Notes of the MPS Olympic Games Briefingfor Community & Police Engagement Groups

Notes of the MPS Olympic Games Briefingfor Community & Police Engagement Groups

Notes of the MPS Olympic Games Briefingfor Community & Police Engagement Groups

7 November 2011

Presentation by Inspector Tom Wingate, MPS Olympics Community Relations Team

Assessed Risks:

Terrorist action

Criminal action – serious & organised crime

Public disorder & domestic extremism

Non malicious hazards – pandemic /heat wave, etc

Crowd management

Damage to UK reputation – worldwide publicity

Policing resource stretch

Objective to deliver a safe and secure Olympic games,in keeping with the wider Olympic culture & spirit.

MPS Organisation

London Gold – Commander Bob Broadhurst

3 main areas: River; Park; & Central zones, each with a Command Team and each already tested & planned, including previous event experience.

Maximising MPS Resources through:

  • Reduced training
  • No Annual Leave
  • Some abstraction from SNTs
  • Use of Special Constables
  • Police Mutual Aid: coordinated through ACPO to utilise police resources across UK to enable deployment of over 10,000 officers on peak Olympic days (this planned resource & organisation was utilised in advance during the August disturbances).

The Olympics will be the biggest logistical challenge since Dunkirk

Some facts:

  • 120,000 beds have been booked
  • 500,000 meals/snacks have been arranged via catering contracts
  • Facilities /Power/ IT will be provided for up to 500,000 briefings
  • Transport -1,200,000 journeys already planned
  • Fencing/Portaloos booked
  • London Events Coordination Calendar – over 1600 events including those related to Olympics

Local planning & involvement in hand - Safety Advisory Groups

Olympic Route Network to ensure movement of the entire Olympic ‘family’ i.e. athletes, officials, press, etc. Need to ensure no repeat of Atlanta travel chaos.

Dedicated Games Lanes for officials and ‘Blue Light’ emergency vehicles.

Recognition of need to reduce non-Olympic travel.

TFL requests for London to change transport habits for this period – especially on the few ‘peak’ days. Their website has maps of affected areas and ‘local’ consultation.

Ongoing activities:

There are, and have been, joint agency events in the host Olympic Boroughs for last two years.

MPS will brief all London SN Teams to ensure officers have appropriate knowledge to impart to their residents.

Tension monitoring training for officers & Local Authorities – based on recent London experience e.g. terrorism/gang violence/demonstrations/internal community tensions. The aim is to promote early engagement to diffuse tension.

Community pack to be produced for Boroughs & local residents

Continuing consultation with all Faith groups - awareness of significant events within the games period with Ramadan; Sikh festival; Israeli commemoration of Munich (40 year anniversary).

Youth Discussion Panel – re impact of games policing

Neighbourhood Link: this is a community messaging service. Sign up to keep informed:

Q&A session

  1. Will non-London police officers be used as during August and will they be paired with officers more familiar with local areas & communities?

The additional numbers are to ensure there is adequate resource in place for any eventuality and to ensure Londoners and visitors feel safe. Local policing will largely remain in place – additional officers will largely be placed strategically around London for potential disorder response, but can’t say how they will be deployed at this time.

  1. What will be the percentage of SNT abstraction

Can’t yet confirm this, but significant numbers will always remain in post locally

  1. Communication is the key.

Yes –learned lessons i.e. need to always be honest & realistic in public statements etc

  1. Although everything is planned jointly the MPS will doubtless get the blame if anything goes wrong and will have to pick up the pieces.

There is a risk that this may happen.

  1. Will there be accessible communication packs for local residents?

Yes, the MPS is aware that it cannot depend entirely on electronic methods so an actual pack will be provided.

  1. What ranks will be removed from SNTs?

There will a percentage of abstractions amongst ranks but local policing will remain in place – whole teams will not abstracted at any given time.

  1. What will be the impact on the transport network?

It is predicted that there will be 4.5 million additional journeys. On peak days there will be extensive delays at stations unless Londoners try to re-route; re-time; or stay away.

  1. Is there any advice when best to travel during any given day?

TFL Website will give travel advice –including changes to normal patterns & behaviours. Travel information issued to those with Olympic tickets will contain directed travel routes using less obvious/direct routes as a way to try and manage the flow of people across the transport networks.

  1. In the event of any terrorist activity will any travel into the capital close down as in 7/7?

There is planning for all worst case scenarios and other contingencieslike people falling on tracks. All have been tested and examined to see how far the emergency services/response will stretch.

  1. Commuting to work will become a potential nightmare with huge delays.

Yes, this is possible - so the advice isfor those with Olympic tickets to aim to arrive at venues early. For commuters the advice is to try to alter travel plans and to consider if journeys are essential especially on the few peak days.

  1. Will police be policing within the Olympic Park

The Park is private so the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) will be providing security within the park and other venues. Entry will be by ticket only and there will be CCTV etc. Police are accredited to enter the Park but will provide minimal policing within as their role is policing outside.

  1. Will transport information be cascaded to the Boroughs?

TfL will inform commuter boroughs.

  1. Will the elderly be kept informed?

It is intended to try to keep all Londoners informed.

  1. Will police officers be trained/expected to try to create/ensure a friendly atmosphere?

Officers police by consent – and will police in the spirit of the Games.

  1. Will police uniforms be unchanged?

A review of MPS uniforms is currently being conducted and it is possible that changes arising from that may have been implemented by that time, but cannot say at this time. Officers from outside the MPS will be wearing their own uniforms.

  1. Will there be local debriefings during the event?

Will try to ensure local briefings where issues arise.

  1. What about other essential staff like NHS /Engineers etc trying to get into work?

All bodies have been consulted and are engaged andthey all have business continuity planning in place.

  1. What about the potential disruption from cable theft.

BTP will respond to this.

Ended 7.25pm