Roderigo Thinks Iago Is Keeping a Secret

Roderigo Thinks Iago Is Keeping a Secret

Othello, by William Shakespeare

Act I, sc. i

Roderigo thinks Iago is keeping a secret.

Iago is angry because he has not received a promotion to lieutenant.

Roderigo tells Iago to quit.

Iago states that he will be a good soldier on the outside, but will be taking care of himself only.

Iago and Roderigo then go to wake up Brabantio, Desdemona’s father.

They inform him that “thieves” have stolen something from him.

They inform him that his daughter is not in her bed and that she is sleeping with a Moor, Othello.

Brabantio begins to believe the men.

Iago leaves because he doesn’t want his general, Othello, to see him involved in this matter.

Desdemona is not in her bed!

Roderigo and Brabantio will gather some armed men and find Othello.

Brabantio will reward Roderigo for his effort in this matter.

Act I, sc. ii

Iago begins the scene with Othello.

Iago is lying to Othello concerning what happened at Brabantio’s home.

According to Iago, Brabantio will try to annul Othello and Desdemona’s wedding.

Othello is not concerned. He has served Venice well.

Othello reveals that he is from a royal family.

Iago advises Othello to hide when Brabantio and his men come to find him, but Othello chooses to face them.

Cassio, Othello’s new lieutenant, appears to Othello first.

Cassio reveals there is a serious issue with the Turks.

Iago reveals to Cassio that Othello has married…

Brabantio and his men appear and draw their swords on Othello and call him a thief.

Iago offers to fight Roderigo (reveals his cowardice).

Brabantio claims that Othello must have cast a spell on his beautiful daughter to make her fall in love with him(kidnapped, drugged or cast a spell).

Brabantio orders the men to arrest Othello.

Othello states that he is already on his way to see The Duke.

Brabantio states they should all go see The Duke now.

Brabantio states that the law is on his side and that all the senators will back him against Othello.

Brabantio states that if we allow this marriage, they will allow slaves and heathens to be their rulers.

Othello, Act I, sc. iii

The Duke receives inconsistent information regarding the number of warships approaching Cyprus.

A sailor appears and tells The Duke that the attack will be on Rhodes and not on Cyprus. They do not believe this report.

Othello begins to tell The Duke about his love for Desdemona.

Brabantio claims the devil must be behind this love.

The Duke and the senators begin to question Othello.

They send for Desdemona.

Othello continues to tell the story of how they fell in love.

-Othello was frequently invited to Brabantio’s home.

He would tell stories about his life and his battles.

Desdemona would listen carefully and she fell in love with his stories, his life and Othello himself.

After hearing this, The Duke suggests that Brabantio get used to the idea of the marriage.

Desdemona enters and she professes her loyalty to Othello.

Brabantio states that he will give his blessing, but he is truly not happy about it.

The Duke then turns to Othello and they begin to discuss the war at Cyprus.

Othello will leave, but he requests a safe place for his wife.

The Duke states that she will stay with her father, but Brabantio will not allow it.

Desdemona wants to accompany Othello on his travels.

The Duke does not care if she goes with him.

Roderigo wants to kill himself now that the marriage has been approved by The Duke.

Iago talks him out of suicide.

Iago builds him up and tells him sell all of his lands to get a lot of money.

Desdemona will eventually leave the Moor and Roderigo will be there with a ton of money.

Iago’s plan is to take as much money as he can from Roderigo. He doesn’t really care about him.

In his soliloquoy, Iago reveals that there is a rumor that Othello slept with his wife.

He will use Cassio to hurt Othello.

Iago will begin to plant a seed in Othello’s mind about an affair between Cassio and Desdemona.