St. Landry Parish Public School 4-5

St. Landry Parish Public School 4-5

Table of Contents


Philosophy 3

School Objectives3-4

St. Landry Parish Public School 4-5

Promotional Policy

Student Success in School5

Operating Procedures6-14

General Rules10

Dress Code14-15

Lice Infestation Policy15

Social Services16

Homeless Education Program16

Glendale’s Master discipline Plan 17-18

School Supply List 20

School Calendar 21

St. Landry Parish Policies 22


This handbook had been published to provide patrons—students, parents, teachers, and other staff members—with a brief general source of information dealing with customs, practices, regulations, and activities of the school.

It is hoped that after carefully reading this handbook, the students and their parents will have a clearer focus of its aims and endeavors.

The administration and faculty stand ready to assist you in making this a happy and beneficial year.


We believe that each child should receive the kind of education that will be most profitable to him/her and the society in which he/she lives. This kind of education will provide an outlet for rational and creative thinking, and will train him/her to read, write, compute and communicate effectively.


At Glendale Elementary all students will learn so they can “Leap” into success.


To adequately achieve such philosophy, the school, through its activities and facilities, must endeavor to provide in the proper sequence at the different levels a complete program with the following main objectives:

1. To aid each child to acquire and develop the best self realization, we emphasize:

The development of a positive self-concept.

The creating of situations that will arouse, motivate, stimulate their curiosity and interest through the use of concrete, abstract, and scientific methods.

An understanding of facts and principles.

A learning of how to study.

Using dependable sources of information.

Being in attendance daily.

The need for a sound body.

To aid each child to develop in human relations, we emphasize:

His need to speak clearly and correctly

Conformity to disciplinary rules to that he or she may achieve socially acceptable behavior.

III. To develop civic responsibility, we emphasize:

A respect for all property.

A sense of responsibility for self-discipline.

Application of democratic principles in work and play.

Help in civic projects.


IV. To safeguard our students, we emphasize:

The development of safe practices.

Fire and emergency evacuation drills.

V. We emphasize the need for a complete education and the right each child has to acquire it along with the pursuit of happiness in the process.


All students enrolled in our school are governed by the promotional policy adopted by the St. Landry Parish school board. Copies of the promotional policy will be sent to each home. The appropriate sheet in the back of the document is to be signed by the parents and returned to the teacher.


Report cards are issued every nine weeks. The following scale is used to determine grades. Only letter grades appear on official school reports.

Percent equivalent Letter Quality

Inclusive Grade Points

93-l00 A 4

85-92 B 3

75-84 C 2

67-74 D 1

66- And Below F 0

Students with incomplete course work in a subject will receive a grade of “I” (incomplete).

Final grades are determined by averaging the grades for the four marking periods. Major fraction (over half) indicates next highest letter.


For a final grade of “D”, the student must have quality points of an average of l...0 quality points. Anything less that 1.0 will be marked as an “F”.

Elementary students missing over eleven (10) days during the year will not receive credit for the years work except for extenuating circumstances or extended illness. Students failing the second semester or even the last six weeks of school because they refuse to complete assignments and make no effort on examinations are subject to failure for the year.


Report cards are issued to each student by the classroom teacher at the end of each nine weeks reporting period. One copy should be signed and returned to school. Report cards will be withheld from students assessed for lunch money, damaged books, lost books, other monies owed to the school, or damages to other school property. Once this debt has been cleared, report cards will be issued to the student involved. Our parish has an electronic grading system through

Power School that has a parent portal which allows access to grades and attendance records. The login information is sent to each student and theParent Portal link can be found on the homepage of the St. Landry Parish School Board website at:


If a student makes all A’s, including the conduct grade, this student will be on Glendale’s Golden Honor Roll.


If a student makes all A’s and B’s, including the conduct grade, this student will be on Glendale’s Honor Roll.



Students are expected to do all class work as assigned by teachers daily.Homework assignments are to be completed and turned in on time. Students who do not do homework on a regular basis are subject to disciplinary action.


Students are expected to have necessary materials for each subject.

Student Papers

Students are to bring graded papers home on a weekly schedule determined by the teacher.Parents are encouraged to review papers, sign them, and see to it that they are returned to the teacher the following day.



The classroom teacher maintains attendance records, cumulative record, health and immunization records, also, issues report cards and collects all monies.

School Arrival

No student is to report to school prior to 7:15 A.M. Car riders should be dropped off in the car rider driveway; not in the street, in the back of school, or parking lot.Exception: Students who ride an early bus arrive before 7:15 and are with a duty teacher in a different area. Students are to go to their assigned area as directed by the duty teachers.

School Dismissal

The front driveway is the only place that you are allowed to pick up your children. The car rider bell rings at 2:50. We have duty teachers helping to keep the car rider line moving. Please follow their directions to help insure the safety of our children. The children must be sitting in the car rider area listening for their name to be called.Parents who have not purchased a car rider sign ($5.00 from the office) will be required to come into the office each afternoon to sign the child out. Duty personnel will not allow students to get into vehicles if there is no car rider sign visible. Parents are not to get out of the vehicle to pick up their child in order to avoid waiting in line. If you would like to avoid a long line, wait until 3:05 to pick up your child.

In order to keep the traffic moving smoothly and safely, the street in front of school (Dean St) becomes a one way street heading west for afternoon dismissal for all vehicles, except buses. You may enter the car rider lineup on Robert St. from the back of the school using Glendale Ave. (See Map Page 5).

Closed Campus Policy

Students and individuals are not to be on the school campus after dismissal without supervision of a school official. Any person visiting school during school hours must immediately report to the office to obtain a visitor pass. Parents should make an appointment with the teacher prior to visiting the classroom.

Parents Visiting School

Parents are invited to visit the school at any time. However, visitors are required to inform the office upon arrival at school.


Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged. Please make arrangements with the teacher for parent-teacher conferences. Teachers should not interrupt teaching time to hold parent conferences of any kind, in the classroom or on the sidewalk, unless previous arrangements have been made.

The principal maintains an open-door policy to the teachers, students and parents alike. However, previous arrangements made for principal-parent conferences will insure effective use of everyone’s time.

Student Behavior

All students are expected to exhibit proper and appropriate behavior at all times.Unacceptable behavior will be dealt with appropriately as stated in our school’s plan and St. Landry Parish guidelines. Glendale practices a school wide behavior plan. The plan is featured in this handbook and the attached agreement must be signed and returned to school.


The four reasons for excused absences are:Illness of student. (Doctor’s excuse), Death of serious illness in family, Religious holiday. (Verified by minister), Catastrophe.

Students leaving school before lunch will be counted absent for the day.Students leaving school after lunch will be counted present for the day.


All students arriving after 7:50 MUST be walked to the office and signed in. The student must bring the tardy slip to class in order to be admitted. The duty teachers must attend to their classes once the bell rings at 7:50 and are off duty. Do not drop off your child unattended.


Students will be allowed to make up work missed for excused absences.Students will not be permitted to make up work for unexcused absences.Parents will be notified after three consecutive days of absence or after five non-consecutive days of absence. Parish policy mandates that all absences be reported to the office of the District Attorney when a student reaches 5 unexcused absences. All absences are monitored on a daily basis by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.


All students are required to pay a student activity fee at the beginning of the school year in the amount.See below for the explanation of what the fees cover. Students who do not pay this fee are excluded from field trips and other such activities when school money is required to help fund the trip/activity. Additionally, the end of the year awards will be held until all debts are cleared. Students who owe a meal debt or who owe for a lost book or other financial debt will be excluded as well. Please make arrangements with you child’s teacher if you must pay this out in more than one payment. However, the debt(s) must be paid out prior to your child being allowed to participate in an activity as mentioned above.


$12.00 Awards, Incentives, medals

$ 8.00 Art Supplies, Ink, Portfolios

$20.00 Total

Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade

$12.00 Medals, awards, incentives, PBIS Prizes & Supplies.

8.00 Instructional Charts, Learning Kits, Science Supplies.

5.00 Classroom Printer Ink, Student Folders, binders, portfolios,

$25.00 Total


Any student who is in school at the beginning of the school day is to remain throughout the entire day unless an emergency arises. In the event this occurs, permission to leave must be secured from the principal or designee. The student is to be picked up and signed out be parents or designee, In the event of an emergency at school and the parents can not be contacted, the student will be driven home by school personnel. Any other arrangements must be authorized in person by the parents or guardians. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE SCHOOL WITH ANYONE NOT LISTED ON THE CHECKOUT CARD.


Should a change need to be made in the way a student normally goes home, the parent or legal guardian of that child will be required to send a note to that child’s teacher notifying him/her of such change. It is the responsibility of the student or parent to give the note to the teacher.


All visitors must be cleared by the principal or designee before visiting the campus. Students from other elementary and secondary schools are not allowed to visit the school while it is in session. Parents are welcome to visit and we encourage them to visit the school often. We do ask that they check by the office first.


Students may not use the phone unless the receive permission from the principal or a designee. The student must specify the nature of call they will make. No social calls are to be received or made by students. Parents are asked not to call their children at school except for illness or


All accidents must be reported immediately to the principal’s office.For all injuries that require medical attention, parents will be notified immediately.Only in case of extreme emergencies will the school authorities take students to a physician.


All students must have all the immunizations required by the local health unit. At the beginning of each school session or upon the entry of a new student, the immunization record of each student will be checked. If a student is found deficient, he will be allowed 10 days to get his/her immunizations up to date or he/she will be sent home until he/she does. This rule is for the protection of every student’s health.Exception: Kindergarten students will not be allowed to register without proper immunization records.


School buses will run their regular routes if conditions permit. Parents of students who do not ride the bus will be contacted by phone. It is extremely important that you have on file with us a current, working telephone number. We recommend that parents listen to the local radio stations for information concerning early dismissal.


Fire drills will be held once per month and are unscheduled.Safety instructions and evacuation procedures for tornado drills will be discussed and posted in each classroom.


All articles found on the school ground should be promptly turned into the office. A student may inquire at the office about a lost item. The school is not responsible for lost articles.



Students are financially responsible for textbooks; Textbook lost or damaged must be paid for. Books are to be checked periodically by the teachers. A student must have all his books in good condition to receive a report card. Students are to pay for lost or damaged books as follows:

lst year------Full price

2nd year------75%

3rd year------50%

4th year------25%

Non-Related School Items

Toys, mp3 players, electronic games,and other non-related school items are not to be brought to school. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal items that should not be brought to school. Students may not exchange their personal things for those of someone else. Students cannot sell items at school.

Birthdays, Parties, and Invitations

The school will announce and acknowledge birthdays for the month on our cafeteria memo board. Students can come by the office for a special treat from the principal. It is up to the teacher when it is appropriate to allow treats to be brought to the classroom for birthdays. You must make arrangements with your child’s teacher in advance of sending treats. Many children have allergies and cannot participate in the party. Students will not be permitted to hand out birthday party invitations at school unless the entire class is invited. They will be returned home if there are not enough for the entire class.


Child Nutrition Services Parent Information


Federal Guidelines Require a new application must be completed Every School Year if you would like to apply for free or reduce meals. If you would like to pay for your child’s lunch and breakfast meals, there is no need to complete a lunch application.

The application is a family application. Only one application needs to be completed for each household. An application for meal benefits will be sent home with each student at the start of school. If you have not received an application, you may obtain one from your child’s school or you may come to the Child Nutrition Department at 1013 E Creswell Lane, Opelousas, La. You may mail your application to St. Landry Parish School Board, Attn: Child Nutrition Dept., P.O. Box 310, Opelousas, LA 70571.

On-Line Application: You may also go to the website and go to the Departments & Services  Business Departments  Child Nutrition and Food Service  Online Lunch Applications to complete your family application online. Be sure to have all of your child’s information available to make it easier for you. You will receive a confirmation number for reference.

Applications may not get processed immediately. Legally we have 10 working days to process your child’s application, whether you’ve completed a paper application or an electronic application. Therefore, we recommend completing an online lunch application, which can be processed more rapidly.