Sample Paper (Final Examination) (2017-18)

Sample Paper (Final Examination) (2017-18)





Name.______Roll No.______MM: 80 Time: 3 hours

General Instructions:

1. All the questions are compulsory.

2. Answers of 3 marks question should not exceed 60 words.

3. Answers of 5 marks question should not exceed 100 words.

4. Attach the map inside the paper.

  1. Answer the following based on your understanding and knowledge: (10*1=10)
  1. Name the holy book of Zoroastrianism.
  2. Name two literary sources that tell about the Mauryan Empire.
  3. What is Punch marked coin?
  4. Name the two types of ocean currents.
  5. How is a mountain different from a hill?
  6. Which hill lie between India and Myanmar?
  7. What is aworld heritage site?
  8. Which day is celebrated as National Panchayati Raj day?
  9. What is the role of newspaper in generating public opinion in a democracy?
  10. Who are Aldermen?

II. Read the given statements carefully and rewrite the correct statements:(5*1=5)

  1. Vaishali was the capital of Magadha.
  2. Ashoka was the last king of the Mauryan dynasty.
  3. Indian Ocean is the smallest of all the oceans.
  4. The Panchayati Raj system in India is a two tier structure.
  5. A mayor is elected for the period of four years.

III. Give reasons for the following statements:(5*2=10)

  1. Mauryan Empire disintegrated in almost 50 years after the death of Ashoka.
  2. There was remarkable growth in trade in the mahajanapadas.
  3. The mountains are scantily populated.
  4. Antarctica is uninhabited continent.
  5. Women playa very important role in the panchayat.

IV. Answer the following questions: (10*3=30)

  1. What are the four noble truths given by Gautam Buddha?
  2. Examine the role played by Bimbisara to make Magadha a powerful kingdom.
  3. Why did Ashoka attack Kalinga? What was the result of this battle?
  4. Write an account of the coastal plains.
  5. Name the two types of crust?Explain how are they different?
  6. What are plateaus? How are they important to us?
  7. What is the composition of the Block Samiti?
  8. What is untouchability? How is it against the principle of equality?
  9. Gram Panchayat works for the welfare of the people. List any three of its main


  1. What should you do as a good citizen of the nation?

V. Answer the following questions in detail:(4*5=20)

  1. What does the word Janapada means? How were Janapadas formed? What are the literary and archaeological sourcesof this period?
  2. Who was Mahavira? At what age did he left home in search of greater truths of life? What are his main teachings?
  3. What is democracy? In what ways can people participate in the working of a democratic government?
  4. What is atmosphere? What is its importance? Draw a figure showing the different layers of the atmosphere.

VI. On the map of India, mark the following states and UT of India:(5*1=5)

  1. Thickly populated state
  2. Smallest state (Area wise)
  3. State whose capital is Bengaluru
  4. Largest Union Territory
  5. Union Territory that is a capital of two states