Tasman District Council

Tasman District Council


Appointment to Committee of Council

Developed:July 2013

1.POSITION:District Licensing Committee Member including


2.REPORTS TO:Tasman District Council

3. REMUNERATION:As prescribed in section 195 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012



  • District Licensing CommitteeSecretary
  • District Licensing Committee administration and support staff
  • Inspectors appointed by Tasman District Council pursuant to section 197 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012


  • Medical Officer of Health and his representatives
  • NZ Police
  • Members of the NZ Fire Service
  • Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Agency representatives.



  • To provide competent, timely and professional, well considered decisions in relation to applications considered by the District Licensing Committee.
  • To provide the written decisionsand orders as is appropriate in each case.


Competency descriptor / Essential for the role / Desirable for the role
1: Experience relevant to alcohol licensing matters –Demonstrates knowledge of alcohol licensing matters and demonstrates active interest and ability to build new knowledge in this area
Knowledge of alcohol licensing / Member / Chairperson
Demonstrate experience of legal and regulatory alcohol environment / Chairperson / Member
Knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 / Chairperson / Member
2: Understanding of harm caused by the consumption of alcohol – Demonstrates knowledge of the Act and alcohol related harm
Knowledge of alcohol-related harm and its impact on communities / Member / Chairperson
3: Community knowledge - Demonstrates knowledge of the community for which DLC operates
Awareness and understanding of the local alcohol policy (if relevant) / Chairperson and Member
Understanding of community expectations around licensing / Member / Chairperson
4: Quality decision making – Utilises analysis, wisdom, experience, and logical methods to make good decisions and solve difficult problems with effective solutions. Probes beyond stated situation to identify underlying issues.
Considers information from a variety of sources in an objective, unbiased way to reach a conclusion / Chairperson and Member
Ability to sort fact from fiction / Chairperson and Member
Operates independently with little direction / Chairperson / Member
Applies pragmatic decision-making / Chairperson and Member
Chairperson experience / Chairperson / Member
Balanced assertiveness / Chairperson / Member
5: Hearing experience – Demonstrates knowledge of the purposes of the hearing process and demonstrates knowledge of applying the legislation
Understanding and application of the legislation / Chairperson and Member
Understanding written decisions / Chairperson and Member
Interpreting case law / Chairperson / Member
Knowledge and understanding of hearings procedure / Chairperson / Member
6. Strong communication – Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills. Can write clearly and succinctly. Listens to others and asks questions to gain understanding. Facilitates good working relationships with other DLC members and offers constructive input.
Strong verbal and written communication skills / Chairperson and Member
Knowledge of and ability to operate under rules of confidentiality / Chairperson and Member
Skills in questioning- ability to drill down to the issue / Chairperson and Member
Writes clear and well thought-out decisions / Chairperson / Member
7. Professional integrity – Upholds professional integrity at all times.
Demonstrates behaviours that are consistent with standards for professional and ethical conduct / Chairperson and Member
Refrains from behaviour that fosters the appearance of conflict of interest / Chairperson and Member
Applies rules and regulations in a consistent, non-biased manner / Chairperson and Member

8.Key Tasks

(1)Tasman District Licensing Committee Members

Key Tasks
a / to consider and determine applications for licences and manager's certificates; and
b / to consider and determine applications for renewal of licences and manager's certificates; and
c / to consider and determine applications for temporary authority to carry on the sale and supply of alcohol in accordance with section 136 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012; and
d / to consider and determine applications for the variation, suspension, or cancellation of special licences; and
e / to consider and determine applications for the variation of licences (other than special licences) unless the application is brought under section 280 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012; and
f / with the leave of the chairperson for the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority, to refer applications to the licensing authority; and
g / to conduct inquiries and to make reports as may be required of it by the licensing authority under section 175 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012; and
h / any other functions conferred on licensing committees by or under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 or any other enactment

(2)Conflict of Interest and Bias to be avoided

Any actual or perceived conflict of interest is to be avoided so that decisions can be made without any perception of bias. To achieve that standard, the following should be avoided:

1 / Membership of a community board within Tasman District
2 / Owning a property or reside in close proximity to an existing licensed premises in Tasman District
3 / Being a member of a club that holds a licence within Tasman District
4 / Involvement with an organisation that has submitted on a license application within Tasman District
5 / Having personally submitted on a licence application

(3)Professional Development

Technical guidance and training will be delivered by LGNZ in October to December 2013.

(4)Health and Safety

You are to be familiar with the Council Health and Safety System and ensure that all activities comply with the System and;

Key Tasks
1 / Responsible for the health and safety of yourself, employees and contractors reporting to you by taking an active role in meeting the requirements of Council’s Health and Safety System including:
  • Commitment to your specific health and safety responsibilities
  • Participate in health and safety activities, training, review, monitoring and evaluation
  • Participate and assist with Hazard identification, assessment and monitoring
  • Provide health and safety induction, training and supervision to staff and engaged contractors
  • Report all accidents, incidents, near miss events within 24 hours


Dress during the times in which he/she is undertaking the services required of him/her, in a manner suitable, and which could reasonably be expected of a person engaged in providing such services representing a professional organisation.


  • Good written and oral communication skills, in particular an ability to effectively and concisely present information to Council, management and the public.
  • Initiative and good judgement skills and a disposition to solving problems.
  • Good organisational skills and an ability to work under tight time constraints
  • An ability to relate to a wide range of people and a proven commitment to quality and teamwork
  • This position requires the incumbent to work with no supervision and will sometimes involve work or travel outside of normal working hours.

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