Robert Boehm Memorial Scholarship

Robert Boehm Memorial Scholarship


The Robert Boehm Memorial Scholarship was established in August, 2015. This scholarship is given in memory of Robert,because of the love he had for livestock, 4-H and youth development. The scholarship is given to a graduating 4-H livestock showmanthat has shown livestock at Westfair for a minimum of 3 years. This scholarship will be given to continue the applicant’s education at a public or private college.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Active 4-H member that has been showing livestock at Westfair for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Active 4-H member with involvement in livestock and additional 4-H project areas.
  • Community Service involvement.
  • Demonstrate leadership in extracurricular activities.
  • Pursuing any field of study in a public or private college.
  • Must be registered as a full-time freshman student (12 credit hours) in the upcoming academic year.
  • Must submit proof of acceptance to college you plan to attend.
  • Two letters of recommendation attesting to your 4-H participation, community service and leadership involvement.
  • One from a 4-H volunteer.
  • One from a school academic advisor or teacher.
  • Letters of recommendation cannot be submitted by a relative.
  • Letters of recommendation must be submitted in individually sealed envelopes from the author and submitted with the scholarship application.
  • Must submit a current photo of applicant to be used when announcing the winner.
  • Scholarship applications must be completed and submitted no later than July 15th to the below address:

Robert Boehm Memorial Scholarship

10346 253rd Street

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503




City: State: Zip:

Home Phone: Cell Phone:

Current Class Rank: Current GPA:

4-H Club:

Club Leaders Name: Phone:


College Major:

College to which you have been accepted and will be attending:

Please respond to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:

  1. Describe how being involved in 4-H has helped you.
  1. Describe one of your most memorable or most enjoyable experiences in 4-H.
  1. List the 4-H project areas you have participated in and the years you participated in each.
  1. Describe ways in which you have volunteered your service and leadership to your school and community. What have you learned from these activities?
  2. Describe your work experience.
  1. Who has influenced you the most in your life – and why?
  1. What are your career goals?
  1. What do you look forward to the most in your college experience?
  1. Why do you feel you should be considered for the Robert Boehm Memorial Scholarship?

Questions regarding scholarship: - or 712-526-2127

Each year, the Robert Boehm Memorial Scholarship will award a $750 scholarship.

Award winner will be announced during the County Fair.