Steps to Success for Students with Disabilities At

Steps to Success for Students with Disabilities At




NOW / Complete an application for admission to the college. Can be done on-line. (no fee)
***Please bring a picture I.D. and know your Social Security number. Test preparation is highly recommended. / Submit SAT scores of 470 or higher in reading, writing and math, or ACT scores of 18 or higher in reading and writing and 20 or higher in math. Or take the MCCC placement test in reading, writing, and math. When taking the test without accommodations please call the RCTC lab at (734) 384-4255 for available hours. This test is not timed and all students are allowed the use of a calculator.
*** The only accommodation available for the placement test is the use of a reader. / If you will be requesting an accommodation for the placement test, please call Disability Services at (734) 384-4167 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. You should bring any available documentation of your disability to this appointment.
*** The start date for filling FAFSA is now October 1st. / Complete the FAFSA form for federal financial aid eligibility at .Check college web site for date of “College Goal Sunday” a hands-on FAFSA assistance event. MCCC college code 002294
January – March / Apply for college scholarships online by going to The application deadline is April 1st.
***Bring any available documentation of your disability, if not already provided. Please call (734) 384-4167 if clarification is needed. / After taking the placement test, please schedule an appointment with a Disability Counselor to review your scores, determine a semester schedule, and arrange for any classroom accommodations. A reduced course load may be recommended by the counselor.
April / Register for your college classes either on-line or in-person. The counselor will provide you information regarding open registration.
Before Graduation / Consider registering with Michigan Rehabilitation Services. (734) 241-2440
Before classes begin /
  • Plan to attend “First Steps for ClassroomSuccess”. This is a FREE workshop that will provide you with techniques for note taking, test taking, study tips, and what to expect the first day of college.
  • Plan to attend New Student Orientation. This orientation will familiarize you with student services, resources, college programs and procedures.
  • Purchase required textbooks and recommended supplemental guides as early as they are available.

On-going during the semester / Recognize your need for additional support services such as tutoring and counseling. You should plan to make additional trips to campus for these services.
On-going during the semester / Maintain contact with the Disability Services Office and your instructors regarding your progress.

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