Support Service for Part-Time Students

Support Service for Part-Time Students


From the start of the academic year 2006/7 there will be a new facility on the ground floor of the LRC (next to DISSC) for registered part-time students to have non-academic queries answered. In the past part-time students, especially those attending in the evenings, have only had recourse to their tutors for advice, which is often of an administrative or procedural nature. This facility is intended to be a focus for such advice and guidance, where trained staff can give timely and informed responses. All visits will be logged to enable identification of recurring issues of concern to part-time students and these issues raised with the appropriate people for action.

It will also be the point for out-of-hours submission of assignments. Students will be issued with receipts as proof of submission.

In addition, forms associated with assessments will be available after School offices have closed. These forms will include applications for extensions, deferrals and mitigating circumstances.

The advice desk will also be informed of class cancellations or room changes.

The opening hours will be:

Monday – Thursday2pm – 7.30pm

Friday11am – 2pm

Tutors please note: these opening times will be reviewed for their suitability in December 2006.

The Drop-in Student Skills Centre (DISSC) is located on the ground floor of the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). It provides optional, additional writing and study skills support to all students.

Additional services now provided by DISSC:

1) The Math Centre is now amalgamated into DISSC. The two mathematics tutors are Dr. Ramesh Marasini and Dr. Mubashar Ahmad. Their availability is noted in the opening hours which are advertised on the DISSC notice board, the intranet and the internet.

2) We can now provide IT help, alongside the study and writing skills support provided by the School Tutors who work in DISSC. At the moment, the following members of academic staff are in DISSC for 3 hours each per week:

• Mubashar AhmedDISSC
• Bill Angus SAM
• Linda BarkasDISSC
• Anne BinksSOHSC
• Eric CharltonSOHSC
• Martin ChatfieldSC
• Cath CrosbySSS&L
• Elsie Drury SOHSC
• Marie-Jo KeswaniTBS
• Ramesh Marasini SST
• Marjie MoffattSOHSC

The IT Teacher Demonstrators are

• Debbie BentonCLL
• Andrew Cree TBS
• Ramesh Marasini SST
• Habby MatharooL& IS
• Sylvia StoreySSS&L

We now have the site licence for some very useful study skills material at Starter (Year 1) and Development (Year 2/3) levels. If you want to order class sets or review the material, please contact Fiona Winchurch by email or telephone extension 2114. If you want to order copies, you will need to let Fiona have your section’s reprographics code and then the sets will be sent directly to you.

If you have any queries about how DISSC can help you or your students please contact me by email or on telephone extension: 2143.

Best wishes,
Linda Anne Barkas DISSC Co-ordinator