Self-Containedprogram Overviews

Self-Containedprogram Overviews

Self-ContainedProgram Overviews

Brookwood High School

Level 1 Autism Program

The general objective of the Level 1 ASD class is to increase independence within each of our students. Students’ IEP goals and objectives are incorporated into everyday learning, as well as, areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Access to the general curriculum is supported at an introductory and modified level. The skills the students will be learning are Functional Academics, Vocational/Community Skills, Leisure Skills, and Home Living/Self Help Skills. Functional Academics, in the classroom, are activities that include identifying coin and dollar amounts, putting together a daily calendar, and learning our own names and friends names in our class. Vocational/Community Skills are skills students learn though job sites in the community and by participating in pre-vocational skills within the classroom. Skills and activities include wiping tables, shopping, and leisure activities within the community setting. The activities are based on student IEP goals and objectives and are designed to increase independence in community and school environments. Leisure skills are individual and group activities that engage students in interactions through APE (Adaptive Physical Education) and Special Olympics Events. Home Living Skills/Self Help skills are skills that engage students in household tasks (making simple meals, washing dishes, etc…) and daily living activities (self-grooming) that are done on regular basis to improve the students’ independence.

Level 2 Autism Program

The general objective of the Level 2 ASD class is to teach students skills which will help them be as successful and as independent as possible after graduation. The areas addressed on a regular basis include: Access to the General Curriculum, Functional Academics, Vocational Skills, Community Skills, Social/Behavioral Skills, and Daily Living Skills. In Access to the General Curriculum, students participate in monthly theme units which address high school level standards in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Functional Academics are different skills, mainly in the areas of math and reading, which students will use in their daily lives. Examples of functional academic skills are counting and using money, telling time, and locating information (like weather forecasts) both on the internet and in print materials. Students participate in vocational skill training both at school and in the community. Students work in the school cafeteria doing custodial and food prep tasks. In the community, students work at a local horse farm and sample different job tasks at the PAES Lab. Other skills the students practice within the community are general shopping, ordering, purchasing, and behavior skills. Social and behavioral skills are addressed throughout the school day. We especially emphasize manners. We are also fortunate enough to have a Home Living Center in our building which we use to address daily living skills. Our students participate in a weekly cooking class in which we teach kitchen safety and simple recipes. We also have a washer and dryer so students can practice laundry skills.

Level 3 Autism Program

The Level 3 Mild ASD Program focuses on modified or heavily accommodated AKS curriculum with a mixture of functional academics and independent living skills (includes communication, behavior support, and social skills training). Concrete examples are used to facilitate abstract skill acquisition. The majority of instruction is provided in a small group (group size varies) with some large group instruction as determined by the IEP. Some skills are taught via modeling and social learning. Adult assistance may be needed to support cognitive delays, facilitate task completion, or when increasing time on task. Students receive direct instruction on how to appropriately participate in social activities and understand social rules/social norms. Visual supports are used to encourage more language. Pragmatics and comprehension receive targeted intervention. The program also provides students with the accommodations they need to complete General Education Standardized tests.

Level 4 Autism Program

The Level 4 Autism program provides services to students with high functioning autism. One of the services we provide our students with is a study skills class. The class is designed to enhance a student's academic performance. Class time is spent on lessons involving test taking, time management, organization, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, writing skills, and note taking. Students also work toward enhancing their interpersonal skills with peers and teachers, learn to use and plan their time wisely, and understand the importance of developing and implementing short-term and long-term personal, academic, and career goals. Students will utilize their study skills experience to gain confidence in their academic achievement to meet graduation requirements.

Mild Intellectual Disability Program

Brookwood High School serves students with Mild Intellectual Disability eligibilities in many different settings. The students that are served in the self-contained setting are focused on access to grade level AKS academics that are presented at their individual levels of functioning. These students also focus on community and vocational training out in the community on a weekly basis, and in the school setting on a daily basis. Our students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities also have deficits in adaptive behavior or daily living skills. These deficits are addressed through direct instruction in the small group setting. As students mature within our program it is our goal for them to build their knowledge base and independence so that they will be contributing members of our local community.The current mission for our self-contained program is to support and train our students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities so that they are prepared as they exit the school system to successful integrate into our local community and/or support systems.

Moderate Intellectual Disability Program

The MOID program serves students with moderate intellectual disabilities. Our students work on a modified AKS curriculum in which they receive access to the subject areas associated with each student's particular grade level. Our program also focuses on communication skills, daily living skills, vocational skills, life skills, and the application of functional academic skills in a self-contained setting. Instruction is provided in a small group setting both in the school and the community. Assessment is based on IEP goal progress as well as the Georgia Alternate Assessment which is a portfolio that is compiled for each student when they are in the 11th grade.

Speech and Language Therapy Program

Brookwood currently has two, certified and licensed, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) who work with students who have communication needs. Students with a wide range of deficits may receive services if eligibility criteria are met. Areas addressed include: Receptive and Expressive Language, Pragmatic Language, Articulation/ Intelligibility, Fluency (stuttering) and Voice. SLPs work closely with teachers to address communication needs related to functional and curricular needs.