ROMANS 1V2 Which He-Promised-Before Through His Prophets in (The) Holy Scriptures

ROMANS 1V2 Which He-Promised-Before Through His Prophets in (The) Holy Scriptures



ROMANS 1v1 Paul (a) slave of-Messiah Jesus, (a) called apostle having-been-and-still-severed with-reference-to good-news of-God.

ROMANS 1v2 Which he-promised-before through his prophets in (the) holy scriptures

ROMANS 1v3 Concerning his son namely-the (one) having-become out-of seed of-David according-to flesh,

ROMANS 1v4 Namely-the (one) having-been-appointed Son of-God in power according-to spirit of-holy-quality out-of (a) standing-again of-dead-ones, Jesus Messiah our Lord.

ROMANS 1v5 Through whom we-took favor and apostleship with-reference-to obedience of-trust among all the Gentiles in-behalf-of his name,

ROMANS 1v6 Among whom YOU yourselves are also called (ones) of-Jesus Messiah.

ROMANS 1v7 To-all the cherished of-God being in Rome, called holy (ones); favor to-YOU and peace from God our Father and Jehovah Jesus Messiah.

ROMANS 1v8 First on-the-one-hand I-am-giving-thanks to my God through Jesus Messiah concerning YOU all, because YOUR trust is-being-proclaimed in the total world.

ROMANS 1v9 For the God is my witness, whom I-am-serving in my spirit in the good-news of-his son, as unceasingly I-myself-am-making mention of-YOU,

ROMANS 1v10 Always on my prayers, petitioning if by-any-means already at-one-time I-shall-be-prospered in the will of-the God to-come to YOU.

ROMANS 1v11 For I-am-longing-for to-see YOU, in-order-that I-might-impart some spiritual bestowed-favor to-YOU with-reference-to YOU to-be-fixed-firmly,

ROMANS 1v12 But this is to-be-comforted-together with YOU through the trust within one-another both of-YOU and of-me.

ROMANS 1v13 But I-am not willing (for) YOU to-be-being-ignorant, brothers, that often I-placed-before-for-myself to-come to YOU, and I-was-hindered until the present-time, in-order-that I-might-have some fruit even among YOU according-as also among the other Gentiles.

ROMANS 1v14 I-am debtor both to-Greeks and to-foreigners, both to-wise and to-thoughtless;

ROMANS 1v15 Thus (I-am) eager, according-to my (wish), to-bring-good-news also to-YOU the (ones) in Rome.

ROMANS 1v16 For I-am not ashamed-of the good-news; for it-is (the) power of-God with-reference-to salvation to-everyone trusting, both to-Jew first and to-Greek.

ROMANS 1v17 For justice of-God is-being-uncovered from heaven in it out-of trust with-reference-to trust, according-as it-has-been-and-still-is-written: But the just (one) will-himself-live out-of trust.

ROMANS 1v18 For wrath of-God is-being-uncovered on all impiety and unrighteousness of-MEN, the (ones) holding-fast the truth in unrighteousness,

ROMANS 1v19 For-the-reason-that the-thing known of-the God is manifest among them; for the God manifested (it) to-them.

ROMANS 1v20 For the invisible-things of-him from creation of (a) world being-understood by-the things-made (are)-being-seen-clearly, both his constant power and divinity, with-reference-to their being without-defense,

ROMANS 1v21 For-the-reason-that having-come-to-know the God they-glorified (him) not as God or gave-thanks, BUT they-were-aimless in their deliberations, and their heart without-understanding was-made-dark.

ROMANS 1v22 Alleging to-be wise (ones) they-were-made-stupid,

ROMANS 1v23 And they-changed the glory of-the imperishable God with (a) similitude of-(an)-image of-perishable MAN and of flying-things and of-four-footed-things and of-reptiles;

ROMANS 1v24 On-this-account the God gave them over with the desires of-their hearts with-reference-to uncleanness, their bodies to-be-being-dishonored among them.

ROMANS 1v25 They-who exchanged the truth of-the God with the lie, and they-venerated and they-served the creation beside the (one) having-created, who is blessed with-reference-to the ages; amen.

ROMANS 1v26 Because-of this the God gave them over with-reference-to passions of-dishonor; for both their females exchanged the natural use with-reference-to the (one) beside nature,

ROMANS 1v27 And-additionally. likewise also the males having-let-go the natural use of-the female were-burned-out in their relish with-reference-to one-another, males with males working-out the indecency and taking-back in themselves the recompense which was-essential of-their going-astray.

ROMANS 1v28 And according-as they-proved not to-be-having the God in thorough-knowledge, the God gave them over with-reference-to (an) unapproved mind, to-be-doing the-things not being-appropriate,

ROMANS 1v29 Having-been-and-still-filled with-all unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice, replete of-envy, of-murder of-quarreling of-guile, of-malignity, whisperers,

ROMANS 1v30 Backbiters, God-abhorrent (ones), insulters, proud (ones), arrogant (ones), inventors of-bad-things, disobedient to-parents,

ROMANS 1v31 (Ones) without-understanding, covenant-breakers, (ones) unaffectionate, (ones) unmerciful;

ROMANS 1v32 They-who having-come-to-know-thoroughly the just-act of-the God, that the(ones) practising the-things such-as-these are worthy of-death, not only are-they-doing them, BUT they-are also concurring with-the (ones) practising.


ROMANS 2v1 On-this-account O MAN, everyone judging, you-are without-defense; for in what you-are-judging the different (one) you-are-condemning yourself; for the (one) judging, you-are-practising the same things.

ROMANS 2v2 But we-are-knowing-absolutely that the sentence of-the God is according-to truth upon the (ones) practising the-things such-as-these.

ROMANS 2v3 But are-you-figuring this, O MAN, the (one) judging the (ones) practising the-things such-as-these and doing them, that you yourself-will-flee-out-of the sentence of-the God?

ROMANS 2v4 Or are-you-despising of-the riches of-his graciousness and of-the toleration and of-the patience, being-ignorant that the gracious (character) of-the God is-leading you with-reference-to repentance?

ROMANS 2v5 But according-to your hardness and unrepentant heart you-are-storing for-yourself wrath in (a) day of-wrath and of-uncovering of-just-judgement of-the God,

ROMANS 2v6 Who will-give-back to-each (one) according-to his works:

ROMANS 2v7 On-the-one-hand to-the (ones) according-to perseverance of-good work seeking glory and honor and imperishability, life eternal;

ROMANS 2v8 On-the-other-hand to-the (ones) out-of ambitious-rivalry and disobeying the truth but relying on-the unrighteousness, wrath and anger.

ROMANS 2v9 Tribulation and anguish upon every soul of-MAN of-the (one) working-out the bad-thing, both of-Jew first and of-Greek;

ROMANS 2v10 But glory and honor and peace to-everyone working the good-thing, both to-Jew first and to-Greek.

ROMANS 2v11 For there-is not partiality beside the God.

ROMANS 2v12 For as-many-as sinned without-law, will also perish without-law; and as-many-as sinned in law, will-be-

judged through law;

ROMANS 2v13 For not the hearers of-law (are) just (ones) beside the God, BUT the doers of-law will-be-justified.

ROMANS 2v14 For at-the-time-that nations, the (ones) not having law, might-be-doing by-nature the-things of-the law, these not having law are law to-themselves;

ROMANS 2v15 They-who are-demonstrating the work of-the law written in their hearts, their conscience witnessing-together and between one-another's figurings accusing or also defending,

ROMANS 2v16 In-which day the God is-judging the hidden-things of-the MEN according-to my good-news through Messiah Jesus.

ROMANS 2v17 But if you yourself-are-being-surnamed Jew and you-are-resting-on law and you-are-boasting in God

ROMANS 2v18 And you-are-coming-to-know the will and you-are-proving the things differing being-instructed out-of the law,

ROMANS 2v19 Both you-have-relied-and-still-rely-on yourself to-be (a) leader-of-the-way of-blind (ones), (a) light of-the (ones) in darkness,

ROMANS 2v20 (A) disciplinarian of-foolish (ones), (a) teacher of-infants, having the formation of-the knowledge and of-the truth in the law:

ROMANS 2v21 The (one) therefore teaching (a) different (one), are-you not teaching yourself? The (one) preaching to not be-stealing, are-you-stealing?

ROMANS 2v22 The (one) saying to not be-committing-adultery, are-you-committing-adultery? The (one) abominating the idols, are-you-stealing-sacred-things?

ROMANS 2v23 You, who are-boasting in law, are-you-dishonoring the God through the transgression of-the law?

ROMANS 2v24 For the name of-the God is-being-blasphemed because-of YOU among the Gentiles, according-as it-has-been-and-is-still-written.

ROMANS 2v25 For on-the-one-hand circumcision is-profiting if you-might-be-practising law; if on-the-other-hand you-are (a) transgressor your circumcision has-become-and-still-is uncircumcision.

ROMANS 2v26 If therefore the uncircumcision might-be-guarding the just-acts of-the law, will not his uncircumcision be-figured with-reference-to circumcision?

ROMANS 2v27 And the uncircumcision out-of nature finishing the law will-judge you the transgressor of-law through letter and circumcision.

ROMANS 2v28 For not the (one) in the manifest is Jew, nor the circumcision in the manifest in flesh;

ROMANS 2v29 BUT the (one) in the hidden (man) (is) (a) Jew, and circumcision of-heart in spirit not letter, of-whom the laudation (is) not out-of MEN BUT out-of the God.


ROMANS 3v1 What therefore the advantage of-the Jew or what the profit of-the circumcision?

ROMANS 3v2 Much according-to every manner. For first on-the-one-hand because they-were-trusted (with) the oracles of-the God.

ROMANS 3v3 For what? If some disbelieved, will their unbelief render-inactive the trust of-the God?

ROMANS 3v4 May-it not come-to-pass; but let-it-be-coming-to-pass, the God (is) true, but every MAN (is) (a) liar, even-as it-has-been-and-still-is-written: in-which-case you-might-be-justified in your words and you-might-have-victory in your being-judged.

ROMANS 3v5 But if our unrighteousness is commending (the) justice of-God, what shall-we-say? The God namely-the (one) bringing-on the wrath (is) unrighteous? I-am-saying according-to MAN.

ROMANS 3v6 May-it not come-to-pass; since how will the God judge the world?

ROMANS 3v7 For if the truth of-the God had-advantage in my falsehood with-reference-to his glory, what yet, am-I myself-also being-judged as (a) sinner?

ROMANS 3v8 And not according-as we-are-being-blasphemed and according-as some are-stating that we-are-saying, Let-us-do the bad-things in-order-that the good-things might-come? Of-whom the sentence is deserved.

ROMANS 3v9 What therefore? Are-we-ourselves-excelling? Not in-any-event; for we-reasoned-before both Jews and Greeks all to-be under sin,

ROMANS 3v10 According-as it-has-been-and-is-still-written that there-is not (a) just (one) but-not one, there-is not the (one) perceiving,

ROMANS 3v11 There-is not the (one) seeking-out the God;

ROMANS 3v12 They all deviated, at-the-same-time they-were-made-useless; there-is not the (one) doing graciousness, there-is not till one.

ROMANS 3v13 Their throat (is) (a) grave having-been-and-still-opened, with their tongues they-dealt-treacherously, poison of-asps (is) under their lips;

ROMANS 3v14 Of-whom the mouth is-being-loaded of-cursing and of-bitterness;

ROMANS 3v15 Their feet swift to-pour-out blood,

ROMANS 3v16 Devastation and misery (are) in their ways,

ROMANS 3v17 And (a) way of-peace they-came-to-know not.

ROMANS 3v18 There-is not fear of-God over-against their eyes.

ROMANS 3v19 But we-are-knowing-absolutely that as-many things-as the law is-saying it-is-speaking to-the (ones) in the law, in-order-that every mouth might-be-fenced-in and all the world might-become under-that-which-is-just to-the God;

ROMANS 3v20 For-the-reason-that all flesh will not be-justified in his sight out-of works of-law; for through law (is) thorough-knowledge of-sin.

ROMANS 3v21 But at-this-instant (the) justice of-God has-been-and-is-still-manifested separate-from law, being-borne-witness by the law and the prophets,

ROMANS 3v22 But justice of-God through trust of-Jesus Messiah, with-reference-to all the (ones) trusting; for there-is not strict-order;

ROMANS 3v23 For they all sinned and they-are-themselves lacking of-the glory of-the God,

ROMANS 3v24 Being-justified gratuitously by his favor through the redemption-back namely-the (one) in Messiah Jesus;

ROMANS 3v25 Whom the God himself-placed-before, (a) propitiatory through trust in his blood, with-reference-to (a) demonstration of-his justice because of the letting-go-unpunished of-the sinful-acts having-come-to-pass-before-and-still-existing

ROMANS 3v26 In the toleration of-the God, toward the demonstration of his justice in the now season, with-reference-to him being just and justifying the (one) out-of trust of-Jesus.

ROMANS 3v27 Where therefore the reason-to-boast? It-was shut-out. Through what-sort of-law? Of-the works? NOT (so), BUT through (a) law of-trust.

ROMANS 3v28 For we-are-figuring (a) MAN to-be-being-justified by-trust separate-from works of-law.

ROMANS 3v29 Or (is) the God of-Jews only? NOT also of-nations? Yea also of-nations,

ROMANS 3v30 If-altogether the God (is) one who will-justify circumcision out-of trust and uncircumcision through the trust.

ROMANS 3v31 Therefore are-we-rendering law inactive through the trust? May-it not come-to-pass, BUT we-are-making law stand.


ROMANS 4v1 What therefore shall-we-say Abraham our forefather according-to flesh to-have-found?

ROMANS 4v2 For if Abraham was-justified out-of works, he-is-having (a) boast; BUT not toward God.

ROMANS 4v3 For what is the scripture saying? Abraham trusted in-the God, and it-was-figured to-him with-reference-to righteousness. (or "justice")

ROMANS 4v4 But to-the (one) working the hire is not being-figured according-to favor BUT according-to debt; but to-the (one) not working,

ROMANS 4v5 But trusting on the (one) justifying the impious, his trust is-being-figured with-reference-to righteousness,

ROMANS 4v6 Even-as David also is-saying the happiness of-the MAN to-whom the God is-figuring righteousness separate-from works;

ROMANS 4v7 Happy (ones) of-whom the lawlessnesses were-forgiven and of-whom the sins were-covered-over;

ROMANS 4v8 Happy man of-whom Jehovah might by-no-means figure sin.

ROMANS 4v9 (Was) then this happiness on the circumcision or also on the uncircumcision? For we-are-saying the trust was-figured to-the Abraham with-reference-to righteousness.

ROMANS 4v10 How then was-it-figured? Being in circumcision or in uncircumcision? Not in circumcision BUT in uncircumcision;

ROMANS 4v11 And he-took (the) sign of-circumcision (a) seal of-the righteousness of-the trust namely-the (one) in the uncircumcision, with-reference-to him to-be father through uncircumcision of all of-the (ones) trusting, with-reference-to the righteousness to-be-figured to-them,

ROMANS 4v12 Even father of-circumcision not only to-the (ones) out-of circumcision BUT also to-the (ones) in uncircumcision being-in-line with-the footsteps of-the trust of our father Abraham.

ROMANS 4v13 For the promise to-the Abraham or to his seed (is) not through law, he to-be heir of-(a)-world, BUT through righteousness of-trust.

ROMANS 4v14 For if the heirs (are) out-of law the trust has-been-and-is-still-emptied and the promise has-been-and-still-is-rendered-inactive;

ROMANS 4v15 For the law is-working-out wrath; but the-place-where there-is not law, neither transgression.

ROMANS 4v16 Because-of this (it-is) out-of trust, in-order that (it-might-be) according-to favor, with-reference to the promise being firm to-all the seed, not to-the (one) out-of the law only BUT also to-the (one) out-of Abraham's trust, who is father of-all of-us,

ROMANS 4v17 According-as it-has-been-and-is-still-written that (a) father of-many nations I-have-placed-and-still-place you, down-against of-which he-trusted of-God, of-the (one) making-alive the (ones) dead and calling the-things not being as being;

ROMANS 4v18 Who beside hope trusted on hope, with-reference to him to-become (a) father of-many nations according-to the-thing having-been-said-and-still-said: thus will-be your seed;

ROMANS 4v19 And not having-weakened in-the trust he-took not note-of the body of-himself already having-been-dead-and-still-dead, existing somewhere of-a-hundred years, and the deadness of-the matrix of-Sara;

ROMANS 4v20 But with-reference-to the promise of-the God he-was not made-to-doubt by-the distrust, BUT he-was-made-powerful by-the trust, having-given glory to-the God

ROMANS 4v21 And having-been-brought-to-fulness that what he-had-been-and-was-still-promised he-is powerful even to-do.