Plan for Student Success 2014-2015

Plan for Student Success 2014-2015


School: Cesar ChavezTeacher: S. Daniels

DepartmentScienceCourse Title: Biology 1-2 Honors Code 5711600

No. of Credits 1/2 per semester Grade Level(s) 9-10 Prerequisite(s) Physical Science or meets placement criteria

1. Course Description:Biology 1-2 H is a laboratory science course designed for students who wish to pursue a more challenging and quantitative approach to biology. This course provides students with opportunities to think like biologists as they use scientific inquiry to study living systems. Students of biology 1-2 will explore, in depth, concepts related to cellular processes, interdependence of organisms and the environmental system, genetics and the molecular basis of heredity, and the scientific principles and processes involved in biological evolution.

2. Materials Required:Textbook: Biology, Miller and Levine Pencil and paper is required each day. A 9.75 x7.5 inch ruled composition notebook is required for recording your research project.

3. Grading System: 80% of your semester grade in this class will depend on your performance on assignments, labs, quizzes, exams, class activities, and the research project. A district final will be given at the end of each semester and will be worth 20% of your semester grade.

Percentage Points for Final Grade: 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D 59 and below F

Grades are available at any time on StudentVUE or ParentVUE.

StudentVue/ParentVue can be accessed through the Cesar Chavez High School homepage. Returning students will have the same password as last year and new students will receive their password during advisory class within the first two weeks of school. Parents may obtain their passwords by contacting the registration office. Additional information and resources for the class can be accessed at the teacher’s webpage on the Cesar Chavez High School website.

Cheating: Students who cheat will receive no credit and will not be allowed to make-up the work. Copying another student's work is considered cheating.

Accommodations and modifications will be included per IEP and 504 plans.

4. Title I Program: Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services. Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: math, reading and English. If interested, please contact the Principal Mr. Gaymanat (602)764-4010 or Assistant Principal for Instruction Mrs. Fitzpatrick for additional information at (602)764-4011.

5. Make-up Policy:Upon returning to school, you have two days to make arrangements to come in to make up the missing work. You can come in during advisory or make an appointment to come in before school, after school, or during 2nd lunch.

Late Work:Work received up to 2 days after the initial due date will receive up to 75% credit. Work received later than 2 days and before the final due date will receive up to 50% credit. Work will not be accepted after the final due date.

6. Attendance:“Absent” is defined as nonattendance in an assigned class or activity for more than one-half of the period. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR)

“Tardy” is defined as not being in the assigned class or activity when the tardy bell has finished ringing.(PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR)

Students are expected to be in class every day. Those who have good attendance usually do well. Points are earned each day. Students may lose credit for the semester when reaching a total of 12 absences.

7. Research Project: All students in honors biology are required to design and conduct a research project as part of a team. Students will identify a topic for research, formulate their question and hypotheses, conduct background research, complete their experimental design and submit a background research paper by the end of the first semester. Students are required to conduct the research and complete a poster during the second semester. There will be several due dates for different parts of the process. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in a loss of points. The research project is a required component of honors biology. Failure to submit a completed research paper in the first semester will result in the loss of credit for honors biology 1. Failure to complete the research poster will result in a loss of credit for honors biology 2.

8. Parent/Guardian and I have read and understand the plan for success for honors biology. I Student Sign Off understand what is required to earn a passing grade in this class and that completing a research paper and project as part of a team are included in these requirements.

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