PART ONE- You Will Be Reading a Minimum of Fifteen Articles

PART ONE- You Will Be Reading a Minimum of Fifteen Articles

AP Language & Composition

Summer Assignments

Ms. Love

PART ONE- You will be reading a minimum of fifteen articles.

•To begin to create a foundation of examples and ideas to support the arguments you will be making in class next year (gender roles and feminism, media’s influence/popular culture, etc.), you will need to read op-ed, news, and feature articles fromThe New York Timesand one or more of the following throughout the summer:Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, National Review, the Huffington Post.

Work on this assignment WEEKLY! Students should be finding at least two articles per week for this project.•A collection of 15 articles fromThe New York Times,The New York Times Magazineand other newspapers or magazines.

•You need to write a one-paragraph response to each of the columns. Keep your responses and articles together in a one-inch binder.

• Students will also be asked to write an essay during the first week of school, incorporating the knowledge gained through the summer op-ed reading.• Students must bring all articles and responses to the first full day of class. Printed copies of articles from the Internet are, of course, fine.

PART TWO - due when you return

AP Language & Composition covers a broad range of writing genres. The categories represented by the attached book list below just begin to offer you a sampling of the many different genres we will be exploring and analyzing throughout the year. You will be reading one non-fiction book and one fiction book.

**The non-fiction book must be They Say I Say

**(Non- fiction books- college board reading list)


• You will need to write a two page response to each of the books you choose from the list. Responses mustnotbe a summary of the reading.

•You must make thoughtful and insightful observations about the works that extends beyond obvious and trite commentary. Your comments must include references to all parts of the book.• All entries must be typed and double-spaced in order to receive credit.

•Focus on these questions in your responses:

1. Does this book add materially to our knowledge of its subject?

2. What specifically does the author hope to achieve by writing this book?

3.To what extent is the author successful in achieving his/her purpose(s)?

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