Period One Two & Five Study Guide

Period One Two & Five Study Guide

Period One Two & Five Study Guide

Red Badge of Courage

1. What is the name of the author?

3. Who is the actor who portrays Henry Fleming, the main character?

6. How long does it take to load and fire a Musket?

9. How does Henry get his head wound?

10. What does the Tattered soldier keep asking Henry, that makes Henry embarrassed?

11. What embarrassing revelation does Henry have when he is spying on the General?

14. What is Henry carrying at the end of the battle?

15. The battle in the book is based on which actual Civil War battle?

18. What is a ‘Red Badge’?

19. At the beginning of the story, Henry’s life is saved when a Southerner does what?

The Catcher In the Rye Test

  1. Why does Sally Hayes wind up leaving Holden?
  2. She becomes irritated with his sex talk
  3. He scares here with talk of running away.
  4. He insults her.
  5. She found her friend at the play more interesting.
  1. What was Stradlater’s report supposed to be about?
  2. A baseball mittc. A city or town
  3. A roomd. A famous person
  1. Who is Stradlater’s date?
  2. Jane Gallagherc. Sonny
  3. Sally Hayesd. Phoebe
  1. Who is the prostitute?
  2. Jane Gallagherc. Sonny
  3. Sally Hayesd. Phoebe
  1. What school does Holden attend?
  2. Penceyc. Xavier
  3. St. Stephensd. Whooton
  1. What is his sister’s name?
  2. Carinec. Sonny
  3. Darcyd. Phoebe
  1. What is the name of the author?
  1. Where does Holden dream he is, when he is the catcher in the rye?
  2. At a parkc. The wilderness
  3. On a cliffd. In a big house
  1. Who does Holden consider to be an expert on sex?
  2. Himselfc. Luce
  3. Stradlaterd. Ackley
  1. What is Holden’s problem with the prostitute?
  2. She talks a lotc. She takes off her clothes immediately
  3. She acts romanticd. She is ugly
  1. Most of the story takes place in what city?
  2. Chicagoc. New York
  3. Los Angelesd. San Francisco
  1. Who is Maurice?

Into The Wild Final Test

  1. Name two of the things that indirectly caused McCandless’ death.
  1. How did the Mayor of Hippie Cove die?
  1. What killed Sir John Franklin and his 128 companions on his final trip to Alaska?
  1. What caused Chris McCandless’ car to stop working?
  1. What problem did Chris have with the corpse of the Moose?
  1. What is the Teklanika?
  1. What was Chris’ home for most of his 100+ days in Alaska?
  1. What awful thing happened on Sir John Franklin’s first wilderness trip into Canada?
  1. What did John Krakauer’s father want him to be?
  1. Why did the plane that flew over Carl McCunn not help him?
  1. Who is Jim Gallien?
  1. How did Ronald Franz react to news of Chris’ death?

Maus II Study Guide

1. / What was Art Spiegelman going to draw his wife as?
A. / Frog
2. / What happens to Mala?
A. / She leaves Vladek and takes some of his money.
6. / What is the significance of the fly that dies off panel?
A. / It is directing your attention to the gassing of the insects.
7. / While Vladek was trapped aboard a train, what did he eat to survive?
A. / Snow
8. / After he escaped from the concentration camps, Vladek and another Jew started doing chores for who?
A. / American Soldiers
10. / A photograph of which person appears at the beginning of the book?
A. / Richeu
14. / Why did Francois (Art’s wife) convert to Judaism?
A. / For Art’s father.
28. / What did the Americans call Vladek?
A. / Willie
31. / What is inferred by the event where Art sprays insects?
A. / That people are capable of killing things which they don’t see as human.
34. / What is the significance of 175113?
A. / It is the number tattooed upon Vladek’s arm.
35. / Who is Francoise?
A. / Art Spiegelman’s wife.
45. / On the last page of the book, a tired Vladek accidentally calls Art by what name?
A. / Richieu
47. / Shortly before Vladek is finished being interviewed by his son, he gives him what?
A. / A box filled with family photographs.
49. / Which disease started killing the Jews who were being transported by train out of Poland?
A. / Typhus
50. / While Anya was a prisoner at Auschwitz, who hated her?
A. / Her Kapo.

Brave New World

  1. Why do the people of the reservation hate Linda so much?
  1. Why are John’s clothes ragged and torn?
  1. To what caste did Linda belong?
  1. What book did Pope give to John?
  1. What drugs does Pope give John’s mother?
  1. How did Pope react to being stabbed?
  1. The Indians on the reservation worship their Indian gods and what else?
  1. Who is Lenina’s current boyfriend?
  1. What is the DHC’s name?
  1. What comment does John make about the whipping to Bernard & Lenina that surprises them?
  1. Explain the aging process of the people of the Brave New World.
  1. What happens to the DHC after he is embarrassed by John?
  1. What two things is the DHC embarrassed when John brings in Linda and John?
  1. Who does Bernard brag to when he finally starts to become popular?
  1. Why does Linda have only two months to live once they arrive back in the New World?
  1. What is Lenina embarrassed about in her relationship with the savage?
  1. What is the movie that Lenina & the savage see about?
  1. Who is the rapist in the movie Bernard & Lenina watch?
  1. Where was the DHC trying to send Bernard?
  1. Name a word that is obscene to the people of the “Brave New World”.
  1. Who rescues John from the Deltas.
  1. Why did John try to rescue the Deltas?
  1. Why does Helmholtz choose to go to the Falkland Islands?
  1. What very cowardly thing does Bernard do at the end of the book?
  1. What job did Mustapha Mond have before he became London Controller?
  1. What does the Savage get caught doing by a media man?
  1. Who was spying on the Savage in order to use him in a film?
  1. How does John kill himself?
  1. Why isn’t John allowed to go to the island with Bernard & Helmholtz?
  1. What does V.P.S. stand for?
  1. Name a book that Mustapha Mond keeps in his study?
  1. Why did the Alphas on Cyprus destroy themselves?
  1. How many of the people of the Brave New World are serving the Alphas and Betas?(What percentage?)
  1. Why does Mustapha Mond tell John that they shouldn’t bother showing Othello to the people of the brave new world?
  1. What do the police gas the Deltas with?
  1. Aside from the little children brought it, what also upsets John about Linda’s death?
  1. Why are little children brought in to witness Linda’s death?
  1. When does John start to call Lenina a whore?

40. Why do the Deltas try to hurt John?

The Hobbit Study Sheet

  1. Name the thirteen dwarves who take Bilbo on their mission.

Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Thorin, Fili, Kili, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dwalin, & Balin

  1. Who is Gandalf?

A Human Wizard

  1. Where do hobbits live?

In Hills

  1. Who is Elrond?

The Elf owner of the Last Lonely House

  1. Who is Smaug?

An Evil Dragon

  1. Who is Beorn?

A were-bear

  1. What is so special about Moon Letters?

They can only be seen during the moon. They tell of a secret passageway

  1. What is the name of the leader of the dwarves?


  1. What type of monsters winds up nearly eating the dwarves?


  1. How are those monsters destroyed?

Gandalf tricks them into staying up all night, and they are turned to stone by the sun.

  1. What is the name of the mountains that they have to travel through?

Misty Mountains

  1. Why did the dwarves have to leave their home?

The dragon, Smaug, kicked them out.

  1. What monsters occupy the Mines of Moria?


  1. What do the dwarves find in the caves of the dead trolls?

Elven Weapons

  1. What is the name of the creature that lives near the lake in the mountains?


  1. What does Bilbo find there?

A magical ring

  1. What does this particular item do?

Turns the wearer invisible.

  1. How do Bilbo and the creature compete with each other?

By telling each other riddles.

  1. What question is the monster unable to answer?

What have I got in my pocket?

  1. Who captures the hobbit and the dwarves in the Misty Mountains?


  1. How do they escape from these creatures?

Gandalf frees them.

  1. After they escape from the creatures in the mountains, what creatures find them and pursue them?

Warg Wolves

  1. Who saves them?

Giant Eagles

  1. How many Eagles came to save the hobbit and his companions?


  1. Who lives at the Carrock?


  1. What is this man’s power, as a skin-changer?

To turn into a bear

  1. What giant insects do they encounter on the way to this man’s house?


  1. How does Gandalf have them approach the house?

In twos, so Beorn is not offended.

  1. Yes or no, had the man ever heard of Gandalf?


  1. What forest are the Dwarves about to go into?

Mirkwood Forest

  1. Who sets up the dinner table for Gandalf, Bilbo, & the dwarves?

Beorn’s animals

  1. Who did the man attack the goblin scout with?

A pack of bears

  1. Why are the Goblins looking for the Dwarves?

Revenge, as Gandalf killed their leader.

  1. What are they told not to do in their upcoming trip through the forest?

Drink the water or go off of the trail.

  1. What do they have to give back to the man just before entering the forest?

His ponies

  1. What does Bilbo name his dagger?


  1. How does Bilbo get the spiders to chase him, taking them away from the dwarves?

By calling them names

  1. Who were the people who were camping in the Mirkwood forest?

The wood elves

  1. What happened every time that the dwarves approached them?

They would disappear.

  1. Which dwarf does the “people” who live in the woods first capture?


  1. Aside from prejudice, what is another reason that they do not trust the dwarves?

Because they won’t tell them where they are going.

  1. How do they manage to escape from their captors?

By going down the river in barrels.

  1. To where do they wind up going?


  1. How do the people at this town treat the dwarves?

Like returning heroes.

  1. Where did the men who live by the lake originally come from?


  1. Why does Smaug attack Lake-Town?

After his conversation with Bilbo, he thinks that the dwarves were sent by the town.

  1. Who kills Smaug?


  1. What demands do the men & elves put on the dwarves?

A share of the treasure.

  1. What does Bilbo claim as his share of the treasure?

The Arkenstone

  1. What does he do with this particular item?

Gives it to the men & elves so they can blackmail Thorin into giving them a share of the treasure.

  1. What are the five armies that fight in the battle of the five armies?

Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Wargs, & Goblins

  1. What individual arrives at the end of the battle to enable to good guys to win?


  1. Which dwarves die in the final battle?

Fili, Kili, & Thorin

  1. Who escorts Bilbo back home?

Gandalf & Beorn

  1. Who is the evil villain that is mentioned in the final chapter?(He will appear in the next 3 books…)

The Necromancer