Opening Prayer by Savannah Husmann (6:08)

Opening Prayer by Savannah Husmann (6:08)

Senate Meeting Minutes for September 7th, 2016

Opening Prayer by Savannah Husmann (6:08)

Introduction of Guests (6:09)

●Nolan Anderson: Page Senator Candidate

●Josh Bencker: Clark Senator Candidate

Bills and Funding Proposals (6:14)

●Leandra Marshall: WCSA Nameplate Allocation

○Intentionally failed with the knowledge that Riley can order nameplates for office hours when he orders our nametags

○Motion failed

●Peter Zippi and Bethany Ishii: Appropriation of Funds for 1st Presidential Debate Party

○Suggests providing funding for Chipotle for $1200

○Angela suggested using Super Cucas for catering instead, which would cost around $500

○Motion Withdrawn

What’s to be done regarding Club Funding? (6:27)

●Ben: brings up the issues surrounding club funding and uses the Garden Club as an example of problems that can be fixed

●Jordan: asks Ben if anything has changed at all or has he learned anything new

●Jordan: Problem is it seems like WAC has total power

●Peter: understands why WAC is concerned about their funding because they don't have much. Thinks there's two categories of requests clubs make; capital purchases and events

●Bethany: maybe giving WAC a slightly larger budget to give out at the beginning of the year

●Noah: we should have an emergency power to go around WAC to grant clubs money

●Leandra: WCSA can advocate on clubs behalf to WAC, but still allow WAC to approve

●Leandra: create a separate funding proposal that both WAC and WCSA have to approve

●Jordan: we should try to make something jointly

●Peter: doesnt want WAC to say no just because they don't have money

New business (6:49)

●Peter: suggested idea of a senior/off campus Disneyland trip. As well as he is working on his off campus gift baskets

●Savannah: wanted to do something similar

●Leandra: community picnic

●Ben: his roommate can make us coffee during our meetings

●Bethany: suggested campus wide use of Pocketpoints app

●Parking Task force will have one freshman senator

Meeting Adjourned 7:02

Executive Council Meeting Minutes for 09/06/2016

Bills and Funding Proposals (7:12)

●Both bills were withdrawn in the senate for revision or reassignment

Budget Discussion (7:15)

●We are trying to get our $4000 dollars back from Potters Clay that they did not use

●Faculty part time brought down to $0

More discussion about club funding (7:28)

●Discussion of a possible appeals process

●Keeping WAC accountable

Open Discussion (7:40)

●Decided to buy position specific nameplates in order professionalize and bring interest to office hours

●Discussed the idea of having a monthly town hall (with Fondu!!!)

Meeting Adjourned (7:51)