Network Video Architect Team Leader

Network Video Architect Team Leader

Network Video Architect Team Leader

The Senior Network Architect is responsible leading a small team of video architects to research, track video industry technology developments, video equipment and video vendors, evaluation, test and selection of video hardware and software elements over a broad range of video technologies including TV Everywhere, Over the Air, Over Top Video, Content Delivery Networks, and applications, such as Ad servers, Blackout, and IP based video networks within Frontier’s overall network architecture. This individual will be required to evaluate different video technology options, review business investment cases, assemble the capital budget, create projects for the technology evaluation and lead lab evaluations. The position reports directly to the VP of Video Operations.

This position oversees the development and definition of detailed system specifications and service requirements in support of new video product rollouts including vendor selection, engineering analysis, product testing, functional system integration testing. The person in this position plays a key role within the organization by coordinating engineering and operations teams to integrate new products and services into the network.

The evaluation process for new products and services includes performing lab evaluations and network pilots, documenting recommendations and reporting on the results to Frontier’s Senior Leadership Team. The position also plays an important role in evaluating new video business opportunities by identifying the technologies, costs and timeframes needed to create new revenue opportunities.

Specific duties/responsibilities/functions: Video Architecture development, technology planning and evaluation as it pertains to video system design requirements, new equipment selection, integration, requirement specifications, requirement gathering, design selection, alternative recommendations, costing and scheduling. Candidate should have the ability to work in a lab environment to define test plans and execute tests to meet customer requirements. Close coordination with Product and Marketing is needed to define new products and service requirements. Provide input to the development and documentation of guidelines and specifications for the proper configuration and usage of video, applications equipment and it’s components within the network. Provide financial analysis on proposed products and justify the cost benefit of the new technology’s impact on Frontier’s network.

Required Kind and length of experience: Minimum BSEE with 10 or more years telecom related experience. Proficient in network equipment design and engineering in areas of expertise including:

  • Strong video technical, analytical, and organizational skills associated with planning, design and implementation of customer services on IP based networks.
  • In-depth understanding of video architectures (FiOS, Uverse, Mediaroom, etc.)
  • In-depth knowledge of CND, Ad Insertion, Blackout, and TV Everywhere platforms.
  • Understanding of Internet protocols (TCP/IP, BGP4, OSPF, Ethernet, MPLS, etc.)
  • Experience with the following hardware; Mediaroom, set top boxes, in-home networks, PON, Juniper routers, Cisco access servers, Cisco Ethernet switches.
  • Experience with HTML 5, Radius, Cisco IOS, JunOS, NMS, HP Openview and UNIX processes and daemons.
  • Traffic engineering and network modeling skills.
  • Understanding of multicast and associated protocols, including PIM-SM, IGMP, and MSDP
  • Knowledge of IPV6 and related subnetting and multi-homing issues
  • Experience with RSVP and LDP for MPLS signaling
  • Understanding of MPLS and services, such as L2VPNs, 2547bis L3VPNs, and VPLS.
  • Technical familiarity with DSL network concepts and design
  • Technical familiarity with wireless set top box technology
  • Able to clearly communicate plans, alternatives, and recommendations in both written and verbal form.

Computer Skills: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Visio used for formulating reports and generating presentations.

  1. Typical Problems: Providing recommendations on specific Video Architecture to support Frontier’s video strategy. Performing technical research on new video equipment. Determine the most cost effective way to provide enhanced video products.
  1. Most Complex Problems: Constantly monitor and review new video technologies required to keep Frontier video products competitive in the marketplace. Applying new video technologies to the current network architecture. Understand and execute on application design requirements in an area where new video technology is changing quickly and standards are not yet, or not well defined. Continued and accurate network modeling to support network requirements. Capturing the impact of software and/and hardware upgrades across the video network. Recommending vendor selection and modifications to equipment configurations. Cost reduction actions to optimize capitalized and leased network. Resolutions of priorities, which result in conflict with other departments.