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Register Number: 7721


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Register Number: 7721

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diploma examination, 2013

(livestock products technology)


130. technology of live stock products packaging

May) Maximum: 100 Marks (Time: 3 Hours

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable word(s) or number (s) (10×1=10)

  1. ______was the first non cellulosic plastic film used by meat packers.
  1. ______polysterne film has been used for meat packaging because of its charily, permeability and pleasing presentation.
  1. Irradiated meats and best packed in ______for preventing recontamination.
  1. ______is a binding agent between two films and has better sealing property.
  1. ______offer an aesthetically appealing white background for red meats and have a quality feel.
  1. ______is recommended for packaging UHT pasteurized milk.
  1. Plasticizers are added to make the plastic packaging material.______and ______.
  1. Modified atmosphoic packaging is also called______.
  1. In general, meats are packaged in ______packages.
  1. Packaging materials for vacuum packaging must have ______

II. Choose the correct answer from the choices given (5×1=5)

  1. In food packaging, sanitary protection means protection against.

a) Soil and dirt b) Micro organisms and dirt

c) Air and light d) Fading and discolouration

  1. Plastic film having lowest oxygen and carbondioxide permeability is

a) LDPE b) Polyester

c) Polyvinyl chloride d) Polyvinylidine chloride

  1. “Cryovac” is one of the methods of

a) Aseptic packaging b) Modified atmosphere packaging.

c) Vacuum packaging d) Packaging of liquid milk

  1. The packaging materials used for packaging dehydrated meats should have the property of

a) Gas proof b) Oxygen permeability

c) Wet strength d) Protection against crumbling

  1. Bulk packaging ghee in tin containers, the optimum temperature of ghee should be

a) 20-22°Cb) 30-32°Cc) 40-42°Cd) 50 -52°C

III. Define or Explain any five of the following (5×2=10)

  1. Parchment paper
  2. Vacuum packaging
  3. Disadvantages of glass containers
  4. Controlled atmospheric packaging
  5. Laminates
  6. WVTR
  7. Importance of AGMARK lable

IV. Write short notes on any five of the following (5×5=25)

  1. Retort pouch
  2. Intelligentpackaging
  3. Biodegradable packaging material
  4. Active packaging
  5. Oxygen scavengers.
  6. Packaging of ghee
  7. Flexible films.

V. Write an essay on any FiVE of the following (5×10=50)

  1. What is aseptic packaging? Write the advantages and disadvantages of aseptic packaging.
  1. Listout the criteria for selection of packaging materials for packing fresh meats.
  1. Write in detail the modern packaging materials.
  1. Discuss in detail the packaging requirements for dairy products.
  1. Explain briefly about MAP, its merits and demerits.
  1. Explain briefly the effect of packaging material on microbial quality of packed processed meats.
  1. Write an account on economic significance of packaging.




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