Nationalities: Dual French/Australian; Residence: Cuckfield, Mid Sussex RH17 5AA,UK

Nationalities: Dual French/Australian; Residence: Cuckfield, Mid Sussex RH17 5AA,UK

Integrated Health CV

Name: Marie-Angel Chevrier; Mob: 07875628554; Email:

Nationalities: Dual French/Australian; Residence: Cuckfield, Mid Sussex RH17 5AA,UK

Languages: French-English-Spanish; UK driving Licence

DOB: 27/07/1959

This CV covers my experience and training in Human Health Care; Landscape Ecology Management and Organic or Ecological Agriculture relevant to the definition of Integrated Health used in the UK by the Soil Association proponents of Organic Agriculture and, by extension, by the Health & Wellbeing movement:

‘… (Integrated Health) should sustain and enhance the health of soil, plant, animal, human and planet as one and indivisible.’

Work Experience

Career UK

  • BSUH NHS Trust – February2005 to 2017 present
  • Assistant Pharmacist, Oncology, Main Pharmacy, RSCH – August 2016 to present
  • Preparation of chemotherapy prescriptions for and shipping to Haematology/Oncology Unit clinics at PRH. Trained injAC,Chemocare and ITH Pharma software.
  • Assistant Pharmacist, Clinical Trials, CIRU, RSCH – May 2016 to July 2016
  • Learning Clinical Trials SOPs ;Answering phone calls; Taking delivery of IMP stock; IMPs Stock taking; IMPs Destruction; Monitor’s checking visits management.
  • Orthopaedic wards Procurement Officer, Sussex Orthopaedic Hospital, PRH – October 2015 to February 2016
  • Stock taking of and restocking/ordering all three patient care wards of the hospital. Trained in I-Proc software
  • Medical Records Officer, Clinic Preparation, PRH – August 2013 to October 2015
  • Preparing patient Medical Records for Consultant appointments at the PRH Outpatient Clinics. Pulling Medical Records at Main Library on Eastern Road. Trained in Oracle Database software
  • Bank Only Health Care Assistant (HCA) –February 2006 to July 2013
  • HCA working in all 4 BSUH NHS Trust hospital sites (38 wards) over 9000 hours. See ward tally attached.
  • La Combe Farm, 76 ha, Drome, France – Eco-etho Research & Education

Centre – June 2005/ July 2006 / August 2007 / September 2013 / October 2016

  • WOOFer in organic vegetable harvesting & pasture management; Horse Husbandry & Training Assistant (BHS Stage 3 equivalent)

oCity Care Crew – Brighton & Hove City Council – May 2004 to Sept 2004

•Home carer working independently with a list of service users at home.

  • Laines Organic Farm, 40 acres, Cuckfield, Mid Sussex – Sept 2004 to 2007 seasonally
  • WOOFer in organic vegetable harvesting: picking produce and selling at market
  • Richmond Fellowship Employment & Training (RFET), Limited Editions – Oct 2004 to Jan 2005
  • Facilitator and organiser of two series of 7 workshops led by Complementary & Alternative (CAM) private Brighton practitioners for an audience of mental health service users and members of the public.
  • Self Employment – Founder - Genesis Agenda – Healing our human ecology – Website: – 2003 to present
  • Aims: Genesis Agenda (GA) seeks transformational healing of our human ecology by cultivating ‘Genesis consciousness’: the remembering , regeneration and evolution of true, complex life stories, biologically and ethnically diverse, sustainable and ethically acceptable, on 3 levels:
  • Individual or Constellated Organisms
  • Community of Being
  • Mythical Story

Projects to date include: mental health workshops organising, horse pasture land regeneration, health garden creation, Friends of a park creation, Parish and private land field Ecological assessment, Meditation teaching, Cooperative Horsemanship and riding teaching, Traditional scythe hay making.

  • Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust – Wonson Hospital
  • Bank Only Health Care Assistant (HCA) – February 2001 to July 2001
  • The Body Shop – February 2000 to July 2001
  • Sales representative organising beauty salons at home to retail Body Shop products
  • Little Ash Eco-Farm 48 a., Devon, UK– October 1997 to October 2001
  • Researching and documenting in 4000 pictures (published in Cheval-Loisirs, France) and paintings the life of an organic farm, animal cognition study centre and Arab horses breeding stud managed by eco-ethologist Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington, as Artist in Residence and ecologist.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – February 1992 to October 1995
  • Researching and translating for the Survey of Economic Plants for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (SEPASAL). Researching, organising a conference on Savannah Systems in South Africa. Presentation of ASRE findings at Arid Zone Forum, Kimberley, SA in Oct 1995
  • Writing up an180 page manuscript from the journey’s journals for publication. Writing a 70 pages report on the African Savannah Reconnaissance Expedition (ASRE) for sponsoring, advisory and visited organisations, 20 exemplars ,UK and Africa.
  • Shooting a 400 pictures photo library of the expedition. Funding and publication by the International Tree Foundation, UK.
  • Initiating, researching and planning the ASRE, sponsored by the International Tree Foundation (UK), the Leventis Foundation (Nigeria),.and Gerry Judah Ltd (UK). Fundraising (Total: £4350), drafting scientific and documentary proposals.
  • Organizing and carrying out a 2 month reconnaissance journey through Nigeria, Niger and Algeria under contract for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK) with advice from the Royal Geographical Society

Career Australia

  • Birdwood Downs Station – December 1980 to October 1991
  • Director of Development.

Responsibilities included: Field operation management in all aspects of pasture and tree plantings from scrub clearing to harvest stage. Mechanical shop management.Sales of tropical grasses and legumes seeds and management of tropical plants nursery and orchards. Office management, accounts preparation and financial control.

  • Overseas consultancies during this period include :
  • 1985 Tropic Ventures Inc. USA & Yugoslav Television, Yugoslavia.

Film researcher and location manager for “Journeys to Other Worlds”, a documentary film.

  • 1988-1990 Space Biospheres Ventures Arizona, USA

Consultancy in savannah biome design for the Biosphere 2 project, a closed ecological system.

  • 1989-1990 Cattle Producers Association Harare, Zimbabwe. Setting up grass and legume planting trials.


  • BSUH NHS Trust
  • Oral and IV/SCChemotherapy Dispensing
  • NIHRIntroduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for Investigative Medical Products (IMP) Management
  • Cytotoxic Spillage cleaning
  • Full Non Clinical Mandatory Training: and Full Clinical Mandatory Training ( X 3 times):
  • Integrated Health one week training. Offered as CPD by The Janki Foundation to BSUH
  • HCA in work Training: Bladder scanning, Manual Blood Pressure taking, 12 lead ECG, Urine analysis, Lying/Standing blood pressure measurements, Fluid Balance chart keeping, Obs and NEWS taking and recording, Diabetes blood sugar monitoring, Pressure area care, Catheter bag care, Washing & Toileting, Bed making.
  • HCA Conference 2014: 6 C’s, The Crucial Role of the HCA – Principles of Dementia Care – Patient Association – Carers Centre
  • HCA Conference 2016: SBAR Training - Clinical Assistant Training - Work Force Modernisation programme
  • Brighton Permacultue Trust, StanmerOrganics, Stanmer Park, Sussex, UK - September 2009 / April 2010 / March 2012
  • Scything day workshop
  • Forest Gardening day workshop
  • Pruning old fruit trees day workshop
  • Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM), UK – Professional Membership - January 1992 to present
  • Qualifying Member CPD day workshops –2012 to present

Ecological Impact Assessment Level 1 – ECIA for Beginners

  • Student and Affiliate Member CPD day workshops – 2000 to 2011

‘Phase 1 Habitat Survey’ - Bury St Edmunds, Yorkshire

How to complete a Farm Environment Plan and Higher Level Stewardship Scheme’ - Netherstreet Farm, Bromham, Wiltshire

‘Identifying hedgerow plants and trees and carrying out a hedgerow assessment’ – Acorn Ecology, Exeter, Devon

‘NVC survey fropratitioners’ - Chevin Forest Park, Otley, West Yorkshire

  • Associate Member CPD day workshops- 1992 -1999

Botanical Surveys and their Managementdelivered by The National Museums and Galleries of Wales

  • Brighton & Hove City Council - June 2012
  • Day trainings in Food Safety, Care at home, First Aid
  • The Open University, UK - January 2000 to May 2002
  • MSc, Human Ecology - Centre for Human Ecology, Edinburgh
  • Westminster University, UK, MBA – KUBUS Course – September 1997 to December 1997
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Management of a Small Business
  • Development of a New Venture
  • Eco-etho Research & Education Centre – La Combe, Drome, France & Little Ash Eco Farm, Devon, Uk – 1997 to present

Numerous training workshops and on-hands learning on the theory and practice of horse welfare, behavior and mentality in horsemanship training; and on horseriding for dressage and endurance.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew London, UK, Internship Programme – February 1992 to May 1992
  • Science programme support, Jodrell Glasshouses. Training in database search. Plant collections maintenance & Propagation
  • Lectures on medicinal use of plants (Glaxo)
  • Institute of Ecotechnics, UK & Australia – December 1980 to October 1991
  • Applied Science in Ecological Frontiers Management studies
  • Assistance Publique, Hopitaux de Paris, Ecoled'Infirmièred'Ivry-sur-Seine, France
  • !st Year Nursing Training to Auxilliary Nurse Certification
  • LyceeEdouardBranlyd’Amiens, Education Nationale, France– 1976
  • BaccalaureatGeneral ‘D’ (now S), Mathematics & Natural Sciences. Equivalent to A LevelsSubjects: French Literature, English !st language, Spanish 2nd language, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics.