Notification for Iran Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Contractual Exemption

Notification for Iran Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Contractual Exemption

Notification for Iran Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Contractual Exemption

European Union Council Regulation 267/2012, which came into force on 24 March 2012 implements restrictive measures on Iran. These measures include a prohibition on the supply of key equipment and technology, the provision of related brokering services and the provision of technical and financial assistance, for Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries, for items listed in Annex VI[1] of the Regulation.

Contract Deadlines

As a result of these measures, if you wish to claim exemption from these prohibitions, you are required to demonstrate to the Export Control Organisation (ECO) the existence of a pre-existing contract to supply equipment, technology or related assistance listed in Annex VI to Iran or an Iranian entity.

  • Restrictions onoil and gas industry: trade contracts should have been concluded before 27 October 2010. In case of anancillary contracts or aninvestment the contract must have been in place before 26 July 2010.
  • Restrictions on petrochemical industry: trade contracts should have been concluded before 24March 2012. In the case of an investment the contract must have been in place before 23 January 2012.

We require you to provide us with a copy of the contract (via e-mail) or relevant extracts from the contract, to evidence the answers to your questions.

Please send this completed form, plus all attachments to:eco.oil&

You need to notify ECO at least 20 working days in advance of the transaction.

(Further details of the restrictions can be found in guidance on Sanctions on Iran on the export control pages of the Businesslink website or inNotice to Exporters 2012/18).

1. Your details(Name and address of Company; and name and contacttelephone number and email address of the person submitting the notification).
2. What type of contract do you hold?

Trade contract concluded before 27 October 2010 (Oil & Gas Industry)

Ancillary contracts or investment contract in place before 26 July 2010 (Oil & Gas Industry)

Trade contract concluded before 24 March 2012 (Petrochemical Industry)

Investment contract in place before 23 January 2012 (Petrochemical Industry)

3. Who is your Iranian end user/consignee?
4. Is your contract direct with this entity?



5. If you have answered no to the above, please explain to whom you are contracted to make these supplies or to provide technical or financial assistance or brokering services (e.g. as a sub-contractor).Please provide full name and address of company and the contact person.
6. Provide the dates when the relevant contracts were signed together with a brief description of the obligation/s covered by those contracts.
7. Please provide further details of the transaction to which this notification relates (e.g. a summary of the goods to be supplied or a brief description of the technical or financial assistance to be provided) and any other information you feel may be relevant in support of your claim for exemption.

Please Note: You may still be refused export if the End User is listed in Annexes VIII or IX of the Regulation or if you are aware, suspect or have been informed that the transaction requires a licence under the WMD end-use controls. We strongly advise you to refer to the associated Notice and guidanceon the BIS website

Please return the form to: eco.oil&

For Enquiries please call: 0207 2154594

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Prepared by Export Control Organisation, BIS

Notification Form

(Revised March 2012)

[1] Annex VI is listed on pages 44 – 49 of Council Regulation (EU) No 267/2012 -