Outstanding Leadership Award Instructions 2013

Outstanding Leadership Award Instructions 2013

Outstanding Leadership Award


The ICASS Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes outstanding contributions from employees that epitomize, through accomplishment and attitude, the spirit and intent of ICASS during the previous twelve months. The award will be conferred on individuals whobest acted as agents for change in developing new and better ways of doing business to improve the quality of services or reduce costs.

Successful nominations should highlightactivities and accomplishments that emphasize leadership toward accomplishing the Interagency ICASS Executive Board's (IEB) primary ICASS objectives: containing costs; eliminating duplication; improving ICASS service delivery through streamlining/reengineering; and implementing innovative improvements in customer service. In particular, the IEB is focusing on the following areas relating to operational effectiveness and collaborative efforts to improve ICASS services.

  1. Improvements to service or successful cost containment initiatives or innovations that resulted from efforts initiated by individuals or groups in response to issues identified in the customer satisfaction survey and other sources;
  2. Implementation of a cost savings initiative or innovation that resulted in measurable savings and improved services; and
  3. Development of new systems/processes that were deemed by the bureau or the ICASS Service Center as a “best practice” and shared with other posts.

To the extent possible, nominations should address these performance-based areas.

Each Outstanding Leadership Awardrecipient will receive a certificate, medaland cash awardamount for up to $7,500. In the case of a group award, the cash amount will be divided among the group members based on percentage share recommended in the nomination.

ELIGIBILITY: All employees (direct hire American and locally employed staff, including FSNs, PSCs/PSAs and EFMs) of any agency involved in the ICASS program. This includes, but is not limited to, service providers and members of ICASS Councils,Budget Committeesand working groups, both overseas and domestic.

AWARD CRITERIA: Successful nominations must include details on actions and accomplishments linked to the ICASS objectives above. Whilethe emphasis for this award is on individual performance, nominations for a group must include (1) concrete evidence or examples of the contribution of each individual nominated; and (2) the percentage share of the award recommended for each individual. Group nominations must include this information in order to be considered. Nominations claiming cost savings must quantify the dollar amount and give the basis for the claim.

PLEASE NOTE: The ICASS Awards Committee is looking for nominees who exhibit initiative and innovation. Simply doing one’s job well, while admirable, should be rewarded at the post level.

NOMINATING PROCEDURES: Nominations may be submitted by:

A. Members of a post’s ICASS Council, Budget Committee or service provider staff, with the concurrence of the individual’s immediate supervisor and endorsement by the Chief of Mission and ICASS Council Chair for any overseas nominations;

B. The appropriate senior officer of any ICASS customer agency who has direct knowledge of the nominee's performance, hasthe concurrence of the individual's immediate supervisor, and endorsement of the nominee’s Bureau Head andICASS Working Group Chairfor any domestic nominations; or

C. The ICASS Inter-agency Working Group (IWG), in consensus, with appropriate endorsements.

Nominations must be submitted as follows:

(1)Download and complete the form provided on the ICASS SharePoint site, or the ICASS website, .

(2)After obtaining all signatures, scan the document, and e-mail both the Word version and the .PDF files to: to .

(3)In the subject line, include “ICASS Leadership Award, Year, Post Name, and Nominee Name”



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