Please Read the Following Terms and Conditions of Membership with 'WEST VANCOUVER MINOR

Please Read the Following Terms and Conditions of Membership with 'WEST VANCOUVER MINOR

Please read the following terms and conditions of membership with 'WEST VANCOUVER MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION'. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the following terms and conditions at the bottom of this page is required in order to proceed with your registration.

I accept the authority of Hockey Canada, BC Hockey, The Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association and the West Vancouver Minor Hockey Association, and agree to carry out and abide by the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations of those Associations.

I agree to provide a $125 per jersey deposit to the Team Manager and to return all equipment provided by the WVMHA in good condition at the end of the season. Should I fail to do so, I agree to forfeit the $125 per Jersey deposit to the WVMHA for the replacement cost of the same.

I know that team members are expected to maintain a high standard of behaviour and a positive attitude while representing WVMHA. ANY UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT TRAVELLING TO, DURING, AFTER OR RETURNING FROM A GAME OR PRACTICE AND ANY VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE OF TEAMMATES/OTHERS MAY RESULT IN PLAYER SUSPENSION AND/OR A FINE FROM THE WVMHA. Any and all expenses incurred due to the above will be at the sole expense of the Team or Player as determined by WVMHA.

I know that each team member is expected to attend all practices and games. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken depending on the reason for non-attendance. If a player knows there may be a conflict between hockey and other activities he/she must discuss this situation with his/her coach before the season begins. REP players who do not honour the team commitment will be deemed ineligible for REP participation.

Regular season games and playoff games may require games to be played outside the North Shore. Rep Teams and the Provincial Championships will require travel outside the Lower Mainland. Teams failing to attend any such games will be subject the fines and or suspensions as determined by the PCAHA and BC Hockey. Travel to and from such events is at the sole responsibility of the team. Teams qualifying for Provincial Championships may receive a travel subsidy from WVMHA as determined by WVMHA. Any fines will be at the sole cost of the offending Team.

I will pay the fees outlined in the online registration system and I acknowledge that registration is not complete until fees are paid.

I will pay the incremental REP fees if accepted to the REP team in the fall.

In consideration of this application to play under the auspices of the Minor Hockey Association, I do herby for myself, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, remise release and forever discharge Hockey Canada, BC Hockey, PCAHA, the WVMHA, its directors, coaches, managers, officials, officers, or anyone acting on their behalf from all manner of actions, litigation, damage claims, or demands in law or equity which I may have or acquire by reason of personal injury to the player, loss or damage to property, which may occur during, directly or indirectly, or by reason of, participation in the activities of the WVMHA.

I acknowledge having read and I agree to bound by the preceding terms, conditions and regulations and agree to abide by them.