Regular Registration Application

Regular Registration Application

American Romeldale-CVM Association Inc.

Regular Registration Application

**Farms should use initials for their farm, the animal's name, and Scrapie ear tag #, (animal number and the premises number (assigned by each state).
Example: FCF Aidan 0504
May be 2- 4 digits (some farms may have same prefix as others). / 1. Type or Print Legibly
2. Check your application for errors
3. Proper fees must accompany work This form has 2 pages / Must be members in good standing to apply.
/ Optional test for spider gene:
Negative results of QR or RR desired
Breeder / Member # / Farm Name
Office Use
New ARCA # / **Sheep Official Name / Scrapie ear tag #
(required). / Ram
Ewe / Date of
Birth / Single – s
Twin- tw
Triplet - t / Horns-h
Polled-p / Color*
See Back Page / Parent / ARCA Reg # / ARCR or NRCR
Reg. # / Private Flock Tag /Scrapie tag / Sire Codon Results
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #
Sold to: / Member #

Please attached signed bill of sale if you are not the breeder registering the animal.ARCA Regular Registration 12/8/2017

Send to:

ARCA, Inc.

Fees Enclosed (Payable to ARCA, Inc.):
Number / Cost
$20.00 Annual Association Adult/Farm Dues
$10.00 Junior/Farm Membership (to 17 yrs. old)
(above memberships must own purebred Romeldales)
$10.00 Associate Membership
$6.00 ea Registration Fees
$6.00 ea Sheep Transfer Fee
$12.00 ea Non-Member Transfer Fee
Rush Fee ($35.00)
Payment (cash or blank checks sent at own risk):
Check Number: #

c/o GLM RegistryPlease enter as you wish to be registered:
19508 Tiller Trail HwyBreeder/Farm Name:

Days Creek OR 97429

Work: 541-825-8580


Color Definitions:

Badger: Typical CVM Pattern, paler body,

dark striped head, dark throat, belly, legs andTelephone Number:

nether areas. May be Gray,Black or Moorit.

Dilute: Typical CVM Pattern but body fleece is

largely or nearly white. Common in MooritE Mail:

badgers, Spotted Badgers.

Spotting: May occur in any color or pattern,

from pinto spots to pims, blazes, socks, clownFax Number:

faces, self-patterned.

Contact GLM Registry for PayPal.

Pims: Pigmented Multiple Spotting – the

multitude of small dots expressed in a** Registrations without proper fees will NOT be mailed until paid in full **

** Breeder's Certificate Required **
when you do not own the ram at time of breeding.

generally lighter or white area.USDA Scrapie ID #:

Clown Faced: Large, overrun or excessive

blaze or spotting, typically with dark circlesVoluntary

around eyes, Nose.Mandatory (check one)

Reverse Badger: Dark base color with pale

stripes up the face, often bridging the nose.

Outer ear edges have white hair, pale throat,Check if new address

lateral strip from elbow to stifle joint. Belly may

be dark or light. Can be masked by spotting.I hereby certify the above to be true and correct:

Mouflon: Dark fleece, with pale muzzle,Print nameSigned

eyes, inner ears, throat, belly and nether

regions. Can also overlay badger or be

overlaid by spotting.

Reverse Pims: light or white small spots on

a dark ground (opposite of Pims).

Keep a copy of this form and all submissions for your records.