Private Adoption Contract

Private Adoption Contract



This is a fully binding and legal adoption contract between Dawn Conner and ______regarding the dog ______who is an approximately______. Dawn Conner vowsHE was a SHELTER RESCUE OR OWNER SURRENDERand that HE IS FULLY vettedand although HE has been vet checked and found to be medically sound, there are no physical or emotional guarantees given about HIS medical condition.Dawn further states HE has been in her rescue’s care since that time and assumes no further financial responsibility from this day forward unless HE is returned to her in the same medical condition as delivered to the adopter with all medical records pertaining to HIS care…… both those provided to the adoptertoday and any obtained by the adopter whileheis in thephysical care and possession of the adopter.

In this adoption agreement, the adopter further agrees they will continue to provide quality physical, mental and emotional care of said dog keeping him safe from harm, keep all shots and heartworm preventative current, see to his vet needs in order he maintain a healthy life, and adhere to all city, state, federal and country laws regarding registration of said dog no matter where they may reside.

Adopter further understands and agrees that should this adoption and assimilation of said dog into their home not work for any reason within a week to 10 days from the adoption date and communication of any adjustment problems have been discussed between Dawn Conner and the adopter, the adopter will return the himto Dawn Conner at the adopter’s expense and in good physical condition at a mutually agreed time and place for a full adoption fee refund. Adopter further agrees they will never transfer, sell, rehome, or convey said dog to another person, shelter, or dump him in the wild for the duration of his life without the express written consent of Dawn Conner or will return him to Dawn Conner’s possession. The adopter further agrees that Dawn Conner or her designated proxy retains the right to check on the physical wellbeing of the dog at any time in the future and should the dog’s circumstances be found unsuitable, she/they retain the full right to reclaim the dog without any legal recourse from the adopter. The adopter further understands adoption of said dog is a life-long commitment and agrees to keep adoption and medical records documents with important family papers and in the event of their own untimely death will to make adequate arrangements for the continued care of said dog or their executor will return him to Dawn and/or Chuck Conner.

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Dawn Conner cell 817-991-7888

Foster parent ______phone ______email ______