Sss Country Candle Metered Dry Air Freshener

Sss Country Candle Metered Dry Air Freshener


Description: This product is for use in most time-dispense metered cabinets designed for aerosol air fresheners and odor counteractants. In combining quality fragrances and essential oils with state of the art odor counteractants, this product represents the best in air freshening and fast odor neutralizing for even the toughest organic malodors.

The metered valve delivers precise spray volumes in an ultra fine mist to effectively freshen rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet. Although versatile enough to use virtually anywhere, suggested uses include freshening bath and washrooms, showers and garbage receptacle areas, in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, apartments, schools, nurseries, fitness centers, commercial and institutional buildings, animal clinics, nursing homes and more.

Directions: Open the door of the cabinet and remove used can if necessary. With the valve opening pointed towards you, place the new can in the cabinet and snap in place. Step to one side, then turn the control switch to "ON" position and push the switch to test operation (or simply close the cabinet door on some models). The machine should operate one full cycle and dispense one spray. Close the cabinet door. This can contains 3400 controlled sprays for use in closed areas that will last for 30 days when used on a 24 hour basis or 60 days if used 12 hours per day when set to dispense every 15 minutes. For smaller rooms set meter to dispense every 30 minutes.

NOTE: Time-dispense metered cabinets should be mounted on wall at least 7 feet above the floor and in a location free from furniture, sensitive plastic surfaces or any other objects 3 feet in front of the cabinet. Time-dispensing cabinets are not intended for use by placement on horizontal surfaces such as cabinets, shelves or other finished surfaces.

Health Hazard Data: Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120°F. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Spill Or Leakage Procedures: Absorb with suitable medium. Incinerate or landfill according to local, state or federal regulations. DO NOT FLUSH TO SEWER. Aerosol cans when vented to atmospheric pressure through normal use, pose no disposal hazard. Do not puncture or incinerate container.

Product Specifications:

Wt./12oz. can:7 Ounces

USDA Category:N/A

Classification:Aerosol Metered Dry-Type Air Deodorizer

General Appearance:Clear




Vapor Pressure At 70°F:70 psig

Spray Pattern:Dry Mist

Flammability:Not flammable per CPSC Flame Projection Test

NFPA Code 30B:Level 3

SSS Product # 05296