Policies and Procedures 1

Policies and Procedures 1

Policies and Procedures 1

Honors English III
Policies & Procedures
Wayne County High School
Mr. Jared Criswell
Disclaimer: This is, by nature, a more challenging and difficult course than General English III. I will therefore have higher expectations of you and require more of you in terms of quality AND quantity.
Grading Scale / Tests & Writing 80%
Prep Work 15%
Daily 5%
General Classroom Rules /
  1. You are to be in your assigned seat with all needed materials and working when the bell rings.
  2. Bring all needed books and materials to class and take them with you when you leave.
  3. Follow directions the first time.
  4. Respect everyone in the classroom, including yourself.
  5. There are to be no cell phones out in class, period.

Consequences /
  1. Student is given an infraction notice.
  2. Student is given an action plan with parent contact.
  3. Student is assigned English detention.
  4. Student is reported to principal for further action.

Severe Clause / There are certain cases where the above disciplinary actions will be circumvented. In the event of violence, insubordination, profanity, etc. students will be referred directly to a principal for action.
Tardiness / You are to be in your seat and working when the bell rings. This is my classroom tardy policy. If you are tardy to class, you will be sent to obtain a tardy slip. This is nothing personal, but it is the classroom procedure and must be followed. This will be enforced fairly regardless of the student in question.
Seating / You will always sit in an assigned seat. Do not ask to change seats or to sit where you want. I will change your seating periodically throughout the year.
Classroom Procedures
A procedure is not necessarily a “rule.” It is simply a way of doing something. In order to maximize the time we have for instruction this year, I have several procedures that we are going to learn and rehearse throughout the year.
Arrival to Class /
  1. Enter the room in an orderly fashion and place your possessions at your seat.
  2. Conduct any business BEFORE class starts.
  3. Be in your seat, working, with all materials before the bell rings.
  4. If you have food or drink, that is not your priority.
  5. The bell is your signal to begin the Do-Now activity for the day.

No Pen or Pencil? / If you do not have a writing implement, DO NOT ask a neighbor for one. If you fail to bring something to write with, I will provide you with a writing implement. 
Do you need help? / Red, yellow, and green cards have been included in your class folder. Please refer to the handout on how to use them.
Turning in Work / I will specifically request your homework or assignments. At my request, they will be passed across the rows and collected.
Assignments /
  • I expect you to complete all assignments to the best of your ability.
  • Everything you do will count towards your grade.
  • Late work will not be accepted without an excused absence.

Absences /
  • Attendance is vital if you expect to succeed in this class.
  • Missed work will be located in a folder in a specified location.
  • If an absence is unexcused you will be given the work and can complete the assignment, but will receive a minimum grade for that assignment.
  • You must make up tests or quizzes within three days of the absence.

Leaving the Room /
  • Avoid leaving unless necessary.
  • If you must leave, department guidelines regarding hall passes will be enforced.
  1. Ask permission. DO NOT ask for permission during instructional time.
  2. Get pass signed. (No pass = tardy slip.)
  3. Leave and return quietly. A reasonable time limit will be enforced.

Food and Drink / Food and drink will be allowed until we have a problem. DO NOT make a mess. Also, the food you have in this room is NEVER your primary focus. Your work in this class is where your attention should lie. Multi-task.
General Procedures /
  • For related questions or comments, always raise your hand and wait to be addressed before speaking.
  • Please use complete sentences and speak in proper English.
  • Questions related to a personal matter should be handled outside of class.
  • Respect my space and property.
  • If you finish early, read or work on another assignment.

End of Class /
  • The bell is MY signal not yours. Do not put your things away until instructed to do so. You are not dismissed until I verbally dismiss you.
  • Take everything with you when you leave and clean your area.

Reading Workshop /
  • You must take two AR quizzes per nine weeks
  • These will count as quiz grades.
  • Requirements for each book are at the teacher’s discretion.

Materials Needed / Each day you will need the following materials for class:
  • Class folder
  • Class binder with paper
  • Writing Implement
  • Homework
  • Reading Material