Spanish 5Th Six Weeks Project

Spanish 5Th Six Weeks Project

Spanish 5th Six weeks Project

The Spanish six weeksproject will consist of students researching a Spanish speaking country and giving an oral presentation over their country. It must include the following information:

  • Name of the country
  • Traditional food
  • Traditional music
  • Traditions (ex: Holidays, birthdays, other traditional celebrations, etc.)
  • Map of the country
  • Flag of the country

Students will be graded based on their oralpresentation which needs to include all the information above, must be 5 mins, and student must refrain from reading as much as possible. This project will be presented in English, therefore I expect students to really research and learn about their country so that they present in a knowledgeable manner.

Students will present orally to me but they will submit an essay to their homeroom class e-mail for Language Arts class (Ms. Spotser).If the student is going to be absent, please ensure that students send their Essay via the class room e-mail the day of or before the due date.

**This project is due by March 24, 2017**



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Spanish Rubric

Points / 100 / 80 / 60 / 40
Content / All requirements present, well written text and carefully chosen visuals work together to illustrate and inform about poster subject. / All requirements present, descriptive text and appropriate visuals work together to inform viewers. / Most requirements present, text contains some inaccuracies or lacks organization or impact, inappropriate or missing visuals. / Requirements missing, poorly written, inaccurate or insufficient text and or visuals or “cut & pasted” text.
Design / Followed layout sample, logical and easy to read text and visuals, neatly designed layout, compliments content. / Followed layout sample, logical text and visuals that are neat and easy to understand. / Followed layout sample, somewhat disorganized. / Did not follow layout sample, disorganized, hastily and carelessly planned.
Creativity and visual
appeal / Pleasing use of color, shapes, symbols and other graphic elements, captures viewer’s attention and interest. / Good use of color and eye catching graphic elements. / Graphics have clustered appearances or are sparse (too much empty space). / Little constructive use of color or graphic elements.
Oral presentation / Student incorporates unique and pertinent information about the author. Student knows the information, speaks clearly and shows poise while presenting. Shows mastery of the topic. / Student incorporates some unique and pertinent information about the author. Reads most of his/her information. Does not show mastery of the topic. / Contains some good information but struggles with the presentation. Does not show poise and can hardly be heard. / No evidence of knowing the information. Requires help from the teacher.