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San Leandro High School

Mrs. Lo

San Leandro High School

Room 106



Come to a place where learning is exciting and challenging! Sculpture provides a well-rounded studio experience that gives students an opportunity to develop two and three-dimensional skills based on the elements and principles of design. Sculptural expression is emphasized through hands-on studio projects, which include relief carving and free-standing sculptures of the student’s own design. You’ll learn how to manipulate several materials and use sculpting tools safely. Also, students will be given a sense of art history through a showing of visuals that relate to the studio projects they are working on. No previous art skills or design background necessary.


Students are requested to pay a $20.00 donation for the cost of supplies used in the class. This provides the quality and quantity of materials needed for students to produce a successful piece of artwork. If this fee is not in your budget, come and see me.


  1. Introductory Collage – self-exploration, paper sculpture, introduction to art elements and principles of design.
  2. 2-D to 3-D Checkerboard Face – Bas Relief, Color Theory, Complimentary Colors, Analogous Colors, Monochromatic colors, Line, Shape, and Space.
  3. Day of the Dead Skull – Papier Mache, Line, Pattern, Form, Proportion, and a better understanding of the Day of the Dead Mexican Holiday including artwork by various artists.
  4. Packing Tape Shoe – Form, Line, Balance, Positive and Negative Space, History of Shoes, Assemblage Art (made with found objects), and art cars.
  5. Adire Cloth/Tie Dye Pillow – Resist Process, Line, Pattern, Shape, Space, Symbols, Symmetry, Tie Dye techniques, West African Fabric Dying methods and aesthetics.
  6. Animal Block Carving – Subtractive carving, Form, Proportion, Positive and Negative Space.
  7. Wire (Line in Space) – Line, Shape, Mass, Space, Volume, Balance in the artwork of Alexander Calder.
  8. Art History Book – Research an Artist and design a book with several pages of information about the Artist. Upon completion, students will choose one artwork and recreate it with their own personal touches.
  9. Clay Mask and Pot – Theme, Form, Modeling, Style Development, and Color.


  • Come in and sit down in your assigned seat. If your behavior becomes a problem, I will move you. Students do not switch tables by themselves.
  • Listen for any announcements that I may have.
  • Complete Warm up activity (first 5 minutes of class)
  • Work on projects the entire class time.
  • Listen for the alarm and then put all materials away and clean up your table.
  • At the end of class, all tools/materials will be put away before anyone leaves the room.
  • Dismissal: At the end of the period, students will remain seated until dismissed by Mrs. Lo. I excuse the class, not the bell.


Students will ask to use the pass after the first 10 minutes of class, and return immediately (within 5 minutes). If the student does not return immediately, they will be given a classroom detention and lose participation points. Students are allowed to use the hall/bathroom pass only once per week. If students use the pass more than once a week, participation points will be lost.


Points are given for all assignments, as well as participation. All students are graded equally as to completion; however, each student is graded as to his/her capabilities. Each time you do not turn in a project, you receive 0 points. The only way to fail is to not do anything!

Grading Scale:Breakdown of Grade:

A = 90 – 100%Participation – 20%

B = 80 – 89%Class work/Projects – 80%

C = 70 – 79%

D = 60-69%

F = 0 – 59%


Students are required to attend class regularly. This is an activity class that requires the use of equipment and materials kept in the classroom.


It is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of making up missing work. Please see me to arrange a time during lunch or after school to complete work missed by an excused absence. If you need to borrow materials to work on projects at home just ask - this is always available if you fall behind.

Due dates are announced after the project has begun. After the announced due date students will have 2 days to turn assignments in. After the 2-day grace period, projects lose points everyday.


A tardy is given anytime a student is not inside the door by the bell. If you are tardy, please do not interrupt me and wait to talk to me when I am finished.

**The result of every tardy is the loss of participation points. This adds up so be on time!

**Excessive tardiness results in a classroom detention.