Paul Macarthursept. 27, 2017

Paul Macarthursept. 27, 2017

Paul MacArthurSept. 27, 2017


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How To Wash Your Car

Have you ever had a really dirty car and not known how to make it look brand new? Well, don’t worry. It’s as easy as pie! You can do it; all you need is a few tools and a little know-how. Here’s what you’ll need: a bucket, some soap, a sponge, a chamois, and some nice fresh water! Got it? Great! Let’s go wash that car!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is fill that bucket up with warm water. Then pour in a little soap. Be careful not to make it too soapy! You don’t want to have bubbles carrying you down the street. This is a very real concern, let me tell you.

After you’ve got yourself some nice soapy water, dip your sponge in there and fill it up with that sudsy water. Give it a squeeze a few times to make sure it’s good and soaked in. All done? Awesome! Get ready, because here comes the fun part.

Now, splash that soapy sponge on your car. Rub it all over your car in nice big circles. Whenever your begin to run out of soapy water on your sponge, dip it back into your bucket and get more soaked in. Rub that soapy water all over that vehicle, and make sure you get ever single inch of it. When your car looks like one giant hill of bubbles, you’re ready for the next step.

Almost done! We have to get rid of all that soap now. Empty out your bucket and fill it with nice fresh non-soapy water. When you’re ready, splash that water all over the top and sides of your car. Keep rinsing it like this until the soapy bubbles have all gone bye-bye. And here’s a pro-tip. If you use hot water, it will rinse off even better!

One last step and you’re done! Now that your car is dirt-free, you want to get it all nice and dry. Use that chamois to sop up every glittering drop of agua. Make sure you get every little droplet so that you don’t get water spots on your beautifully pristine automobile.

When you’ve got all the water dried off, stand back and admire your hard work. Well done! I knew you could do it. Now you can cruise around town with the confidence and style that only owners of sparkling clean cars can appreciate.