Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence Expenses

Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence Expenses

Annex 3

Information meeting for high-level public authorities interested in the Erasmus+ call for proposals on policy experimentations on 7th April 2014 (EAC-2014-0167)


What is reimbursed?

Please note that the Commission will reimburse travel expenses of maximum two participants per country, in accordance with the Commission rules (see annex).

The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of the shortest and cheapest usual route :
  • by first class rail travel or by TGV/Thalys/Eurostar second class rail travel for journeys (journey  400 km)
  • By economy class air travel if the distance by rail exceeds 400 km.
In case of business class used, justification is required from the travel agency.
  • For travel by car, the travel expenses shall be reimbursed on the basis of the first-class rail fare, excluding sleeping car or any other supplement. If the route is not served by a train, the cost of travel by private car shall be reimbursed at the rate of EUR 0.22 per km
The following are NOT reimbursed by the Commission: hotels, taxis, accident insurance

To be reimbursed, please bring the following documents on the day of the meeting

ORIGINAL duly completed and signed
We would be grateful if you could use the updated form ("application for reimbursement" ) attached.

  • If you have your personal identification sticker, please attach and initial it on the application for reimbursement
  • if you do not have a personal identification sticker OR
if there are modifications in your personal details OR
if the bank account of your organization has changed
you need to fill in the expert identification sheet
The expert identification sheet for bank details and legal entities file can be dowloaded at the following link:

shall be reimbursed on presentation of ORIGINAL supporting documents:
• tickets and invoices;
• in the case of online bookings, the printout of the electronic reservation;
The documents supplied must show the class of travel used, the time of travel and the amount paid.
Thank you for putting the documents in an envelope which will be collected at the entrance of the meeting room.. We will make the copies and return the documents back to you in the envelope before the end of the meeting.
Failing to submit the requested documents during the meeting will lead to a considerable delay in the payment of your expenses.
If not submitted during the meeting, the requested documents can be sent by letter, fax or e-mail postmarked or dated no later than 30 calendar days after the final day of the meeting.
Beyond this deadline, the Commission is absolved from any obligation to reimburse travel expenses or pay any allowances.
Reimbursements shall be made in euros, where appropriate at the rate of exchange applying on the day of the meeting.
All reimbursements shall be made to one and the same bank account. For government experts, reimbursements shallbe paid into an account in the name of the Member State, one of its ministries or a public body."

Without the above-mentioned document(s),

the Commission services will be unable to proceed with the reimbursement claim.

Thank you !