NE Region Homeless Advisory Board Meeting

NE Region Homeless Advisory Board Meeting

Central Valley Regional Homeless Advisory Board Meeting–June 12, 2014

Meeting MInutes

Shawn FrankensteinSchuylkill

Kristen PriceMifflin/Juniata

Jeannine MatulevichPerry

Donna MauriceCumberland/Perry

Brian AmbroseNorthumberland

Thomas DougherMontour

Gina SunderlandNorthumberland

Trinette ReamCumberland

Darla TroutmanSchuylkill

Phyllis HoltryLebanon

Scott ShewellCumberland

Cheryl ScheffeyPerry

Kate MolinaroCumberland/Perry

Ben LaudermilchCumberland/Perry

Update on relevant items from State Homeless Steering Committee Meeting

FY2014 renewal process could begin within the next month, funding is expected to be the same as FY2013.Even though we are operating as one Continuum, we still need to rank separately, since HUD has not approved the merger yet.

HB 2204—Legislation passed in the House, now in Senate. Legislation would require that any programs that get Early Intervention money would screen all children for EI services—many children might be falling through the gaps and not receiving services.

Dan distributed a document regarding the potential restructure of the state steering committee. Currently, the state steering committee is under less pressure to fill any type of governance role because of the CoC Board requirements. The hope is to create a homeless interagency council for state agencies.

ESG application review

The questionnaire Dan distributed is a way for the CoC to provide feedback on ESG applicants to DCED to assist in the scoring process, not a request for CoC’s to review each application. Concern was expressedthat if a CoC doesn’t know a grantee’s program, though it might be a good program, a CoC review punishes the applicant.

Summer PIT

Cumberland, Northumberland, Mifflin/Juniata expressed that they will be conducting summer count. Those who are not conducting a summer count cited staff changes and the feeling that narrative produced as a result will not bolster application because no new funding will be available. The CoC counties who choose to participate will be responsible for choosing date to conduct count, as well as coordinate the count. DMA will not coordinate for a summer count, since there is not enough regional interest.

Update: Coordinated Assessment Work Group

The workgroup met Monday 6/9 with HUD TA, who presented what CA is and is not. The PowerPoint and recording was posted to WiggioPAEasternCoC Group. The workgroup will split into two smaller groups,one will handle research of existing tools/best practices. The other group will primarily work on systems mapping and aworkplan to present to HUD TA.

Update: FY2014 Ranking Subcommittee

Ranking subcommittee met 6/11. Shawn Frankenstein participated, and indicated that the group discussed differences between NE and CH ranking tools/procedures. They also discussed the pros/cons of each ranking criteria and the point values assigned to them. There is a ranking need, which is a process that is conducive to using data to objectively rank projectsif there is not enough available to renew all projects, but there is also a reallocation need for this procedure, in the event the CoC is forced to reallocate funds based on performance and CoC priorities.

Concerns were expressed about the cuts the CoCexperienced last year, and how the ranking process will affect certain projects this year.

Ongoing Environmental Reviewdiscussion

No discussion

First/ Next steps for RHAB

Dan will update survey with final schedule for ongoing meetings.

CoC needs to vote on a co-chair to represent the RHAB on the CoC Governance Board. Ben agreed that he would remain co-chair for next year; he nominated Shawn Frankenstein, who has expressed interest in the position, to be co-chair, in order to incorporate the needs of new members from Schuylkill County.

Nominations for the slate of officers for Central Valley RHAB (Co-Chair and Secretary) will be taken for two weeks. At that time, a survey will be issued to vote on the slate of officers.

PhyllisHoltry, JeannineMatulevich and Brian Ambrose volunteered to participate in a workgroup that would begin to develop By-Laws for the Central Valley RHAB.

New business

Group agreed that the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10 am would be the regular meeting time. August 14thmeeting will likely be a face to face meeting, location TBD.

Next meeting July 10th 10 a.m.