PBIS Lesson Plan for Teaching School-Wide Behavior Expectations (School Rules)

PBIS Lesson Plan for Teaching School-Wide Behavior Expectations (School Rules)

PBIS Lesson Plan for Teaching School-wide Behavior Expectations (school rules)

Hopson Middle School

Location: Office Expectation: Respectful

School-wide expectations addressed in lesson (taken from matrix)
“Respectful” in the Office
Behavior definitions addressed in lesson (taken from matrix)
  • Use appropriate Language
  • Wait quietly
  • Follow Adult Directions
  • Stay in Assigned Spot
  • Own you own Behavior
  • Use “Please” and “Thank You”

PBIS Evidence-based social/emotionallesson delivery structure
TELL: Provide a narrative of how you will introduce lesson tying to SW-PBS (matrix & behavior statement).Today we are going to learn/talk about what kind of behaviors make us “Respectful” of ourselves and others in the Lunchroom.
Describe how you will model expected behaviors.
Middle: Introduce lesson with students at desks focusing on matrix. Role-play, guided practice, group discussion after lesson preferred. Incorporate cultural connection with elders, peers, etc. / Non-examples of expected behavior
  • Arguing with the adults in the office
  • Touching things that are not yours
  • Swearing, yelling, name calling, being rude or bossy
  • Loud Noises
  • Getting out of your seat
  • Interfering with others Conversations
/ Examples of expected behaviors
  • Listen to the adult addressing you
  • Talk with inside voice, and kind words
  • Sit Where you are told to sit
  • Complete the task or time given to you.
  • Keep to yourself
  • Request help from adult, problem solve

PRACTICE (Activities): List teaching opportunities for students to practice/use expected behaviors.
Model expected behaviors, role play, art activity (depending on grade/ability)
U-Tube video
FEEDBACK: Correct/pre-correct students implementing expected behaviors.
(List possible error correction and reinforcement techniques).
Correction/pre-correction techniques
  • Model expected behavior for student to model.
  • Practice individually or as a whole class
/ Positive reward system techniques
1)Verbal label praise (ex: I like the way you are including others)
2)Utilize school-wide ticket system for specific defined behaviors (behavior definitions)
Discuss/teach/reward behavior in natural environment when observed. If a non-example occurs, teach/model expected behavior in natural environment. If re-teaching all or one behavior definition/expectation, be sure to use positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior.
Repeat lesson in classroom or natural environment as scheduled or needed. Emphasis on example/ non-example of behavior for clarity of expectation.
Activities to check for understanding
Verbal questions
Art Activity / Activities to expand concept development/ cultural relevance
Materials needed:
Location sign
School-wide matrix
How will skills be maintained/sustained
SW-PBIS reward system
Practice often
Re-teach by classroom teacher
Taught and reinforced by other staff
How will home and community be included