Spiritual Care Committee

Spiritual Care Committee

Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Regional Program



Purpose – The Spiritual Care Committee will provide recommendations to the Council on relevant topics and willexecute the agreed upon strategies as requested by the Council.

Objectives --

  1. To develop & implement a regional coordinated, collaborative and integrated spiritual care plan which:
  2. Has a common palliative care orientation
  3. Is based on best practice and/or evidence-based outcomes
  1. To improve the awareness of the role of spiritual care in palliative care to the community at large including access, location

Type of Committee – Standing Committee of the Program

Authority – Can recommend and work to implement action items from the overall strategy “Spiritual Care Standards for Service Delivery” to address specific issues relevant to the Committee’s objectives and work plan.

Accountability - Accountable to the Council.Committee will recommend for implementation an ongoing series of action items from the overall strategy “Spiritual Care Standards for Service Delivery.” The action items will be reviewed and approved by Council.

Membership – Membership shallconsist of at least two (2) and up to twelve (12) members, of which one shall be Director, Waterloo Wellington Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Program and the other, the Chair. Membershipshall represent a variety of sectors within the WWLHIN, including but not limited to, Acute Care Hospitals, Community Care Organizations, Contracted Healthcare Agencies, Faith Group Representatives, Family Health Teams/Primary Care, Hospices,Long Term Care Facilities and Post-Secondary Institutions. Some sectors may not be represented until new members representing the sectors can be recruited.

Term – Aminimum term of one year with no limit to length of commitment. No more than 50% of the committee will rotate in a year.

Chairperson – The Chair will be a member of the Council. When a member of the Council is not appointed as Chair, then an interim-chairmay be appointed until a Council representative assumes the Chair position.

Voting – One vote per member.In the event of a tie, the Chair shall have a casting vote, which is in addition to his/her original vote.

Frequency of Meetings – Monthly, as required or at the request of the Chair

Agenda– To be circulated 7-10 days prior to the meeting

Recorder – CCAC administrative support staff when available;committee members will take minutes when CCAC administrative support staff is not available and forward them to CCAC administrative support staff to finalize and distribute.

Minutes - Minutes to be circulated to the members within 14 days of the meeting. A summary report will be provided to the Council, at each of its meetings, by the Chair.

Location of Meetings – To be determined by the members

Terms of Reference – To be reviewed annually

Approved October, 2015

Updated March, 2016