Questions on Image/Appearance/Clothing

Questions on Image/Appearance/Clothing

Questions on Image/Appearance/Clothing

  1. What were Celtic clothes made of?

-They were made of wool and linen. Some silk was used by the rich.

  1. Name some articles of Celtic clothes.

-They wore long-sleeved shirts or tunics, and long wide trousers (шаровары).

  1. What was worn in winter?

-Cloaks were worn made of wool and skins of animals.

  1. Did the Celts use any items of jewellery?

-Yes, they did. They used brooches and armlets, but the most famous item of jewellery was the” torc”, a neck collar of metal, sometimes gold.

  1. What did the warriors wear?

-They wore special helmets with two horns, and nothing else special.

  1. What clothes did women wear?

-Practically the same as men: shirts or tunics, long trousers, and cloaks.

  1. What was Celtic hairstyle?

-Their hair was blond, they bleached it artificially. The Celts combed hair back from their foreheads and made plaits.

  1. Did the Celts wear beards?

-No. The Celts preferred to be clean-shaven but to leave a moustache that covered the whole mouth.

  1. What was a general look of the Celts?

-The Celts were rather tall, had fair skin, blue eyes and fair hair.

  1. How did the Celts behave?

-They were aggressive, brave and warlike. They were physically strong with ripping muscles.

Questions on Dwelling/Occupation

  1. How did the Celtic dwelling look like?

-They were huts gathered in loose hamlets or villages.

  1. What were the huts made of?

-The huts were made of wicker or timber or wattle and daub, and had the roofs of thatch.

  1. What was the shape of the huts?

-They were roundhouses, which symbolized the sun, the eternity of the universe. They were divided into segments inside with the fire in the middle.

  1. Were the houses were surrounded by anything?

-Yes, they were. By the rain ditches, which were rather big and which showed that the houses had enough room for a lot of people inside.

  1. How did the Celts light their houses? I can see no windows.

-It was quite dark inside the huts with most of the light coming from the doorway during the day. There was a fireplace in the centre of the house and at night the flames provided some light.

  1. How did the Celts cook their food?

-They used the fire for cooking. There was an oven or a stove to make bread and they used cauldron only in some houses. They mostly cooked meat on the open flames.

  1. What kind of food did the Celts eat?

-Bread from barley or wheat, and meat. They ate meat of domestic animals, mostly cows, and poultry, but sometimes fish, honey, dairy products, and berries, plants, roots and nuts gathered in the forest.

  1. What tools did the Celts have?

-They had a plough, a manual mill, a potter’s wheel, blacksmith’s instruments, such as hammers.

  1. What was the occupation of the Celts?

-War. If not, they were busy with cattle breeding and agriculture. They also drove trade with other nations. They had some highly developed handicrafts.

  1. What Celtic handicrafts can you name?

- Weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, mining, metal carving. They were very skillful craftsmen.