Recording Care: Evidencing Safe and Effective Care

Recording Care: Evidencing Safe and Effective Care

Recording Care: Evidencing Safe and Effective Care

Strand 1 Meeting

NIPEC Offices, Belfast

Wednesday 7 October 2015, 10:30 – 12:30hrs

In Attendance:

Anne Witherow, (Chair) Assistant Director of Nursing, WHSCT, (video link)AW

Jane Patterson, Patient Safety Officer, SEHSCTJP

Alicia Dickson, Practice Development Officer, SHSCTAD

Sonya McVeigh, Nursing Development Lead, BHSCTSMcV

Angela Drury, Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC AD

Michelle Burke, Project Officer, NIPECMB


Dawn Connolly, Senior Nurse Practice Development, SHSCT

Susan Carlisle, Nurse Lecturer, QUB

Eileen Kennedy, Social Care Commissioning Lead, HSCNI

Anne Marie Tunney, Lecturer in Nursing, Ulster

Agenda Item / Notes / Action by
1 / Welcome and apologies
AW welcomed everyone to the meeting. Michelle Burke, new Project Officer for Recording Care was introduced to members. Alicia Dickson, SHSCT, who had been recently appointed Practice Development Officer (part of Alicia’s work will be in the Recording Care work stream) was attending the meeting as an observer.
2 / Matters Arising
Notes of 22 May 2015 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.
Specialist Nurse records
This agenda item had been carried from the last meeting and concerned where specialist nurses record currently in the patient record. Discussion had taken place regarding the E-NISAT.Update given from AW. There had been some discussion in organisations as to where the best fit might be – it had been agreed that this should be a question for the Recording Care project. AW to raise discussion at Steering Group for discussion with Executive Directors of Nursing. As Eileen was not present to update in relation to ENISAT, it was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting. / AW to raise specialist nurse records at SG
3 / Feedback from Steering Group
No feedback was available from Steering Group as they have not met since May 2015.
4 / Work streams for WG S1
Children’s Record Production
AD provided an update on the Children’s Record Production. A review was provided and challenges discussed. A number of issues were discussed including the position of the signature register. Children’s nurses had piloted a version with the signature register on the front page which was deemed to have aided compliance in completing this element of the record. Other changes were discussed in terms of the flow of the document – agreement was reached to amend the children’s document and review learning at a point in the future. AD advised that due to the complexity of the development of the document time frames were behind. For reporting to Steering Group by AW.
Learning Disabilities (LD) Record Production
MB gave an update on progress to restart this project work stream. Discussion followed regarding RQIA and requirements for LD care settings from the regulatory position. Significant work had been taken forward in WHSCT, as in other Trusts in the interim period of reaching consensus around the use of the HEF framework.Members agreed that there should be recognition of work in the Trusts, therefore ascoping exercise was required and document mapping with potential for future alignment. It was agreed that the end product of this work stream may be a position statement regionally with a timeline for review of the documents at a point in the future collectively, provided that no HSCT was a significant outlier. It was agreed that MB would circulate a date in for a mapping exercise.
Care Planning
AD gave an update to the meeting. MB presented a report of the Focus Group held on 23 September 2015. Update was provided regarding representation from NHSCT for membership on the Strand 1 Group.
Discussion followed regarding positive feedback and roll out. Report for presentation to Steering Group. Report tabled – comments to AD by close of business Friday 9th October 2015.
It was agreed that it may be prudent to have frontline nurses to speak with Executive Directors of Nursing - 20 mins presentation. To be raised with ACF at Steering Group.
KPI Development
AD provided update on the KPI development and permissions mechanisms to use tool. Following discussion it was agreed that controls should sit within each HSCT and existing governance arrangements should describe reporting mechanisms. To go to Steering Group for final sign-off. Generic risk assessment approach signed off. / AW to update Steering Group regarding time frames and current status of progress of children’s document.
MB to get a date for mapping exercise for all HSCTs
Comments on report to AD by 8/10/15
Setting of proposals before EDoNs to be discussed at SG
KPI permissions to go to SG for decision
5 / Any Other Business
AW asked if members were aware of which record was currently in use in their respective organisations in view of the fact that the nursing assessment and plan of care record was now being put out for use regionally. Each member gave an update revealing that most trusts were in similar positions relating to decision making for use of old stocks of the document. Provision for implementing the new document was discussed – relevant training could be provided by other agencies such as CEC.
Guidance publication for adult nursing assessment and plan of care document to be clarified with ADN colleagues 12 October 2015 by AW. SMcV had prepared a presentation to implement new document in BHSCT. Local mapping required in each HSC Trust as all documents were agreed to be significantly different in each organisation. / AW to raise use of guidance publication for adult nursing assessment and plan of care document with other ADNs.
6 / Date and time of next meeting:
Thursday 12 November 2015 at 2:30 – 4:30 Meeting Room, NIPEC