NLP Trainer, Business-Trainer, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Consultant

NLP Trainer, Business-Trainer, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Consultant

Ludmila Chernenko

Trainer’s CV

NLP Trainer, business-trainer, coach, hypnotherapist, consultant

Graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” (Kiev)-Masters degree, specialty- “Chemical technology of inorganic substances”.

Additional education:

Business Trainer (R.Franklin Pucelik,PhD,META International Inc., USA),M.A NLP, Certified NLP trainer (R.Franklin Pucelik,PhD,META International Inc., USA, Vsevolod V. Zelenin,), Associate NLP trainer (Marilyn Atkinson, PhD, Erickson University International, Canada), Professional coach (V. Zelenin).

Main areas of activity:

  1. Thematic and business trainings: “The art of coaching- personal effectiveness management”, “Leadership”, “Communication”, “Conflict situations management”, “Classic sales”, “Negotiations”, etc.
  2. Certification trainings: “NLP-Practitioner”, “NLP-Master” (since 2006)
  3. Teaching master-classes: studying of human leading motives studio, HR club, master-classes on Leadership (teaching at the Nikland business school (Kiev) since 2009, leads trainings and master-classes for HRs, financial directors).
  4. Trainings on Teambuilding – in the auditorium format (team coaching, internal brand creation), as well as in the ropes course format (since 2009).


UkrSibBank, BTA-bank, Interpipe corporation, “Marmelad”, “Evropeiskiy shlyah, LLC”, “Center of High Technologies and Innovations”, “Magnitex”.


2005 – Certificated NLP-Practitioner-Ukrainian Academy of Training

2007 – CertificatedNLP Master- Ukrainian Academy of Training. Certifying trainers: Certifying NLP trainer-Vsevolod Zelenin (Kiev), Certifying NLP trainer-Anna Evstratova (Moscow).

2008- Training for trainers, certificates- “Business trainer”, “Certificated trainer”-of the Ukrainian Academy of training. Certifying trainers: Certifying NLP trainer-Vsevolod Zelenin (Kiev), Certifying NLP trainer, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor, Ekaterina Milyutina (Kiev).

2008 – Training for trainers, certificate «Associate trainer NLP» – Erickson University International (Canada, Vancouver). CertifyingNLP trainer, Marilyn Atkinson, PhD.
2009 – Teaching program on coaching, certificate- «Professional coach-practitioner». CertifyingNLP trainer-Vsevolod Zelenin..
2009 – Training for trainers, certificate-«Certified Trainer of NLP» (Frank R. Pucelik,PhD, META International Inc., Vsevolod V. Zelenin).

2010 – Certificate-“Business Trainer” (R.Franklin Pucelik, PhD,META International Inc., USA).

2010 – Teaching course“Ericksonian hypnosis and Generative Trance Work”, Stephen Gilligan, PhD, Omega Institute.

Studied, as well, at the creative studio “OH-Studio”, withMoritzEgetmeyer, Germany.

Work experience: leads clubs and seminars on psychology, thematic and business trainings, teaching programs, since 2006, participates as a trainer at the scientific and scientific-practical international conferences.