandianShunmugham / Plymouth Business School / Developing a GUI beer game for learning and teaching in logistics and supply chain management
Debby Cotton / Jennie Winter, Alan Dyer / Educational Development and Learning Technologies, Centre for Sustainable Futures / A sustainable campus? Students’ perspectives of informal learning about sustainability in UoP
Roger Cutting / Education / Exploring international interdisciplinary science study partnerships for undergraduate students using social networking technologies
Janice Gibbs / Mark Lyndon / Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Game based learning – developing educational games for the Nintendo Wii
Wai Mun Lim / Philip Gibson / Plymouth Business School / Value co-creating with business enterprises via curriculum development in undergraduate programmes
Ruth Boyask / Cath Gristy, Hannah Smith / Education / Coherency, flexibility and connectedness in work-based learning
Chelo de Andrés Martínez / Diana Masterson, Patrick McMahon / Plymouth Business School / An international multimedia guide / orientation programme for direct entry Chinese students

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2008- 2009 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Anthony Caleshu / Rebeccah Freeman / Arts / Dramatic writing: Utilising virtual worlds
Nathan Clarke / Paul Dowland / Technology / Evaluation and validation of an online peer assessment system (OPAS)
Margaret Bruce / Sally Abey, Miriam McMullan, Catherine Smith, Phyllis Waldron / Health and Social Work / Development of a resource and support package to facilitate the development of the psychomotor skills of podiatry students whilst on NHS placement
Helen Knowler / Tony Rea, Mike Murphy / Education / Innovative pedagogical approaches to the teaching of writing at Master’s level
Caroline Leeson / Flea Palmer, Mark Pannell, Mark Lyndon / Education, Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Interactive learning scenarios in child protection
Katherine Sloman / Richard Thompson / Science / Development of a ‘science into policy’ large-group role-play to enhance critical thinking and academic relevance
Dulekha Kasturiratne / KhineKyaw / Plymouth Business School / The impact of the level of engagement on students’ perception of feedback provision
James Oldham / Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry / Optimisation of a formative assessment of integrated clinical anatomy
Julia Dawson / Eloïse Sentito, Polly Magne / Learning Development
Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Effective feedback: An evidence-based teaching tool
Patricia Durkin / Janet Gardiner / Careers Service / Enhancing employability: Flexible career education learning objects
Flea Palmer / Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Skills Plus: A Web 2.0 approach

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2007- 2008 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Ruth Clemow / Melanie Parker / Health and Social Work / Person-centred dialogue to shape inter-professional identity
Roger Cutting / Orla Kelly / Education / The development, implementation and evaluation of creative packs to foster experiential learning approaches to undergraduate science
Hywel Evans / Chris Hall / Science, Arts / Affective learning in Science
Joanna Haynes / Suanne Gibson / Education / An emerging voice: Students’ experience of writing for publication in the BA Education Studies
Pamela Jacobs / Science / An investigation into progression of foundation degree students to honours degree programmes in the Faculty of Science
Ricky Lowes / Plymouth Business School / Increasing international students’ academic vocabulary
Stephen Rose / Leon Glass, Chris Kelly / UPC (SCAT) / Wireless technology in teaching and learning
Jon Yorke / Joan Gavin / Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Enhancing the student experience of e-learning

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2006- 2007 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Glen Crust / Careers Service / Developing evidence-based career management
Tim O’Hare / Mark Pannell / Science
Educational Development and Learning Technologies / The Marine Sciences Forum
Rong Huang / Graham Busby, Steve Butts, Rachael Carkett / Plymouth Business School
Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Mapping the non UK domiciled student
Jackie Palmer / Liz Thompson, Rob Giles, Pauline Framingham / Plymouth Business School / The use of audio descriptors to extend online learning for all
Sue Turpin-Brookes / Technology / Diversity and the dissertation experience
Paul Hewson / Graham Crocker / Technology / Integrating assessment software with plausible simulation to provide a visual guided learning framework for research design
Dave Simmonds / Sue Turpin-Brooks, Alison Hunt / Technology / The global engineer
Suzanne Nunn / David Cope / UPC (Cornwall College) / Theory in practice
Margaret Chambers / Janet Kelsey, Gillian McEwing, Rachel Carter, Karen Jeffery, Maggie Doman / Health and Social Work / Theory focussed practice: Enhancing the evidence base for children’s nursing practice
Margaret Elzubeir / Sally Wilks / Peninsula Medical School / Do staff attitudes affect student use of e-learning in PMS?

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2005- 2006 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Rachael Sara / Arts and Humanities / Sharing and developing studio practice: A cross-disciplinary study comparing teaching and learning approaches in the design disciplines
Pamela Bradley / Paul Bradley / Peninsula Medical School / Self-directed ICSE packs
Steve Butts / Plymouth Business School / Intercultural awareness and conflict alleviation
Robert Williams / Matt Newcombe / Plymouth Business School
Educational Development and Learning Technologies / Evaluating ‘best practice’ behaviours of staff and students in their use of e-learning opportunities to develop successful graduate outcomes
Neil James / David Grieve, Frank Hamer / Technology / Development and implementation of problem-based learning in first-year engineering
Suanne Gibson / Joanna Haynes / Education / A critical study of current practice in undergraduate group work, its role in the development of graduate attributes and skills (GAS) and the management of conflict

Teaching Fellowship Award Scheme 2004- 2005 Projects

Project Lead / Additional Fellows / Faculty / Project Title
Graham Russell / Steve Shaw / Health and Social Work / What is the impact of social anxiety on learning in Plymouth University students?
Chris Ricketts / Peninsula Medical School / Teach yourself assessment
Graeme Taylor / Science / Digital Field Mapping
Jonathan Lean / Jonathan Moizer, Mike Towler / Plymouth Business School / The use of simulation and gaming at the University of Plymouth: Opportunities and challenges
Jacqueline McIntyre / Stephen Rainbow / Plymouth Business School / Pre-placement mentoring for second-year students
Mark Dixon / Technology / Code-memory diagram animation software: Further development and evaluation
Steve Shaw / Dave Graham, John Eales, Ted Graham / Technology / Students’ Union: A scheme to provide peer-assisted data analysis
Linda Batchelor / UPC / Foundation Degrees: A guide for implementation – a case study of law at Truro College